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Ikari Warriors


Posted: 30 Nov, 2016 23:37
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Created 30 Nov, 2016 23:37 by


Posted: 17 Jul, 2017 17:00
Last Edit: 19 Jul, 2017 16:26
So, I am currently planning a set for this and want to hear your feedback, as I have no idea how well other people play this (IMO) very hard game. And as the game is hard, so should its achievements, I think. And I heard you guys like some hard achievements. I hope these ideas are not too hard. I am a bit nervous to post this, to be honest... Anyways...

So far I have thought of these:

(Questionsmarks mean I have no name for them yet, or they're ?working titles?)
First steps (10)
Survive Area 1 (1P-2P)

Frustrated yet? (20)
Survive Area 2 (1P-2P)

Almost there (30)
Survive Area 3 (1P-2P)

(Thought of naming it "I survived Ikari Warriors and all I got was this lousy achievement" first)
Thanks, Kawasaki! (40)
Survive Area 4 (1P-2P)

Take this, you'll need it (5)
Gain an extra life by scoring 50k in single player

Better take two (10)
Gain another extra life by scoring 100k in single player

A good start (25)
Score 250k in single player

Third tier action hero (40)
Score 400k in single player

Second tier action hero (45)
Score 450k in single player

First tier action hero (50)
Score 500k in single player

Get a life, Paul! (5)
Score 50k as Paul in co-op

Get a life, Vince! (5)
Score 50k as Vince in co-op

Better take two, Paul! (10)
Score 100k as Paul in co-op

Better take two, Vince! (10)
Score 100k as Vince in co-op

?Paul 4 Life? (20)
Score 200k as Paul in co-op

?Vince 4 Life? (20)
Score 200k as Vince in co-op

Leave something for Vince, Paul! (25)
Score 250k as Paul in co-op

Leave something for Paul, Vince! (25)
Score 250k as Vince in co-op

Even cheating is hard (5)
Activate area select mode (disables gaining other achievements while active)

Thanks for your feedback.

EDIT: Gave name to all achievements, added "Second tier action hero" and "Even cheating is hard"


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