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Donkey Kong Country - Competition Edition

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Posted: 09 Jan, 2018 00:22
Last Edit: 18 Jan, 2018 13:42
Added 3 more leaderboards for the last level. I don't think it's possible to beat the whole level without TAS but checkpoint can be reached for great players without saves.

EDIT: OK, it's possible to beat the game in 10 minutes. After playing it more than 50 hours I could beat it. So one more leaderboard is added. It's secret and it appears only if you have a chance to complete it.

Also have 2 cheevos in plans.

Posted: 12 Feb, 2018 23:14
Last Edit: 22 Feb, 2018 00:33
Alright, since there are new rules, I want to make minor revision. Nothing will be removed in honor of the set's dev. Just new cheevos and set rebalancing.

Last level is long. At least 2:20 is needed to beat it while all other levels can be cleared from 25-30 seconds to 1 minute. So, idea is to make and reacts to Star Barrel in the middle of level.

Cheevos to add (now in unofficial):
1. -- actually beat all 11 levels in 10 minutes (any score, any time left). It's hard and need a lot of practice. Watching speedruns is a good idea too. So 50 30 points for doing it.
2. (old name Bounty hunter) -- enter 19 bonus rooms in one run. Winning in mini-games is not required. Note: some bonus rooms (2nd in Reptile Rumble and 1st in Bouncy Bonanza is removed from DKC by Nintendo) 20 points.
3. -- get 25 lives without losing any. Time to get lives from bonuses and hidden places. There are several ways to do it. Just entering bonuses is not enough. KONG letters in most levels also good idea. 25 points.
4. (old name: Animalist master) -- clear any animal bonus stage with 800 points or above. It means you have to collect 3 animal token without losing live, have enough time to actually clear the bonus level and get a lot of mini-animal tokens. 15 points.

rename to "Donkey!" No points change.
All animalist cheevos cut to 5 10 points but also make player get them without losing live. (40 points to be freed)
cut to 5 points. It's really not hard if you know the original Donkey Kong Country game. (45/90)
cut to 5 points. Another easy achievement. (60/90)
cut to 10 points. (70/90)
All "beat the level riding animal" cut to 5 points (90/90)
Take 5 points from first 3 Trial cheevos and add them to last 3 Trial cheevos. So, 5 points for beating first 3 trial cheevos, 15 points for beating last 3 trial cheevos, 10 points for the rest.

Infiltration cheevos change
change condition to 50 points instead of 100
change condition to 350 points instead of 300
change condition to 650 points instead of 600

Trial cheevos change (already applied)
As I mentioned, some levels can be cleared in 20-25 seconds while others require about a minute. So all infiltration cheevos will require to clear certain level having total time greater than X. Limitation will vary from medium (first levels) to harsh (last levels). Players will get first 3 trial cheevos for running not so fast, but to complete the last ones they should do most levels fast enough (meaning they will need to beat first levels faster then it required by cheevos to actually have enough time left for last levels).

In general, trial cheevos are now using arcade racing games checkpoint system. You have a lot of time from the start and you'll reach first one or two checkpoints for sure but actual time added is not enough to reach the next checkpoint. Playing more also makes you learn to drive accurately from the start to have more time.

EDIT: I talked to salvador and then we decided to cut old cheevos less. Only 90 point will be cut instead of 110.

Posted: 13 Feb, 2018 01:20
Cool cheevos but i feel is much better in a bonus, especally that TAS cheevo. You need no only practice, skill too to complete some of your cheevos, this is my opinion.

Posted: 13 Feb, 2018 03:59
Last Edit: 13 Feb, 2018 04:42
All 4 of them require skills actually but nothing TAS-like. See, you have harsh time limit for the whole game. Entering bonus take some seconds, completing the bonus take some seconds, hunt for animal tokens takes a lot of seconds. That 50-points cheevo is humanly possible in hardcore mode (but it means ignore most bonuses, just use the fastest way all the time). That was intended by achievement creator. If it wasn't possible then he'd made 11 or 12 minutes version instead of 10-minute one.

Why I don't want the bonus? The set originally had 300 points and then few 20-points cheevos was added. Although most infiltration cheevos are way harder then all animalist ones.

Posted: 22 Feb, 2018 01:21
I'm fine with it personally. I always considered competition carts as more of a Bonus set type thing anyway, so hard cheevos are fine imo. Just don't expect me to master it because i suck at DKC, lel
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