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Tetris (Tengen)


Posted: 17 Nov, 2016 13:45
Last Edit: 23 Feb, 2019 04:32
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Created 17 Nov, 2016 13:45 by

1. Tetris (USA) (Unl).nes
Tetris (Tengen) [!].nes
Tetris - The Soviet Mind Game (1989-05)(Tengen)(US).nes
V14- RA Checksum: 7537901be909c877ab7d1abedae89d94
V15+ RA Checksum: 117c38986584c88263414b7abb98667c
ROM Checksum: 1bcb1795a0feed766d6d0681196662fb
CRC32 Checksum: 88F071C3

Plus 2 unique ROM Checksum variations with the same V14- RA Checksum (4 total)
Tetris (Tengen) {[o1], [o2]}
Tetris - The Soviet Mind Game (1989-05)(Tengen)(US){[h Vimm][iNES title], [o]}

2. TengenTetrisNoScoreCapV1.nes
ips Patch + Tetris (USA) (Unl) [88F071C3].nes
V15+ RA Checksum: 940de0f2258763abd113924e4cc02e5c
ROM Checksum: b1d88f3e94138a0770823273772dcbf4
CRC32 Checksum: DBFB82DD

3. Tetris (Tengen) [T+Rus_Cool-Spot].nes
RA Checksum: e5d4beec2f2d0ff6e984ba8b347b1429
ROM Checksum: 35ef54cb47f9d9341cebfc5e752a9d49
CRC32 Checksum: D8AEAEA2

Plus 1 unique ROM Checksum variations with the same RA Checksum (1 total)
Tetris (Tengen) [T+Rus_Cool-Sp{[T+Rus_Cool-Spot][a1]}


Posted: 13 May, 2018 17:12
Last Edit: 13 May, 2018 21:44

I am posting to request this game to be added for achievements and ability to save my scores.

Here is the checksum for this game: 7537901be909c877ab7d1abedae89d94

Can this please be added?


Posted: 18 Oct, 2018 19:32
I will try add achievements for this game.

Posted: 07 Feb, 2019 04:41
Last Edit: 08 Feb, 2019 02:13
Linked Score cap patch to count the score up to 99.999.999.

Apply to Tetris (Tengen) (U) [!]

v0.015 only.

Posted: 12 Dec, 2019 09:48
Hey, I'd like to download the patch but the file is deleted.

Posted: 10 Feb, 2020 02:39
Last Edit: 10 Feb, 2020 12:19
I saw the comments in the main page about doing the speed runs, but it doesn't seem to work for me. Can someone give additional steps on the process of getting the speedrun achievements? I've scored the necessary points in the timelimit, but haven't been able to get the achievements to pop.


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