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Posted: 10 Dec, 2016 15:52
Last Edit: 13 Aug, 2018 20:39
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Created 10 Dec, 2016 15:52 by

1. Hamtaro - Ham-Ham Heartbreak (USA).gba
Hamtaro - Ham-Ham Heartbreak (U).gba
hamtaro - ham-ham heartbreak (usa).bin
RA Checksum: 42cca53c94c0bb8e5146631945bf0cd9
CRC32 Checksum: CD48B673


Posted: 10 Dec, 2016 16:13
Last Edit: 10 Dec, 2016 17:50
Hey all :) Speaking of Ham-Ham Heartbreak here (not tried out the predecessor, Ham-Hams Unite).


This is a super adorable game that I, a mature male adult, really enjoy... Is that weird? Anyway, I get it's low priority because it's ostensibly a kid's game, but I'd like to at least try to get the ball rolling on achievements.

Soooo what we have here is a quest to restore love to the hearts of the Ham-Hams since the evil Spat broke them. Yeah. To do this, we have to recover all the words in our Ham-Ham Dictionary, which was waterlogged in an accident at the start of the game. How you speak is how you interact with the game world!

So, the game is very much like an old-school graphical adventure, with a cutesy anime license attached. I have to say I owned this back in my GBA SP-owning days, and remember it quite fondly. Yes, I'm a fan of super-cutesy stuff, and I'm a guy.

I suggest that we get an achievement for each word in the dictionary we recover and learn, as well as (effectively) using it a set number of times. Also, one should get an achievement for each pair of Ham-Hams we reunite. Also, one for each story element, and new place discovered... Honestly I don't remember a whole bunch about this game as I haven't played through it in a long time, but I will be playing it a lot so I can gather more research and present my findings here.

So far, I have replayed the intro: the Ham Boss has instructed me on recovering the first four Hamchats: Hamha! (for greetings), tack-Q (for tackling or hitting), hif-hif (sniffing, for examining), and Digdig (for digging to reach additional items underground, or to access additional areas). I also recovered a Love Meter from using this last one as instructed, whose use will become clear as we discover our main quest.

If the TastesLikeDiabetes nature of this game does not offend, I'd very much like assistance in compiling information for this game. If it helps to make the achievement names super snarky, that is acceptable. Here, I'll start:

* When Hamtaro wakes up and goes downstairs, he trips over one of his friends who's sleeping on the floor and does a header straight into a water bucket, the same which damages the Dictionary, which actually dictates the actions you can perform in the game as though Hamtaro didn't even have a mind of his own... "That must've done some brain damage!" (Discover your Ham-Ham Dictionary is almost empty!)

* When you've learned basic stuff from Boss as I've noted above: "Great; let's try breathing next." (Recover your basic skills.) This is a TV Tropes reference ("You Have Researched Breathing") which covers this concept.

Aaand that's as far as I've gotten so far. So, what do you all think? :)

Posted: 10 Dec, 2016 19:48
Well I'm a grown man who has mastered Ham-Hams Unite here, and I was actually thinking of making the achievements for the Ham-Ham-Games Olympics GBA game ... which I remembered existed like a week or two AFTER the Olympics ended, so I didn't make them. -___-;

I do kinda like the more laid-back nature of these games, although I did end up using a FAQ for the last couple things in HHU. I don't remember if I used to own this game or not...feels like I did, but I can't remember off the top of my head. But I'm sure it's about as good as HHU.

I'm neck-deep in nearly finishing a project I've put off for months, and I might want to fix a previous project I made a while ago, but ... I suppose I could consider it if no one else has it own their make-for lists. I can't promise making them exactly as you're hoping for, depending on how the RAM acts or how things get arranged/planned-out, they might be named differently... but we'll see once I get things settled elsewhere, unless someone else picks it up first.

Posted: 10 Dec, 2016 20:57
Sounds good :) I'm no programmer or reverse-engineer-er, so I don't know what all's involved, but I would definitely appreciate anyone's help who has time to do these things. :)

Posted: 11 Dec, 2016 00:51
Well, I'm no programmer myself, but the toolset makes it pretty easy to isolate what addresses do what(by a process-of-elimination, doing things in-game and determining if it caused values to change, going back before the change and filtering again, etc etc), and the rest is a matter of utilizing those addresses in order to narrow-down and detect a unique situation, so to speak. There are just some games where the RAM is finicky, jumps around a lot inconsistently, or it happens to clash in the way it behaves to the point that it's impossible to do something in a specific way.

I'll probably go ahead and find the game in a bit, test to make sure I have the right one, but it'll be a while before I'm able to get a good look at it...depending on any differences, might use the Euro version if there is one just so more people can play(IF every language lines up right, which I assume it will).


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