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Metroid: Fusion

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Posted: 06 Apr, 2015 12:37
Unfortunately, we can't give out ROM links. But here's some info on what to look for in the file, including MD5 hash.

Posted: 27 Sep, 2015 13:15
Last Edit: 27 Sep, 2015 18:52
got the secret message didnt get my achieve reward.... what the flying shit mate

Posted: 27 Sep, 2015 19:38
Last Edit: 27 Sep, 2015 19:50
Don't know what to tell you other than try a different ROM and try not to go insane, because it works for me and some others.

*More RAM may be dynamic than I thought, but the problem is it seems to decide the region for said addresses much earlier than you'd normally expect, so you're not going to know something is dynamic unless you played through the game many times, but I still played through multiple times and things always worked. :/
I still left a lot of shit demoted because of reports.

Posted: 28 Sep, 2015 03:58
My guess is that once again it's the issue with people linking in the wrong version of the ROM. I see 9 linked games in there, 8 of which I'm sure are wrong and not fully compatible.

I'm pretty sure these were developed using the US version of the game.

Posted: 28 Sep, 2015 07:37
Last Edit: 28 Sep, 2015 07:48
I used rom version "Metroid Fusion (USA, Australia).gba" when I played, and everything unlocked perfectly... even the demoted "no damage" achievements.

Posted: 11 Apr, 2017 10:34
Something interesting:

Posted: 04 Nov, 2018 22:59
"Wrecked Zazabi" will be achieved upon defeating Zazabi-X and attempting to leave the room, regardless of whether or not they were defeated flawlessly. This is reflected by it's higher than normal achievement ratio compared to even Arachnus-X's achievement.

In addition "Wrecked Elephant Bird" will not be rewarded no matter what. This is evidenced by it's 0% achievement ratio.

Posted: 22 Nov, 2018 09:56
Odd..I used USA rom which is on top of the list on official forum
I donĀ“t know was it the demo that run..But when I started first time got multiple achievements..
Space Ninja,Wave Beam,Piercing their Pants,Screw Attack,Amphibious and Diffusion Missiles..
Right after starting at the ship..
I resettted those and deleted sav file..And cleared recent games..
This time those did not pop..

Posted: 12 Jun, 2019 08:27
Same issue as Spearmin7 had with Zazabi-X. I got the achievement when I definitely took damage from multiple attacks. The achievement then popped strangely as I left the area. Using RetroArch 1.7.7, mGBA core.
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