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What games you want achievements?

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Posted: 05 Sep, 2016 01:49
Last Edit: 05 Sep, 2016 11:18
Pokémon Glazed (Game Boy Advance)
Disney's Magical Quest Starring Mickey and Minnie (Gameboy Advance)
Disney's Magical Quest 2 Starring Mickey and Minnie (Gameboy Advance)

Posted: 05 Sep, 2016 10:34
Last Edit: 05 Sep, 2016 10:43
Here are a couple more I remembered when I woke up this morning, and also one game a friend reminded me about.

Faria: A World of Mystery and Danger for NES

Shadow of the Ninja for NES

Captain America and The Avengers for NES (The Sega version is on here but not the NES version which is more of a platformer than brawler)

Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force for GBA

Lastly, this one is a bit strange...

Street Fighter for PC Engine. The first SF game, otherwise known as Fighting Street. I've seen SFII for SNES, MD and GBA but not the original SF. Since we don't have achievements for Arcade games, this port would be the next best thing.

Also for the consoles without achievements, you should add the following:

Phantasy Star for Master System

Metal Gear Solid for PSX
Armored Core for PSX

Shining Force CD for Sega CD

Posted: 05 Sep, 2016 11:14
Shadow of the Ninja is already here, but under it's PAL name , don't know if it's compatible with US version though, but we could always change that.

Posted: 05 Sep, 2016 15:05
If I remember correctly, I suggested Mickey Mouse III on the Famicom before (NOT the US version which is different). Would be nice to see Trog, TwinBee 3 and/or Captain Skyhawk. All of these are the NES/Fami games.

Also, Rayman 3 for GBA.

Posted: 05 Sep, 2016 15:19
Mickey Mouse III for Famicom was changed in US for , but it's the same game only with different characters/sprites, and intro/storyline. The gameplay is very much the same. I have it in the list of my planned sets, as the US version, but if you prefer, I could change it to Famicom version patched with translation (we could cover all Kemco Mickey Mouse series this way). Also added to my planned sets.

Posted: 05 Sep, 2016 17:42
Sorry for the delay, I added the games now, about Mickey III, I think it would be better to be Mickey's version Patch translation of it, because I don't like the Kid Klown version. But is just my opinion.

Posted: 06 Sep, 2016 04:49
G.I. Joe (NES)

Posted: 06 Sep, 2016 04:50
Last Edit: 06 Sep, 2016 04:51
G.I. Joe (NES)
Oh sorry!! Actually there are achievements for this game already!!

Posted: 06 Sep, 2016 13:15
back to the future nes

Posted: 06 Sep, 2016 15:20
I actually considered doing Back to the Future on the NES just because I had finished Adventures of Dino Riki, and I thought "you know what, in a weird backwards sort of way, BttF-NES is ALMOST like the exact same thing Dino Riki is". So I watched a longplay of it, and ehhhh... it... really isn't something I can work with at the moment.

I dunno, after finishing a few sets that were kinda short but I found ways to add things to make it a full 400-set, it feels like I just can't do it justice enough without "something being missing" and then I feel bad for making it a 400-set. BttF is both kinda short and kinda heavy on difficulty, which has kinda been the type of set I have the most trouble with making these days. Even though the game is terrible, I do support the idea of making a set for it, and I'd definitely try, but these days those are the ones I catch the most flak for.

Posted: 06 Sep, 2016 17:29
. OK, The Game is now added.

Posted: 07 Sep, 2016 06:10
Mickey Mousecapade NES.

Posted: 07 Sep, 2016 11:29
seems I can't quote on this forum

actually I was really surprised there was no set for bttf already. it's a pick up and play title which is great to earn a few achievements quickly (so that I can feel like I've accomplished at least a little thing playing on a weekday where I don't have too much time/energy after work). need that diversion from the grind-heavy stuff like pokemon and yugioh from time to time. plus I really would like to get the motivation to beat it

and please include the "jumping the park bench" avgn/irate gamer parody thingy ^^ (title of achievement: Rocky Jumped a Park Bench)

Posted: 07 Sep, 2016 13:07
OK, The Game is on The list now.

A doubt, that you mentioned is an suggestion of achievement or is a separate game?

Posted: 07 Sep, 2016 13:40
How about the rpg Lagrange Point from Konami for NES/Famicom? The one with the VRC7 sound. It has a translation patch in English.
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