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Donkey Kong Country - Competition Edition

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Posted: 25 Sep, 2016 12:33
Last Edit: 11 Apr, 2018 02:56
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Created 25 Sep, 2016 13:33 by

1. Donkey Kong Country Competition.smc
RA Checksum: 512dcc7abd3001656aacbc7928f27354
CRC32 Checksum: 5A041EA2

2. Donkey Kong Country - Competition Cartridge (USA).sfc
Donkey Kong Country - Competition Cartridge (U).sfc
RA Checksum: 45e938a3adde7dc91968793d115c8057
CRC32 Checksum: 0E204FBD


Posted: 26 Sep, 2016 15:57
Have made some leaderboards for firts level in this version, give it a try.

Posted: 01 Oct, 2016 01:59
The Leaderboards were really bugged so I fixed them (still left the condition that no lives can be lost, despite is not in the description). Had to reset all the records because the scores weren't taken correctly, they should work now.

BTW, there should be another one for total points in the game. I could help you with it if you need help (I recommend you to use address 0x0585, as when the timer ends, the game pauses so the flag on B6 turns on)

Posted: 01 Oct, 2016 13:43
Last Edit: 01 Oct, 2016 14:07
BTW the leaderboards for all DKC titles and possibly many others give better times if you're using PAL over NTSC, because the game runs at 50Hz instead of 60. I was going to make separate leaderboards for these regions(with a leaderboard wipe), but I haven't found any sort of flags that can identify if a ROM is PAL or NTSC(need to filter among many ROMs of both regions).

Posted: 01 Oct, 2016 22:49
Yes, they were, but also there is a problem with leaderboards, the score and time is acumulative, do not reset each stage, so will be needed to do leaderboard for game completion score and time, or do acumulative ones for each level...

Posted: 01 Oct, 2016 23:24
I also had the idea of creating Leaderboards but for the main game (DKC) but ditched it.

Anyway, if you're going to create Leaderboards for each level, let me tell you while there are 11 levels in total in this game, you can only pass 7 if you're fast due to the time limit.

Lv 1 - Jungle Hijinxs
Lv 2 - Reptile Rumble
Lv 3 - Ropey Rampage
Lv 4 - Coral Capers
Lv 5 - Winky's Walkway
Lv 6 - Bouncy Bonanza
Lv 7 - Orang-utan Gang

Is not likely you'll beat any of the following levels
Lv 8 - Snow Barrel Blast
Lv 9 - Slipslide Ride
Lv 10 - Ice Age Alley
Lv 11 - Croctopus Chase (game freezes when you pass this level)

I read that in the real contest, you couldn't lose lives in order to grind points, so I guess is ok for that to be the condition to cancel the leaderboard.

Posted: 04 Oct, 2016 02:14
The achievements are broken (in general), you need to think about what conditions to set and test them for a while before promoting them to core (specially since I suppose you're new into this).

BTW,why include a version with double the time? Sure, you get to play more, but that's goes against the competition. Which leads me to the following question: What would stop someone from adding another patch with more time for the sake of it (and link to the game)? After all, it's just a 1 byte edit...

Posted: 04 Oct, 2016 20:44
That is to allow people have 1 minute per level, for the requieriments of the achievements, if you add more minutes, timer will look ugly and glitch.

Posted: 15 Oct, 2016 14:39
Well, I guess I'll have to point out what's wrong with each achievement, because while I can fix them, is always better that the creator (salvadorc17 in this case) knows what he missed to avoid repeating it next time...

Address 0x0029 is NOT the seconds passed. Address 0x0028 is a 2 Byte size address that keeps tracks of frames. NTSC games will run at 60 fps (frames per second) while PAL games will run at 50 fps. This is an American game so every time that address changes 60 times, then 1 second will pass inside the game.

