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Super Scope 6


Posted: 01 Apr, 2017 06:00
Last Edit: 11 Apr, 2018 06:55
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Created 01 Apr, 2017 07:00 by

1. Super Scope 6 (USA).sfc
Super Scope 6 (U) [!].sfc
super scope 6 (usa).sfc
RA Checksum: a17d52680cc29e46ce41da360e8febe3
CRC32 Checksum: B141EA99


Posted: 27 Mar, 2018 15:57
Nice set, there are a few very minor issues I'd like to report:
Description of says "Med" instead of "High".
Description of , says "80 or higher", but it's condition uses an equals to. I assume this should be >=, or description shouldn't say "or higher".
is missing an 'l' after "Patro". Also it says get 90 without the "or higher" making it inconsistant with 's description, this may be intentional though as the conditions uses Equals To which DOES fit the description.
Description of says gamemode "Laser Blazer" when I believe it should be "Blastris".
I've not tried any of the games in the LazerBlazer mode yet so I can't comment on them.

Also, I think I'm missing something with Blastris B, the scores are really high compared to other gamemodes in Blastris section. The other gamemodes I could get pretty much on my first or second try, Mole Patrol has an enemy that if you shoot you get 100,000 points, and if you don't get that then it's not too hard (although reaching level 30 seems hard, considering I can barely make it to 22), Blastris A you can get a lot of points just by playing, about 10 levels later you'll have the points, but in Blastris B I have made it to level 50 and only had 10,000 points, this was after multiple attempts, I find it impossible to earn score in Blastris B. You'll get blocks you can't alter multiple times in a row that can kill you just because RNG, doing a chain of 4 is very difficult and barely gets you any progress towards the achievement. I really need some tips if you have any.

Posted: 28 Mar, 2018 00:15
Last Edit: 28 Mar, 2018 00:37
Hmm, I'll make those few minor changes, a lot of it was copy pasting and the game was getting very eye straining after working on it for hours and hours to the point where I no longer like the game. ha ha.

As for Blastris B, I never actually got to 15,000, I managed to get to about 7,000 without really trying much and hit about 9,600 before I decided to just let the game end, got several combos so I probably got lucky which easily could be the case because I have gotten nearly 2,000 from doing nothing and hitting the fast forward waiting to die so I didn't think it would be overly that bad to achieve. I guess RNGesus was being nice to me there, plus, savestates also did some help too. So I'll drop those down to probably 10,000 instead of the 15,000 though I'll need to edit the badge which will need to come a bit later as the badge is actually saved on my work computer. The game can be a bore anyway so I guess people are not going to want to grind that much anyway XD.

As for Mole Patrol, it is pretty hard at the higher levels and can require quick reflexes and some guessing and hope you don't hit a pink one. I got to level 29, hit a pink mole and screwed me for that. If it is really that much trouble, I'll knock it down to 25. I also do know there is an enemy that can give you 100,000 points however when I played it, I found a few games where it showed up and some where it didn't... either that or I just missed it. I didn't want to limit the achievement to some random luck of it showing up or not. If it does show up every time in a certain stage and it is confirmed to do so, I'll adjust them.

And that Tetris with a Blast... it was originally a single achievement and then I learned when you hit "end," you high scores all reset from the game you were playing. I originally wanted it as one achievements to set a high score in everything, pretty much getting you to try every game and every mode for the games. But I had to split it up due to the high scores resetting for that game (Blastris or LazerBlazer) when you hit "end" at the end of a game.

If there are any other issues, just let me know.

Posted: 28 Mar, 2018 23:22
Last Edit: 28 Mar, 2018 23:23
Thanks for fixing the issues, I managed to get 10,000 points in Blastris B (
) which is a lot more achievable. I actually got very lucky because I made a big mistake and did not get punished for it.
I also managed to get to level 30 in Mole Patrol so no need to knock it down, just needed to practise my reflexes, I found it use full to click before you know what colour the mole is, since it takes a few frames of holding the click down before the shot is fired, if mole is blue then your golden, if it is pink then let go before you fire and move mouse away just incase. I feel confident that I can get the rest of the achievements for the Blastris part of the game. I've not delved too much into the other half yet.

