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Houskeeping - Famicom/NES


Posted: 08 Mar, 2017 03:03
Last Edit: 08 Mar, 2017 03:37
Hi, I'm just getting started developing achievements and was beginning with only to find my achievement got deleted because achievements already exist for the Famicom version

Unfortunately, the achievements for the Japanese version don't trigger when playing the US version.

What is normally the protocol when there's multiple versions of a game? Separate achievements for both? Achievements on only one? And if only one, which one, because the Japanese version of this game has achievements but between Rockman and Mega Man, it's Mega Man that appears to have achivements.

Just want to make sure I have that down so I don't make a mess or do anything redundant once I start making more achievements.


Posted: 08 Mar, 2017 12:07
Hey, There seems to be an issue with the merge game Dev option so I have removed US kid Niki and added it to the JP version Kaiketsu so they are both playable with that rom set. I had a quick play using US kid niki and achievements are now triggering.

Posted: 08 Mar, 2017 13:45
Last Edit: 08 Mar, 2017 14:02
It's more secure to just use the single verion, because localization can differ with RAM values/used addresses too. Unless you already tested all achievements, and they are unlocking properly for both versions. In this case both version might stay linked.
Nobody can delete achievements (maybe who is the root admin here, and founder of the site). They only can be demoted back to the unofficial rank (still existing but not showing on the site).
Also: Please don't promote achievements to the core untill you won't make all achievements you've planned to make at the momment. When you leave only a few achievements still at WIP, someone can easily unlock them all and complete/master the set, before you will finish them. There is a bug on the site which make Site Awards unremovable.

Posted: 09 Mar, 2017 00:06
Noted, thanks for the info both of you!


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