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Posted: 15 Feb, 2017 20:23
Last Edit: 06 Apr, 2018 19:01
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Created 15 Feb, 2017 20:23 by

1. Boxxle (USA, Europe) (Rev A).gb
Boxxle (U) (V1.1) [!].gb
RA Checksum: 239fd20f424ee53d2f11018dbd942df4
CRC32 Checksum: C09CEE99


Posted: 15 Feb, 2017 20:33
Hi everyone ! First, I'm a total beginner at this, I watched a tutorial about creating achievements by Thundard and then, I really would like to try !

I submitted 12 achievements that I made for this game. 11 for completing a level (which includes around 10 stages, including one for beating the game) and another funny one about letting the guy take a nap.

I found the values for the levels, the stages (these are differents), the pause menu, the password screen, the idle counter and the steps counter.

I plan to make some tricky achievements like "complete * stage with less that * steps" or "with exactly * steps", some things like that, and maybe something like "create your own stage".

The levels achievements won't trigger if you just put a password to reach the world, you have at least to complete a stage and reach next level first stage to unlock it.

I hope that all things I made are correct, I'm still struggling to figure anything out and I still have to create badges for them.

Thank you and I wish you'll enjoy them :).

(Excuse typos, I'm french).

Posted: 16 Feb, 2017 03:36
I used to play this Sokoban clone called Peterbox:

I took a look at the memory and you had some wrong assumptions like the address for the level, which it seems is located at 0xc2ee instead of 0xc11e. (I labeled some addresses for you)

That said, only one of the achievements triggered for me, but not exactly when it should. The timer you found it seems is for when you're idle and not simple for getting the sleepy animation. The animation of the character is located at 0xc000 (the character uses 4 sprites on the normal maps and 1 sprite on the zoomed out ones). The ones for beating a level just never triggered for me (and I started from a clean run)...

Posted: 16 Feb, 2017 13:42
Last Edit: 16 Feb, 2017 16:50
Oh god thank you, you stored a lot of adresses for me ! I'll try to fix these soon !

Did you beat a level or just a stage ? (a level is 10 stages), 0xc11e seems to be the number of the stage, not the level, it's the same value for stage 10-10, 02-10 etc.... Try to start from something like 1-10 (password B spade X W) and clean the stage, you'll reach 2-01 and from my tests it works.

Thank you a lot !

Edit : I fixed the sleeping achievement using the adresses you found for me, there was 4 value of sleeping animation (2 for zoomed, 2 for tiny) and I checked that these do not appear in the cutscenes. I made badges too !

Posted: 16 Feb, 2017 23:16
Last Edit: 16 Feb, 2017 23:22
I see what happened, I was thinking of "Level" as "Scene, Round, Map, etc" (individual) and not as "World, Batch, etc" (group); I did beat map 1-10, but since I skipped a few maps, nothing happened. Now it makes more sense why it was worth 20 points.

I'll give it a try again (level 1-6 seemed a bit tricky and hence I decided to skip it last time :P)

BTW, my record for level 1-1 is 91 steps

Posted: 16 Feb, 2017 23:53
Last Edit: 17 Feb, 2017 00:00
The achievement should work even if you go to 1-10 and beat it to reach 2-01, this game has over 100 "stages" I'm not nasty haha. It works for me, it checks the level compared to previous (delta) one, you have to complete at least the last stage of the level to get it. Just tell me if it doesn't work, I tried to make something as "if from password screen, doesn't trigger" (because you can enter directly the password to 02-01, not even completing a stage) because the "level" value seems to be shared for main menu/password screen and for all stages of level 1.

It's a bit confusing "world" "stage" "scene" "level", I didn't know how to call them :D.

1-6 had been really trick when I played it haha, good luck.

Is the sleeping achievement working properly now ? Thanks again for your help ! Don't hesitate to tell me about the trickiest stages and your steps record, I'll use them to make hardest achievements.

Posted: 17 Feb, 2017 01:59
Last Edit: 17 Feb, 2017 02:04
I was thinking on creating a leaderboard, but 100 levels is just too much for that (probably would hit the character limit before covering all levels)...

