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[Achievement Campaign Project] Roll-chan Evolution


Posted: 17 Feb, 2017 15:15
Last Edit: 12 Aug, 2017 11:56

This project will bring 2 series of Mega Man hacks with Roll in place of original hero of the series (Rockman). Basically the idea is to give more opportunities to play a NES game with female protogonist, additionally breaking the bounds for Roll, being a stereotypical female "housewife type" of character. These are not just sprite swap hacks though. I've picked some good total modification hacks and merged them with Roll character swap hacks provided by Zynk Oxhyde. Many of MM hacks are recognized as "kaizo" hacks, and are far more difficult than original games. I did my best to select here these hacks which weren't "near impossible" in difficulty, didn't bring anything really original except graphic swaps, and medicore level modifications. There will be 2 simultaneous series, also for both versions of Roll sprites to be used, but generally because I was in a really big dilemma, which hack to will be best to choose. Still I've avoided big mods, which deserves and fits more for regular set.
Here is the list (it still could change):

Roll-chan Evolution

(completed with 38 achievements)

Roll-chan Evolution S

(completed with 46 achievements)

Roll-chan Evolution Special

(completed with 52 achievements)

Posted: 17 Feb, 2017 15:19
Created this thread by seperating it from my personal log due the rearranging. Also wanted to make it more visible on the site, and I think I will initiate more projects like this in the future.

Posted: 17 Feb, 2017 18:12
Last Edit: 17 Feb, 2017 18:13
I had a feeling each of these hacks were customly two hacks merged into one. Since I was unable to find these specific hacks on any site but here.

Looking forward to this though.

Posted: 12 Aug, 2017 11:57

is now completed with 52 achievements


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