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Roll-chan Evolution Special: Roll-chan L


Posted: 27 Jan, 2017 14:59
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Created 27 Jan, 2017 14:59 by


Posted: 12 Aug, 2017 02:28
1. Download patch from
2. Download Lunar IPS software from
3. Apply the patch on a ROM file, which meets specifications:
No-Intro file name: Rockman 2 - Dr. Wily no Nazo (Japan).nes
GoodTools file name: Rockman 2 - Dr. Wily no Nazo (J) [!].nes
CRC32: 30b91650
4. In result you should recieve a file with the following checksum:
1a38180ce4b7d738598587b4828f5154 (it's a MD5 value you can display in the emu using the "Get ROM checksum" command)

Posted: 11 Nov, 2017 09:12
Seems the a few boss achievements (Blade and Wily 1&2) are still not popping, but more importantly I wanted to point out that every Wily stages 1, 4, and 6 need certain weapons allowed (or added to the description) as the boss can't be harmed by the Rock Buster. For 1 you need Aurora for damaging the dragon, for 4 you have Melt for getting through the walls and Flare for actually damaging the boss but you need Killer for removing the boss's shield before you can damage it with Flare; for 6 you need Killer for damaging the alien.

Posted: 11 Nov, 2017 12:41
I'm sure Rock & Roll achievements only need description adjusted, but I will check. As for boss achievements - last time I've played, I've noticed that screen value is not solid here, and that's a bummer. It probably messing them up. I'm on my way to fix it.


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