As for the sleeping achievement, it looks odd but works. Looking at why is that, I see is because of the graphics IDs, which are not next to each other (but at least they are close).

You can try using the "Hits" & "Alt" and use 5 addresses instead of 8, with something like:

CORE group
mem 8-bit 0xc0d0 = value 0x00 0(0)

ALT 01 group
mem 16-bit 0xc002 = value 0xbc 1(0)
mem 16-bit 0xc002 = value 0xc0 1(0)

ALT 02 group
mem 16-bit 0xc002 = value 0xc4 1(0)
mem 16-bit 0xc002 = value 0xc5 1(0)

Where 0xc0d0 is the orientation, which is always 0 (right) when he adapts that animation, no matter if his size is small or normal. Then 0xc002 is the animation of the 1st sprite, which both sizes of the character use.

When you use Alt(ernative) groups, the Core group must always satisfy and only 1 of all the Alt groups needs to satisfy for the achievement to trigger. But since you are forced to set something in the Core, you can set any condition that satisfies, even if it makes no sense (like comparing if a value is >= 0, which will always be True).

Now, the Hits condition works when the conditions is satisfied each frame, since we only need it once for each animation, we set the value to 1. There's no need to reset the value here (using a ResetIf) since that sprite is only used for that moment so it cannot be triggered when it shouldn't.

As for step records in each map, I guess I can take screenshots and upload them to my photobucket account.

Posted: 17 Feb, 2017 03:26
Last Edit: 05 Mar, 2017 18:08
I'll be uploading them on this path:

Also, I'll be using this post for keeping track of my personal records, for reference:
1-01: 089 steps
1-02: 059 steps
1-03: 033 steps
1-04: 050 steps
1-05: 114 steps
1-06: 144 steps
1-07: 079 steps
1-08: 053 steps
1-09: 180 steps
1-10: 034 steps

2-01: 063 steps
2-02: 244 steps
2-03: 031 steps
2-04: 396 steps
2-05: 070 steps
2-06: 870 steps
2-07: 119 steps
2-08: 101 steps
2-09: 064 steps
2-10: 055 steps

3-01: 139 steps
3-02: 437 steps
3-03: 062 steps
3-04: 318 steps
3-05: 115 steps
3-06: 515 steps
3-07: 089 steps
3-08: 088 steps
3-09: 186 steps
3-10: 903 steps

4-01: 509 steps
4-02: 478 steps
4-03: 354 steps
4-04: 381 steps
4-05: 337 steps
4-06: 646 steps
4-07: 871 steps
4-08: 780 steps
4-09: 661 steps
4-10: 167 steps

5-01: 700 steps
5-02: 818 steps
5-03:1093 steps
5-04: 486 steps
5-05: 876 steps
5-06: 398 steps
5-07: ??? steps
5-08: 878 steps
5-09: ??? steps
5-10: 617 steps

6-10: 647 steps
7-10: 451 steps
8-10: 924 steps
9-10: 298 steps
10-10: 665 steps
11-08: 117 steps

Posted: 17 Feb, 2017 14:29
Last Edit: 17 Feb, 2017 22:59
I was trying to figure out how to put a "or" condition then you explain me without even asking haha.

Yes the values for the sleeping animation are 188 192 196 197 so I put the trigger with >=188 <=197 and excluded the other values with =!. I'll try using this alt method, thank you !

Did the achievement for beating level 1 worked this time when you beat level 1-10 ? It should trigger at the beginning of the cut-scene "it's heavy".

I'll watch some let's play/longplay on youtube of levels that are tricky (for now I remember that I struggled with 1-6 2-6 2-9 and maybe 2-10) along with the screens you made to determine value for maximum steps :).

Edit : I fixed the sleeping achievement using everything you sent me and it seems to works perfectly, thanks for the tip :). I just don't know how to delete the older one (I've been too fast and committed the revised one instead of updating the older one).

I made a new one called "precocious" to test the achievements "complete * stage with less that x steps", it's basically a perfect run for the very first scene :). I'll make some like this for the hardest stages.

