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What games you want achievements?

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Posted: 02 Jan, 2017 17:34
Not sure how much we're still using this thread, but I guess there might be some things to mark off now. At the very least the text-entry of 'Super Robot Taisen Original Generation(1)' is done and can be marked off, might be some others that have been finished too.

Haha, reading through the older posts is funny, seeing Shin go from requesting the game he eventually made achievements for anyway, and the start of SRTOG before I knew how ridiculously difficult it would be. Whew. XD

Posted: 02 Jan, 2017 17:44
Last Edit: 02 Jan, 2017 17:48
-Final Fantasy VII (Playstation)
-Abadox (NES)
-Resident Evil Gaiden (Gameboy Color)
-Medabots: Metabee (Gameboy Advance)
-Mario Party 1,2,3 (Nintendo 64)

Posted: 02 Jan, 2017 17:51
I'd like to see those 3 Hamtaro games for the GBA on this list:

Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak
Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue
Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games

And then there's The Immortal for the Genesis.

Posted: 02 Jan, 2017 20:02
Yup, thanks to your advice, I was able to finish that set. Come to think of it, if it wasn't for this thread I wouldn't be a developer today.

Though yeah, it wouldn't be a bad idea to start a fresh request thread.

Posted: 02 Jan, 2017 21:29
Last Edit: 02 Jan, 2017 21:36
I have some others that came up:

Mega Man Battle Network 4 (GBA)
Adventures of Lolo III (NES)
Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment (NES)
Nintendo World Championships 1990 (NES)
Robocop 2 (NES)
Robocop 3 (NES)
Fire Emblem (NES)
Fire Emblem: Gaiden (NES)
Blaster Master: Enemy Below (GBC)

And for the hacks:
Zelda: The Legend of Link (NES)
Rockman No Constancy (NES)
Rockman 3: Burst Chaser (NES)

Posted: 03 Jan, 2017 06:33
Blaster Master Boy (gameboy)
Blaster Master Enemy Below (gbc)
mickey Mousecapade (nes)
Dragon quest 2 3 4 5 and 6.
Bionic Commando (gameboy)
tmnt 2 back from the sewers (gameboy)
Altered Space (gameboy)
Radical Dreamers (snes)
Jazz Jackrabbit (gba)
Heiankyo Alien (gameboy)
Sonic Blastman (smes)
Stunt Race FX (snes)
Phantasy Star 3 (genesis)
Solstice (nes)
Double Dragon 3 (gameboy)
Ninja Boy 1 and 2 (gameboy)
Ninja Ryukenden (pc engine)
Bionic Commando (gbc)
Every ultima title ever.
Every Gradius title/spinoff ever.
Power Blade 2 (nes)
Double Dragon 5 The Shadow Falls (genesis/snes)

Posted: 06 Jan, 2017 02:54
Hey, all. I would just like to add that I would really love to see achievements for Ghostbusters II for the NES.

Posted: 06 Jan, 2017 12:00
Last Edit: 07 Jan, 2017 09:34
Road rash (Mega Drive)
And can we post for beta hack roms?If yes than check this.if no just tell me I don't have high hopes.
Pokémon Adventures-red chapter (Gameboy Advance)

Posted: 07 Jan, 2017 22:26
I'd like to see Bonk's Adventure on the PC-Engine receive Achievements. I've went ahead and came up with some possible achievements:

Bonk’s Adventure PC Engine

1. Finish Stage 1-1
2. Finish Stage 1-2
3. Finish Stage 1-3
4. Beat Stage 1 Boss
5. Finish Stage 2-1
6. Finish Stage 2-2
7. Finish Stage 2-3
8. Finish Stage 2-4
9. Finish Stage 2-5
10. Finish Stage 2-6
11. Finish Stage 2-7
12. Defeat Stage 2 Boss
13. Finish Stage 3-1
14. Finish Stage 3-2
15. Finish Stage 3-3
16. Finish Stage 3-4
17. Finish Stage 3-5
18. Defeat Stage 3 Boss
19. Finish Stage 4-1
20. Defeat Stage 4 Boss
21. Finish Stage 5-1
22. Finish Stage 5-2
23. Finish Stage 5-3
24. Finish Stage 5-4
25. Finish Stage 5-5
26. Finish 5-6
27. Beat Game
28. Get an extra life
29. Acquire Enough meat to become invincible
30. Eat meat and become stronger
31. Eat meat and be able to stun enemies
32. Grab Big Heart
33. Increase max health by one heart
34. Jump and land on enemy with you head(Name could be “That’s using your head”)

Posted: 07 Jan, 2017 23:18
I'd like to see Pier Solar on the genesis

Posted: 07 Jan, 2017 23:19
Here are some achievement ideas for Bonks Revenge if someone could use them for achievements

Bonk’s Revenge PC Engine Achievements

Finish 1-1 Waterfall
Finish 1-2 Flower Field
Defeat Fire Dinosaur
Finish 1-3 Caverns
Finish 1-4 Volcano Castle
Defeat Dodogie
Finish 2-1 Piranha River
Defeat Jumping Bones
Finish 2-2 Bamboo Jungle
Finish 2-3 Cloud Ruins
Defeat Witch Doctor
Finish 3-1 Snow Mountain
Defeat Triceratops
Finish 3-2 Hot Springs
Finish 3-3 Mammoth Tomb
Defeat Ice Ballerina
Finish 4-1 Parasol Beach
Finish 4-2a Warship Hold
Finish 4-3b Warship Hold
Finish 4-4 Sailor Saloon
Defeat Captain Cook
Finish 5-1 Fireball Field
Finish 5-2 Lava Flow
Finish 5-3 Orange Waterfall
Finish 6-1 Laundry Pools
Finish 6-2 Hatchet’s Hometown
Defeat Helicopter
Finish 6-3 Haunted Tower
Defeat Flying Robot
Finish 7-1 Moon Pyramid
Finish 7-2 Spook Tunnel
Finish 7-3 Ambush Tunnel
Finish 7-4 Aquatic Tunnel
Finish 7-5 Coveyor Tunnel
Defeat King Drool III
Beat Game
Collect 50 Yellow Faces
Collect an extra life
Collect Big Heart
Collect Blue Heart
Eat Big Meat

Posted: 16 Jan, 2017 20:55
Time Lord(NES) and Back to the Future(NES) are finished... although since TMNT and a lot of others are also done... well, even if it doesn't get marked off, mostly saying they're done in case anyone else comes in to request them, they're done! For better or worse... XD

Posted: 16 Jan, 2017 22:47
Last Edit: 18 Jan, 2017 22:02
Low G Man: The Low Gravity Man (NES)
James Bond Jr. (NES)
Karnov (NES)
Spider-Man: Return Of The Sinister Six (NES)
Mad Max (NES)
Strider (NES)
Primal Rage (SNES)
Wolverine: Adamantium Rage (Mega Drive)
Growl (Mega Drive)

Posted: 17 Jan, 2017 04:10
Both snes Cosmo Gang titles.

Posted: 02 Feb, 2017 05:11


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