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Playing offline ?


Posted: 23 Dec, 2016 14:49
Last Edit: 23 Dec, 2016 16:58
Just signed up and really happy about this site...But i havea quick question...As i will be out of town this weekend i wanted to know. If i start playing offline and gather some achievements (on my laptop ) once i get back online will they sync on my account or do i always need to be online to accumulate achievements.

I'm sorry if this has been asked already...

Thanks for your time!

Posted: 23 Dec, 2016 18:35
Last Edit: 23 Dec, 2016 18:36
It depends on how the achievements are made, unfortunately.

The only way "offline achievements" can be gained is if they're very simple, and can be loaded by a save-file.

Unfortunately, that would also mean people can download a save file and automatically win free achievements without doing anything at all.

Sometimes an achievement-developer will guard against that, and include Requirements that are unique and specific to the event that happens ... if they can. Other devs might only include one or a few Requirements which are always loaded by a save-file.

I definitely understand wanting them to be offline, but I know for myself, I tend to make achievements that can't be loaded by save-files, and if I can, sometimes I try to ward against savestates(but not specifically, sometimes it just works out that way).

Which if/when you start soon, remember if you turn on Hardcore in your RetroAchievements-menu(in the official emulators, I don't know where it is in RetroArch/equivalents), it will disable savestates and Rewind, but it will also give you double-points. Welcome to the site, by the way! Either way, even if you're unable to grab wifi out there, hopefully things will go well by the time you are able to play.

Posted: 23 Dec, 2016 19:08
Ah yes i had not thought of that. It makes sense that way or people would cheat for free points. Yeah, guess i'm gonna to wait it out if i can't get wifi. Thanks for the swift response and welcome.


Posted: 09 Feb, 2017 21:00
Last Edit: 09 Feb, 2017 21:43
Out of curiosity, in the event of a flaky internet connection or temporary outage, are most achievements lost, or does the system keep retrying as long as Retroarch is still running?

Posted: 09 Feb, 2017 22:20
Last Edit: 09 Feb, 2017 22:23
Egh, I wrote a couple pages for no real reason... let me try to compact it -

I have no idea about RetroArch, that one's RetroAchievement-integration is maintained off-site by a small group of people ... but with the official emus, if you meet the requirements for an achievement, the emulator marks the achievement as finished, awards the achievement, then tells the server you got it. If the server is busy(and it is overwhelmed quite often, especially on the weekends), it won't get the memo, but the emulator thinks you did get it, so it stops monitoring the Requirements for that achievement. Once the achievements are reloaded, either by hand(not sure if RetroArch can force a reload while the game is still running) or the game is reloaded completely, it will check with the server, the server will say you didn't have it, and the emulator will start monitoring that achievement's Requirements again.

It depends on whether the Requirements are simple or complex as to whether the emulator will auto-reward the same achievements again ... if you are able to reload the achievements in-game and they're simple, you might get them right away. If they're complex, you'll need to redo all of the requirements again ... if that's possible where you are in-game.

Me personally, if they're really difficult achievements you can only get once in the game, I tend to check my profile on the site to make sure I got them before saving or moving on. Otherwise if it's a mostly easy game I just try again later.

At worst, if you can prove it, a screenshot of the overlay showing you have the achievement or a screenshot of the game itself that hopefully isn't doctored or grabbed off another site will help as proof to show an admin(like Dexterspet or someone else). And in the case of some "progress achievements" where it would have been impossible to miss, you might be able to just show an admin you're past the place where an achievement was unavoidable but you didn't get it, and that would be proof enough. (Such as if you got the achievement for beating Level 1 but didn't get it, but on-site you have the achievement for beating Level-2(assuming there are no warps), you can show them your profile and say you have one but not the other and that'd be enough.)

Posted: 10 Feb, 2017 01:40
I haven't lost any files, just looking for where any files I need would be if the servers went down. Thanks for the info though. I'm interested in how this whole system works.

Posted: 10 Feb, 2017 02:28
All of your achievement-progress is stored server-side. If you reconnect on another computer, or if you're using RetroArch, use a different phone or tablet, you'll download your achievement-progress there whenever you load a game. Even before loading a game, logging into the emulator will display your Score and user-name.

That doesn't mean your game-saves or savestates will carry over from device to device. But every time you connect to the server, it refreshes and re-downloads the .TXT file that contains the achievements.

The text-file contains the Title of the Achievement, the Image-ID for each achievement, the points they are worth, the author of the achievement, and especially the Requirements for each achievement. After that is loaded, the achievements you already have unlocked(according to the server) are displayed as already having-been unlocked, and the ones that haven't been unlocked will be activated and ready for play.

But if the server is ACTUALLY down, you can't do anything. Even I can't make achievements if the server is down because you need to login to use the tools to make them... so on those times when that happens, the best I can do is savestate various situations for examining later when the server is back up.

In the strictest sense, you can load copied or self-made Local or Unofficial achievements and activate them manually(in the official-emus anyway), and it won't contact the server for them to work, but you can also only do that if you're logged in. So even if you had all the achievements downloaded locally for having played them at least once, you still can't play them if the server is down, even if it's local or unofficial.

Posted: 12 Feb, 2018 23:52
Last Edit: 14 Feb, 2018 18:18
I hope to see a work around for this, I play on my Vita at work and the websites blocked so discouraging to play and not get the achivements :(

Posted: 14 Feb, 2018 21:14
I hope you dont work at a hospital or something like that :(

Posted: 14 Feb, 2018 23:17
Good god no! I wouldn't be that careless lol

Posted: 20 Feb, 2018 05:39
Last Edit: 20 Feb, 2018 18:00
I would really like to have an option for offline achievements. In contrast, the hardcore one could be online only and the casual achievements with the ability to get them offline and upload/compare all later with an internet connection.

I don't know how this works, but maybe this could be achieved by crypting and securing the data with username, so nobody can download anything. This would also iron out the process without loosing data/achievements.


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