I also added 2 littles achievements for entering create mode and going to sound test, these are worth only few points.

There's almost no chance for someone to exceed 8328 steps (because it loops back to 1 afterwards like you stated) just to clear a level with less than x steps but is there a way to prevent it ? Maybe using something like "reset if" ?

How can we promote these achievements as officials for everyone ? I noticed that people probably have to note them, then maybe an admin have to valid them ?

I hope you like the game, you help me a lot !

Posted: 18 Feb, 2017 18:12
Talking about a perfect step score on the first level, I had a brain fart & the trick I did can be done twice, saving 4 steps and not just 2, so I improved my record by 2 steps (now at 89 steps). If you want a video of how is done, I can privately update it and share the link.

As for the overflow, I didn't wanted to point it up as to prevent people to use it. I though it would stop at 9999, but it didn't. In actually, now I didn't edited the address and it seems it stops even earlier. Fortunately there's a workaround for when you implement beating levels in < X steps; Address 0xc2d6 starts at value 0000 & when you loop the address, the value doesn't hit again 0000, so you can create the condition to count for that and use the ResetIf when you're over the limit.

If you want to promote the achievements to "Core" is pretty much the same procedure as you already did to have them on "Unofficial". Just open the game & under the Achievements Set, select the achievement you want to promote and hit the button "Promote to Core".

Note that you cannot delete achievements that are already on the site, just leave the one you wanted to delete on the "Unofficial" group. Or you can reuse it as another achievement. Just want to point out that if someone already won the achievement in "unofficial" once you promote it, they will also have it already for "core".

Posted: 18 Feb, 2017 21:12
Last Edit: 19 Feb, 2017 16:53
I only completed the 1-01 with 93 steps or more haha, yes I want to see how you do it !

If I use the hit count 1 to check if the player start from 0 (and then reset if it exceeds 4999 steps) it would mess up if people uses any savestate after having made one step :/ I'd like to avoid that so I'm still trying to find a solution, but it's pretty unlikely to trigger the achievement while exceeding 5000 steps, even the game loops back to 0001 (the number displayed on the screen), it tooks me around 10 15 min to make these 5000 steps with turbo speed XD. Too bad there isn't a possibility to create excluding conditions.

I promoted to core the 11 stages achievements and the sleeping one, it seems you already have 3 of them, congratulations haha.

Edit : Did you try the bonus levels ? (Q spade X 4 and Q Spade M Y) I want to do something with them but it's tricky, one of them share the adress 0xc2ed because it is considered created level (and it triggers the DIY achievement).

Posted: 25 Feb, 2017 04:59
Decided to skip half the game and just test the achievements. Got them all now :)

I could take a look at what to do with the bonus levels, I tried one and it seemed VERY annoying, only 1 box was out of place but you had to move everything out which I bet would take you a lot of time to beat it :S

BTW, do you have plans to make achievements for the sequel?

Also, I think that while doing +100 achievements (one per level) is quite a number, at least it will force the player to actually beat all the levels and not skip them with the password (I do plan to get back and beat the full game)

Posted: 25 Feb, 2017 09:31
Thank you again for having helped me a lot for this :).

I still don't know what to do with bonus levels without triggering other achievements, they use creative mode and levels adresses it's quite complicated.

I don't plan to make 100+ achievements, it's not recommended and I think there is a limit of numbers of achievements but I'll make "less than x steps" achievements at least 2-3 times per world so people will have to complete at least a few of them, not only the last of each world. There is 130 points left to give, so it could be a lot of 10 or 5 points achievements.

I'll check out Boxxle 2 when this one would have a total fullset of 400 points achievements ;), it seems to have even more levels :D.

Posted: 27 Feb, 2017 23:43
Funny you chose 2 maps I missed an obvious improvement (4-02 & 4-07), so it was easy to reach the goal :P

Posted: 16 Dec, 2017 06:52
This game has an idling timer. Cheeves could be added the require you get get less than a certain number of steps without idling.
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