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Roll-chan Evolution S, Episode I - Roll-chan Claw


Posted: 02 Nov, 2016 01:03
Last Edit: 21 May, 2018 17:17
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Created 02 Nov, 2016 01:03 by

1. Roll-chan Evolution, Episode I - Roll-chan Claw.nes
bps Patch + Rockman (Japan) (En) [E0141A24].nes
RA Checksum: f4e98b393d39fb6de1ed27ab6fe641b3
ROM Checksum: 9fc95df53b800f4f6964ea30bb604c9d
CRC32 Checksum: 4C92D56D


Posted: 25 Jan, 2017 00:16
Instructions how to recieve correctly patched ROM:

1. Download patch from
2. Download Lunar IPS software from
3. Apply the patch on a ROM file, which meets specifications:
No-Intro file name: Rockman (Japan).nes
GoodTools file name: Rockman (J) [!].nes
CRC32: e0141a24
MD5 (real one*): 8824842070a569e9ba7287bcdea045a3
4. In result you should recieve a file with the following checksum:
CRC32: 4c92d56d
MD5 (real one*): 9fc95df53b800f4f6964ea30bb604c9d

*the MD5 value with which the ROM is linked to the set (showed in the emu trough "Get ROM Checksum") is always different.

Posted: 26 Jan, 2017 04:59
Last Edit: 26 Jan, 2017 21:09
Edit: Made a typo

If you put them in the same folder, rename the ips to rom_name.nes.ips. rom_name is just a placeholder, put whatever you named your rom there.

Edit: I don't recommend playing this unless you know Mega Man 1 like the back of your hand, it's really difficult. Hell, too difficult for me.

Posted: 26 Jan, 2017 16:34
I'll get to a boss eventually,'s going to be a while.. ^^; And wow at Vic pushing through to finish it all so soon...

Posted: 23 Dec, 2017 12:48
Last Edit: 24 Dec, 2017 00:39
broken files


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