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Donkey Kong Country - Competition Edition

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Posted: 10 Feb, 2021 15:41

I see no reason for such confusion. First post usually lists compatible roms.
Posted: 27 Jun, 2021 02:40
Last Edit: 29 Jun, 2021 04:42

Posted: 27 Jun, 2021 02:45
Last Edit: 29 Jun, 2021 04:42

Thank you for this rom
Posted: 20 Sep, 2021 21:54

I cannot find the 10min rom anywhere... only 5min
Posted: 20 Sep, 2021 22:01
Last Edit: 21 Sep, 2021 00:21

Posted: 21 Sep, 2021 00:11

Don't link to ROMs. It's such a simple rule.
Posted: 21 Sep, 2021 02:18
Last Edit: 21 Sep, 2021 02:26

don't need to be rude about it, the set is impossible to play with the original competition edition. the only way to master this set is with the custom version salva made... which was only available through that link you deleted

edit: i found it on romhacking, maybe this could get added to the first post
Posted: 21 Sep, 2021 12:21

thanks guys
Posted: 23 Sep, 2021 13:05

The majority of this set was developed under the assumption that the player would be using a modified ROM rather than the legitimate Competition Edition and has been demoted as a result. A new page has been created with the idea that someone will create a more appropriate set.

Posted: 23 Sep, 2021 13:34
Last Edit: 23 Sep, 2021 13:36

Ok, that was a really bad decision, sorry, it's ok to make a completely separated page to the official version of the game and changing the name of the current to "10 minutes version" would be fine, but demoting it entirely just because "it is just a modified version of the original" is dumb.

There is so many levels that you are legit unable to beat because of the 5 minutes time limit, even with TAS, and since the set was made with the 10 minute hack in mind, it takes advantage of that and makes a lot of unique and interesting achievements that we couldn't do on the official release, I think it would be way better if you just tag it with ~ hack~, or even with ~bonus~ or ~subset~, considering the difficulty level of the set is quite high, but demoting the entire set just because it's "a modified version of the original", is a big middle finger not just for the people who had a lot of work to master the set, but also for JAM, who managed to make super interesting and challenging achievements with this hack.

Please reconsider bringing this set back, just with a different name + tags.
Posted: 23 Sep, 2021 13:44

A potential solution for bringing back the achievements that can only be obtained under the 10-minute time limit is already being discussed.
Posted: 23 Sep, 2021 19:21
Last Edit: 23 Sep, 2021 23:41

edited to remove myself -deng
Posted: 23 Sep, 2021 19:51

Agreed, demoting this set for that reason was a huge mistake. The time increase was the only difference between it and the original, and as others have said, five minutes is NOT enough to reach all the content. It was also a very intriguing concept for a set, much of which doesn't remain if you remove the ability to reach the end.
Not one of the cheevs was an unwelcome concept, many required more than 5 minutes, and those that didn't were often coded so that time limit was in force regardless.
Posted: 23 Sep, 2021 20:06

Cool. Another demotion because of not fitting your dumb standards. Good job, QA. Thank you for making the site "better".
Posted: 23 Sep, 2021 20:47

I can't understand how even one person may think "Kill a very good set" is better than simple "Rename the set to Competition Edition - 10 minutes"... but somehow it's even a "team" decision. :really:

Spoiler (Click to show):
I was thinking if I should be another person who disagrees with the current decision but stays silent because don't like / tired of fighting and the good arguments were already written.
But I hope if more people say "a dumb decision is dumb" - more chances "a dumb decision" will be reverted... or we will be banned for showing disagreement with people in power.
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