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Donkey Kong Country


Posted: 29 Jan, 2014 10:27
Last Edit: 08 Apr, 2018 20:03
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Created 29 Jan, 2014 10:27 by

1. Donkey Kong Country (USA).gba
Donkey Kong Country (U) [!].gba
donkey kong country (usa).bin
RA Checksum: b3806462180cda73d1f8f48d72236394
CRC32 Checksum: 12F7A968

2. Donkey Kong Country (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).gba
Donkey Kong Country (E) (M5).gba
RA Checksum: c1fb9badf816b6d7836f4990f8119815
CRC32 Checksum: 41D277FE

3. Donkey Kong Country (U) [T-BR] [T-Kratos-AM G-Nenhum] [V-BETA A-2011].gba
RA Checksum: 675c0a97180306b843a639c6a56e1d26
CRC32 Checksum: 8BD5C59E


Posted: 29 Jan, 2014 10:30
Would it be possible for someone to create an achievement for S ranking every stage in DK Attack? It seems odd that there is an achievement for one of the optional modes but not the other.

Posted: 29 Jan, 2014 19:02
There were no easy memory addresses to make that type of achievement, so instead of completely ignoring the game mode, I made a leaderboard for each stage so that everyone can compare their scores.

Posted: 30 Jan, 2014 08:38
Thanks for the response. Gonna have to try and get my name on the leaderboards soon.

Posted: 04 Mar, 2015 22:35
I fulfilled all the conditions for but I didn't get credited.

Posted: 04 Oct, 2017 19:23
Last Edit: 04 Oct, 2017 19:30
i need help for i have killed them it in the same turn (first 4 hits to one necky, then 4 hits to the other necky, and in the next turn 1 hit for each one in the same turn) but the achievement didnt appear

I dont know if im doing this wrong, Im using the last version of retroarch

Done: i did it with the tip of in the achievement comments

"I got the problem that the achievement didn't unlock as long as I didn't enter the screen with both Kongs. Entering it with only one and collecting the barrel failed the achievement directly"

Posted: 09 Jun, 2020 17:47
Rescore Plan: To fix the incorrect values and bump up some of the later achievements

Baddies Bashed 20>25
Very Gnawty 15>5
Master Necky 15>10
Queen B 15>10
Really Gnawty 15>10
Dumb Drum 15>10
Master Neck Snr. 15>10
King K Roool 20>25

Posted: 06 Jul, 2020 03:24
Donkey Kong Country GBA
400 > 365

Boss no damage 20 > 10
Krool 20 > 25

(as far as i can see harudas rescore didnt pass?)

Posted: 10 Jul, 2020 17:27
Last Edit: 11 Jul, 2020 23:09
I am using RALibretro to test the palette restoration patched rom and I am getting the achievements. I tried linking it, but it said I couldn't. I was wondering if there is either something else I need to do or if it just needs to be requested to link.


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