This is the reason why the leaderboards didn't worked when you created them, because they made nonsense. You still use this in the time trial achievements (40501, 40505, 40544, 40546, 40586, 40588, 40605, 40607, 40611, 40613, 40901). Also regarding the time trial levels, while most of the maps can be done in under a minute, the last one just cannot be done in such a low time. You'll need like 2.5 minutes which you may not even have, because you would need to run through each single stage in a demon speed (I think it may be doable, but you would need to be familiar with speedrunning strats, which I'm not quite).

Another note to address 0x0028 is that it seems a bit bugged. If you keep an eye, it will not always reset after beating a level, and it also may reset when you enter a different room (like a bonus stage). I would recommend you to use the game's timer (0x056f, 0x0571, 0x0573) to keep track of the time, it'll be trickier but safer (the hard part is to make them work in achievements, but I would recommend you to include them also in the leaderboards too)

The score-related achievements also have have a similar issue, while they check the digit corresponding to the score. For example checks address 0x0052d, it doesn't check the other digits, say the thousands so while the same achievement checks that the score in the hundreds is not higher than 1, you can get get say a thousand (1000) points and the conditions will still satisfy. Another case can be that the score 0199 still satisfies that the hundred digit is 1, but the units and tents are not.

A solution would be to check the score to actually be lower than 100 (from 0 to 99), as it would solve you many problems. Reset if the thousands is not a zero, same with the hundreds. Tens and units can be anything.

To find out when you beat a level, I had already labeled some addresses which you should include, these are: 0x0590, 0x0596, 0x059b, 0x059c, 0x05a5, 0x05b3, 0x05fc, 0x0636, 0x064e, 0x0668 (there is none for Croctopus Chase because the game freezes when you beat it, so the same method cannot be used there). An alternative is to use the player's coordinates to know when you reach the end of a level, the only "problem" is that it won't be the same values for each level, so there's more work to do in that case.

As for the misc achievements seems ok but making achievements with only 1 condition is always dangerous, specially when the condition doesn't use an "equals to n". Sometimes when you load or reset any game, memory addresses may change their values to 0x00, 0xFF or in the case of SNES9x 0x55 too, so this is something to always have in mind when creating achievements in any platform.

The description of is wrong. I collected 3 Expresso tokens (from level 8) and the achievement didn't triggered. I looked up at the condition and it was only checking how many Rambi tokens you have. So either change the description to include other animals or create more for the others. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure there's time to collect 2 of each animal token in Orang-utan Gang level, for 3 I'm not so sure (most likely only rambi and expresso, but not winky and enguarde due to the order in the minigame).

Posted: 16 Oct, 2016 21:54
Last Edit: 16 Oct, 2016 22:56
Yes, i understand all what you say, just havent been able to fix the things, if you can help fixing the achieves and you know how to do it, ill allow you to do it.

For using the game timer i should check reverse conditions, so firts stage will be 9 min left, second wil be 8 min left, and so on. For the animal tokens could do one for each, there are still points for more achievements.

Posted: 27 Dec, 2017 16:54
Added 12 leaderboards including the one who that cartrige was created. Removed the cheater's entries. I have plans to remade Trial leaderboards to store centiseconds in them (like 9:34"12 instead of 574) but it'll cause removal of all entries.

Posted: 27 Dec, 2017 16:58
My records were no cheated...

If you don't know about it, ASK FIRST ¬.¬

Posted: 28 Dec, 2017 00:53
Last Edit: 28 Dec, 2017 00:58
Not yours. There were 2 players with 600 and 300 seconds left submited for every level. They just playing modified ROM (5 and 10 min versions) with timer freezed. Time freeze also allowed the player to get high scored because of no time limit. Should I also reset their score results?

Posted: 29 Dec, 2017 21:31
My apologies :(
I though mine where not there but it seems that people just beat them >.<

Well, if people already cheated, even if some scores are legitimate or not, you cannot tell. So I would go and remove them if you still remember who they were. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother so much, after all this game is already not the original (5 minutes only), so I wouldn't bother about the records in general.

Posted: 30 Dec, 2017 00:21
What happened with the stealth leaderboards seems theyre broken, you dont made changes
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