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What games you want achievements?

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Posted: 04 Sep, 2016 14:44
Or how about brutal Mario achievements that not a bad idea

Posted: 04 Sep, 2016 15:25
Last Edit: 04 Sep, 2016 15:26
, , . Everthing added. Thanks.

Posted: 04 Sep, 2016 16:32

Posted: 04 Sep, 2016 16:33
Err I meant the NES Tengen version, the Namco one is quite different. Sorry for the trouble.

Posted: 04 Sep, 2016 16:48
Last Edit: 04 Sep, 2016 16:51
Is there anybody who likes Batman Forever? Lol, but I'll add yes. Thanks for the suggestion.

Unfortunately, I didn't find the Tengen version, but I will specify the version in the list.

Posted: 04 Sep, 2016 17:04
Last Edit: 04 Sep, 2016 17:05
For the one who mentioned Krusty's Funhouse for GameBoy, I'm actually kind of interested in making a set for the SNES version because out of the ones I tried, I liked the SNES one the most.

Right now, I'm knee-deep in trying to make a savestate for every single episode of Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation on GBA so I can go back and make RAM comparisons and maybe-hopefully make a set for it. Although for how mostly-straightforward it is, I'm kind of at a loss as to what exactly to do with it. And it's extremely long, with two characters with their own 22-exclusives episodes and the rest of the 42 episodes shared. So I have no idea how long it'll take to get into making something for it.

I've done some work for Time Lord (NES), but on the opposite end, it's VERY short and trying to pad it out with things like 'no damage' achievements is not exactly possible for how extremely difficult the later stages are(I think one of them forces you to take damage actually). So although I have the means to finish the set right now, there are a lot of decisions to make that I don't feel like I can answer(what's too hard, what's impossible, what's too easy, mostly that sort of thing).

I myself wanted to play Zoids Legacy (GBA) when I got to the site, but seeing it was not made, when I got up the confidence to make achievements I wanted that to be the first project I worked on... but I saw that mickyt888 has already made Code Notes for it, but it also doesn't seem to be worked on otherwise. So I'm not sure if the project is on hold or if some bad-RAM came up and it's too hard to work on like M&L, but I personally have some interest in it. If he just lost interest in it I'd be fine with taking it up, but if not, I don't want to push it either.

Aside from slowly working on SRTOG1, I'm not sure what sort of small-project I'd like to work on in the mean time. (I mean, since starting SRTOG I've completed work on two NES projects already). I've done some preliminary work on Adventures in the Magic Kingdom and I've looked into things like Taz-Mania and Escape from Mars on Genesis as well as Garfield on Genesis. But as far as personal-interests go, I haven't settled on an small side-project yet. Can't guarantee requests, but maybe I could glance through some of these if that's what this list is for.

Posted: 04 Sep, 2016 18:04
Thank you, matheus :)

Sorry to make another suggestion so soon, but there's one more suggestion I'd like to add to your list, The Guardian Legend for NES, please!

I've played the OG games several times over the years. Is there any way I can help you out? I just have no idea how to work with the achievements themselves.

Posted: 04 Sep, 2016 18:14
Last Edit: 04 Sep, 2016 18:15
. Don't need say sorry, how much more games, better. :)
I added him now.

Posted: 04 Sep, 2016 19:03
Last Edit: 04 Sep, 2016 19:25
About - we already have , and I don't think there is any other point for making a set for it.
I've added to my planned, as I'm also thinking about revising the set for original , by removing all filler "talking" achievements and adding something more valueable and fun instead. Will also probably take care of , along with .

Posted: 04 Sep, 2016 19:17
Ok, I removed the Super Mario Advance 4 of the list.

Posted: 04 Sep, 2016 19:45
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (Game Boy Advance)
Ninja Five-O (Game Boy Advance)

Posted: 04 Sep, 2016 20:01
Obrigado Frenzymatt, os jogos já foram adicionados.


Thanks Frenzymatt, the games have been added.

Posted: 04 Sep, 2016 21:51
Super Robot Wars original 1 and 2 for GBA would be a very nice addition...

Posted: 04 Sep, 2016 22:32
Obrigado Berserker, eu não encontrei a página dos jogos, mas eles foram adicionados na lista.

Posted: 04 Sep, 2016 22:40
Working on it, , it's just going to take a long while to get every Battle Mastery point and at least get to episode 22 on both characters and episode 42 on one of them... maybe both since I hear some of the 'secret' PTs come in after episode 22 on a different character's route.

At this rate I probably won't be able to work on the second game for a looooong time, but I'm sure it's probably better in most ways.

@, It's mostly grunt work right now, just trying to get through every episode and win the Battle Mastery for them each time(which can require a lot of grinding sometimes). If you could, maybe suggest some achievements you would expect. I have an idea for a list, but it depends on what I'm able to find in RAM when I finally get done cataloging every episode as a savestate I can easily get back to for testing. Initial testing was kinda confusing for how things work in RAM... I think I know how it works, but I need to see how stable it is(like if it changes depending on the characters you selected or if they're all unique since you meet up eventually... I already know that the "slot" for character-1 gets overwritten by whoever is IN slot-1 and isn't consistent for a specific character).
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