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What games you want achievements?

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Posted: 19 Feb, 2018 10:42
Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei - SNES has my vote

Posted: 20 Feb, 2018 11:28
Last Edit: 20 Feb, 2018 18:01
DOSbox/ScummVM and NDS please

Posted: 26 Feb, 2018 05:56
Last Edit: 27 Feb, 2018 16:54
Batman: The Animated Series (Gameboy)
Prince of Persia (Gameboy)
Kung Fu Master (Gameboy)

Posted: 02 Mar, 2018 23:31
Last Edit: 06 Mar, 2018 06:03
These are all Super Nintendo titles.

Cyber Knight
Front Mission: Gun Hazard
Vegas Stakes
Dragon Quest I & II
Lester The Unlikely
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Harley's Humongous Adventure
Michael Jordan: Chaos in The Windy City
SimEarth: The Living Planet
The Tick

These are Nintendo titles.

Dragoon X Omega (Dragon Warrior Hack)
Dragoon X Omega Ii (Final Fantasy Hack)
Chaos World
Suguro Quest - The Quest of Dice Heroes
100 World Story - The Tales on A Watery Wilderness

Posted: 02 Mar, 2018 23:56
I'd really love to see PS1 demo discs there, too.

Like, say, Titan A.E. or those PlayStation Underground issues and Jampacks?

Posted: 15 Mar, 2018 16:25
personally idk what all goes into being an RA Dev, but i'll do what i can to bring full sets of Achievements for every game i play, from Master System to PlayStation, even if the console isnt supported quite yet.

also my sets of achieves will have max 400 / 1000 pts to earn per game, no more and no less, how many achieves each game will have will matter on the game and what can be considered an achievement.

for example in DKC one of the most significant achievements will be the Infamous "Cranky Kong Challenge", which i believe is to 100% the game in under 2 hrs, or 1 hr, i forgot.

Posted: 15 Mar, 2018 21:35
Good luck Paladin! I've found cheevo making to be both easier and harder than it looks, depending on how the game's memory is stored.

Posted: 15 Mar, 2018 21:35
Last Edit: 15 Mar, 2018 21:37
Stupid double posting! I hate when lag makes that happen...

Posted: 26 Mar, 2018 01:46
Since Arcade is supported now, I'd like to see

TMNT: The Arcade Game
TMNT 2: Turtles in Time
Metal Slug Series
Street Fighter II
Strikers 1945
The Three Wonders
Final Fight
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
Ninja Baseball Batman
Knights of the Round
The Simpsons Beat 'em up
X-Men Beat 'em up
Pang/Buster Bros.

Posted: 26 Mar, 2018 05:26
FFVI Advance
Dragon Quest V
Dragon QUest I&II (both SNES and GB)

Posted: 26 Mar, 2018 08:45
Arcade is supported?

Posted: 26 Mar, 2018 11:09

Posted: 26 Mar, 2018 14:37
I agree with leftyguitar arcade games is a brand new world plenty of possibilitties. :)

Posted: 26 Mar, 2018 17:08
Two games I want now, Megaman Battle Network 4 and Yu-Gi-Oh Dungeon Dice Monsters, both on GBA.

Posted: 26 Mar, 2018 17:33
Last Edit: 26 Mar, 2018 17:34
It's funny... almost every arcade game I've ever gotten really into has either had some kind of wacky controls (rhythm games, Sniper Scope) or motion capture, so outside of The Simpsons, TMNT, and X-Men, I don't think I have any arcade requests.

Anyway, the games that come to mind are more quirky than challenging, but...

Deja Vu (NES)
Just Breed (NES)
Little Ninja Brothers (NES)
Palamedes (NES)
Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom (NES)
Super Ninja Boy (SNES)
Dragon Quest V (SNES)
Hamelin no Violin Hiki (Violinist of Hamlin) (SNES)
Wonder Project J (SNES)
Dinosaurs for Hire (MD/Genesis)
Monster World IV (MD/Genesis)
Neutopia (PCE/TG16)
Neutopia II (PCE/TG16)
Pokemon Snap (N64)
Harvest Moon 64 (N64)
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (N64)
Wonder Project J2 (N64)
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