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Metroid: Rogue Dawn

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Posted: 20 Jan, 2017 23:40
Last Edit: 21 May, 2018 00:37
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Created 20 Jan, 2017 23:40 by

1. Rogue_Dawn_1.21.nes
bps Patch + Metroid (USA) [A2C89CB9].nes
RA Checksum: bedbcb4a9cc11ff8bdaa51eff4511961
ROM Checksum: 0a92c8dc3e9a0e7d0d1a45b62912a285
CRC32 Checksum: 2120DFEA

2. Rogue_Dawn_1.21_Zero_Suit_Only.nes
ips Patch + Metroid (USA) [A2C89CB9].nes
RA Checksum: 6666cecba19f641ff91542fece8b41f6
ROM Checksum: 1bfc604bec09cfc37007c14f0fe011b1
CRC32 Checksum: 018E0557


Posted: 20 Jan, 2017 23:47
Last Edit: 28 Jan, 2017 15:16
Thought I'd at least start a new thread for this well-made hack of Metroid 1. This game came out just days ago.

Posted: 03 Apr, 2017 10:37
This set is finally done. Thanks everyone for their patience.

Big thanks to Grimlock for giving me advice and suggestions periodically during this development process. There's a lot I couldn't have done without his help.

Quick tip for players: the dots you see on your map are different upgrades you can collect. If you're stuck or lost, try aiming for one of those.


Posted: 03 Apr, 2017 17:13

Posted: 04 Apr, 2017 03:00
Can you provide a link to the rom? The version I have apparently isn't compatible with achievments.

Posted: 04 Apr, 2017 03:56
Last Edit: 04 Apr, 2017 04:00
In general I would discourage linking to roms, linking to ips patches and the like is fine.

Posted: 04 Apr, 2017 15:02
It didn't take anything special Han, I was able to make it just fine using the most basic version of Metroid and applying the 1.21 patch with Lunar IPS. If you're trying to use soft-patching, that might be the problem, otherwise I assume the version of Metroid you used isn't right. The one I used was named "Metroid (U) (PRG0) [!]", it has a CRC32 of a2c89cb9, and the resulting patched-game has a CRC32 of 2120dfea.

Posted: 05 Apr, 2017 02:27
Last Edit: 05 Apr, 2017 02:34
I had ROM I patched once the game was released, but when I try to play it no acheivments show up on the list. It was from a No-Intro set I patched... Next time I'm at my computer I'll verifiy the checksums.

EDIT - I think it might be the version I'm patched with.. I named my ROM "METROID_ROGUE_DAWN_V1.0"... So if it's 1.2, that'd explain it..

Posted: 05 Apr, 2017 02:28
You need to make sure you're on the new release. 1.21.

If you're any lower, you're going to run into problems.

Posted: 06 Apr, 2017 18:50
The hack can't be soft-patched, just a heads up. It'll give you a grey screen.

Posted: 07 Apr, 2017 00:56
I got it, I was using the wrong version.

Posted: 02 May, 2017 02:03
Trying to puzzle out/research the minimalist achievement. My lowest total involved bombs, spring ball, ice beam, and 35 missiles, which totaled 21%, and I'm not sure how I could finish with any less. I think it takes 32 missiles to kill the bone yard boss, surviving the metroid hive is impossible without ice beam, and bombs/spring ball are necessary for navigating the hive.

What strategy am I missing? Is there something I'm overlooking?

Posted: 02 May, 2017 02:30
I really suck at this game lol. I can't figure out how to SAVE for one thing. Does the game lose it's save if you turn it off? I'd love to play it more and get farther in the game, but I can't stay with it for hours on end.

Posted: 02 May, 2017 02:38
@ImpliedKappa. 35 missiles means you collected 7 missile expansions. When you defeat a boss, you earn 50 missiles, but it only counts as 1 expansion. Take advantage of that.

@hansolo77 It tells you the button combination to save when you're selecting a save slot (right after the title screen).

Posted: 02 May, 2017 06:13
Ah, I made the incorrect assumption that the boss kill would count according to the number of missiles earned rather than just as one pickup. I suppose I didn't really spade out how completion was calculated.

So if 10 upgrades = 21%, I guess I get 7 to work with to stay at 15 or below. So we've got...

1. bombs
2. ice beam
3. spring ball
4. boss kill for 50 missiles
5. optional
6. optional
7. optional

And unless I want to do a boss fight without ice beam, one of those items is probably going to be a 5-missile pack.

Huh. This gives me some choices to consider. Thanks for the help.
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