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Super Metroid Redesign


Posted: 10 Nov, 2016 15:39
Last Edit: 17 Feb, 2019 20:02
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Created 10 Nov, 2016 15:39 by

Yes. Flagged as [m] at the end of achievement titles


1. Metroid_Redesign.sfc [v2.1]
[UH] ips Patch + Super Metroid (Japan, USA) (En,Ja) [D63ED5F8].sfc
RA Checksum: a21571c7f21e68dee9a4d78bbc1cfd6a
CRC32 Checksum: 520C3EB2


Posted: 11 Jan, 2019 23:18
I will be working on a set for this game. Only played through a portion of it so this will be a good excuse for me to finish it. Will make an update with ideas as I start things up.

Posted: 11 Jan, 2019 23:22
I will base the set off of the un-headered version from this site

I un-linked all previous entries

Posted: 11 Jan, 2019 23:45
Favorite Super Metroid hack. Good luck

Posted: 12 Jan, 2019 18:23
I remember when this came out. I never played it but this might give a really good reason to finally check it out.

Posted: 13 Jan, 2019 02:39
It's meant to be "the same game" as Super Metroid, although the game is much bigger and much more difficult. It also has a couple new powerups and requires use of techniques never expected from you. When I played it years ago, with save states I still found it to be a challenge.

Posted: 25 Jan, 2019 16:43
Finally finished my first run through of the game. Now I am working on cleaning up items and getting to 100%...but it is a huge pain. I have 50-55 cheevos laid out. Some "easy"(nothing is easy in this game) one like Bosses, Maps, item collection, etc.. I also laid out a few challenge cheevos along the lines of collecting certain items without hi-jump, collecting items without space jump, the IBJ items, and the hard speed booster items. I'm going to refine the list on my next play through.

I plan on putting a speedrun cheevo for the best ending. I will also look into a speed challenge with the ending sequence similar to the current super metroid cheevos.

Ive been working on this all month...and I'm guessing it will be another month to finish it up. I'm excited to get this out though! I want to see someone master this because its a huge challenge without save states

Posted: 25 Jan, 2019 19:09
this will be an interesting challenge

Posted: 10 Feb, 2019 09:59
This game is ultimate challenge without save states.
It has been very long time since I played this hack.
First time this seemed impossible without save states.
It took a long time to beat this game without save states..
The in-game Save Stations are so far apart..
Best Super Metroid hack I have ever played..

Posted: 11 Feb, 2019 14:38
I have the set completed and in Unofficial. I'm doing one more run through to root out any buggy cheevos.

It will be interesting to see who can master this game. Now that I have run through ti a few times I'm more comfortable with the physics but I still use save states.

Posted: 14 Feb, 2019 18:44
Just finished Testing and pushed everything to core.

Posted: 14 Feb, 2019 19:06
To anyone who doesn't want to look for the password to the ips zip: redesign_of_a_classic


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