I'm needing to practise for the flawless achievements, they seem challenging but I did manage to make it from 11 to 19 flawless until Mario came and decided to get hit by a missile that wasn't meant by him (
). I've been doing pretty good with them so far just making little mistakes in later levels, I've been using the HUD as markers on when to shoot the missiles and it works out very good after practice, so hopefully I will have better luck tomorrow with those achievements.

I have found what appears to be a few more issues with the game, nothing too major, I am tired so some of these might be fine, idk:
- 0x0210 needs to be 0x0204. Also needs >= to be consistant with description.
- 0x0204 needs to be 0x01EC.
's condition is checking for >= 1,000 instead of >= 10,000.
can't be unlocked with 100% or 80%. Alt 01 needs to be >= 8 instead of just > 8. Alt 02 should probably have 0x064C != 0xff (like Sharpshooting Intercept Med has) instead of 0x064C == 0xff since that conflicts with the condition 0x064C == 0x01 above it.
can't be unlocked at 80%, Alt 01 needs to be >= 8 instead of just > 8.
's 0x04c6 condition should probably be 16 bit, but this shouldn't matter too much.
probably needs 0x0ec1 changed to 0x0ec0.
Do you want me to fix these issues (and potentially future issues) for you? I'm sure you don't want to play the game any longer, I just didn't want to change anything without your permission (and also fear of messing things up).

Posted: 29 Mar, 2018 01:20
Alright, I fixed thse up and the ones you never tested, they should have been that, it was just things I missed after being tired with the game. Ha ha.

Overall, I don't really mind making the corrections however, if you want to do it, I don't mind really at all. It was more the just constantly playing with stuff to get it working and often times, I would get one working and then the similar ones, I'd just make the same way but... as you can see, I mixed it up sometimes... ha ha.

The Blazen My Lasers one, yeah, 16 bit or 8 bit really work here, I guess you have a greater chance of getting a value of 00 than a value of 0000.

Posted: 29 Mar, 2018 21:34
Appreciate all the work ikki5. This game seems like a disaster to put achievements on though. Most of the achievements don't even pop for me and there's so many I guess i'll just state a few that I tried numerous times.

Low Blastris A Scorer (6) (10)
Get a score of 50,000 or higher in Blastris A Low. ( I noticed someone got this but it didn't pop for me so I'm not sure why?)

The main ones I know for a fact don't work at all for me are the following:

Sharpshooting Confront Med (5) (0)
Get a bonus score of 90% in Stages 11-20 of Confront.

Flawless Low Engage (5) (0)
Complete stages 1-10 without taking a hit in Engage.

Flawless Low Confront (5) (0)
Complete stages 1-10 without taking a hit in Confront.

I never realized how boring this game is as an adult. xD I probably wont be mastering this one.

Posted: 29 Mar, 2018 22:13
Did you let yourself get a game over? They are all tied to the high scores (including levels) that get updated when you get a "gameover." So if they did not pop during the game, then wait until you get to the end or "game over"

As for the flawless ones, I'll check them when I get home.

Posted: 30 Mar, 2018 00:57
Yeah I got the game over and then hit select again not END. they usually pop during that. For the Low Blastris A scorer I got bored and was on like level15 or something with over 50k points and ended on purpose. I might give it go sometime again, that game is just painfully slow even with the speed up in the emulator. xD

I also forgot to mention the without taking hit for engage and confront. getting to level 10 in general doesn't pop either. The missile game seems to work flawlessly though.

Posted: 30 Mar, 2018 14:38
Last Edit: 30 Mar, 2018 14:39
Well, For the low scorer Blastris A, I do have the correct address in there and if you get 50k points or higher, when the game ends and it is put into the high scores, it should pop. I also tested the flawless ones and they both worked, also, it is not getting to level with, it is beating level 10 with those connditions. Sharpshooting as well. So, I am not sure what is going on with yours. Which version of the game are you using? I used the (USA) one.

Posted: 02 Apr, 2018 20:16
Ah, I gotcha I miss read them I guess. I'm using the USA version. I aced all 10 levels but I'll play around with it when I get a chance.


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