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Super Aleste


Posted: 26 Jul, 2016 18:57
Last Edit: 11 Apr, 2018 02:27
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Created 26 Jul, 2016 19:57 by

1. BS Super Aleste (J) [T+Eng_v1.0 by tettsui77].sfc
Super Aleste [tr Eng].sfc
RA Checksum: fbc724d47c0bd7cb7cbc56d42803d1d7
CRC32 Checksum: 77C70C74

2. Super Aleste (Japan) (BS).sfc
Super Aleste (J) (BS).sfc
super aleste (bs).bs
RA Checksum: 13dc1d8ac79de1a359c857e3c584c340
CRC32 Checksum: 75993866

3. Super Aleste (Japan).sfc
Super Aleste (J).sfc
super aleste (japan).sfc
RA Checksum: 9943b6b85583facb088869db8d6a5f78
CRC32 Checksum: 94D28FF9


Posted: 10 Feb, 2017 03:54
For those curious about the story: (Only featured in this JP version) From the manual translated:

After the giant Sphere has attacked major cities on earth, the earth allies start a counter offensive. Though all of the earth's fighter jets (including the Aleste piloted by Raz) are shot down within a few minutes, this attack isn't in vain, as it causes a small chink in the Sphere through which the imprisoned intelligent lifeform Thi can escape.
Then Thi encounters Raz, who has been stranded in some mountains and has just regained consciousness in his severely damaged Aleste. Within a matter of seconds, Thi repairs the Aleste and enhances its capabilities greatly by fusing with the aircraft. At the same time, she materializes in the form of a human girl whose appearance is based on an image from Raz' mind and takes a seat in the cockpit on a newly created chair behind Raz.

Raz is quite astonished by these events and Thi explains to him that an approach to the giant Sphere is only possible after the liberation of planets that provide the Sphere with energy. Subsequently, with Thi as guide, Raz turns the Super Aleste towards the first target, a radiant heavenly body.

Posted: 10 Feb, 2017 03:55
Last Edit: 10 Feb, 2017 04:03
The ending with translation can be found here: (spoilers) (scoll down to Ending

Posted: 10 Feb, 2017 11:02
The set was made using BS version of Japanese Super Aleste (because it's the most accurate, and up to date, version of the game). kdecks brought you information about story and ending, because the only available patch does not covers the actual written story (only translating game menus).
Although we used an obscure japanese ROM, it's still high possible the set will be completely compatible with western versions (US and european Space Megaforce), because the RAM addresses in all versions seems to response near to exact, if not exactly the same.

Posted: 10 Feb, 2017 15:56
Spbbt, I spent like 30 minutes looking for that Satella version, saw the file didn't have the same CRC but tried the patch anyway after looking for another 30 minutes on several not-so-kosher sites to find "the right one", finally got the wrong-one patched and it worked immediately without linking anyway, but the US version works anyway? XD XD XD Oh well, was interesting to work with Satella stuff since I've never bothered with it. Eh... not that I can get any achievements anyway, I'm terrible at shooters usually. I tried. Well at least I now have a pack of every(currently-found) Satella game for later I guess. XD

Posted: 13 Feb, 2017 08:53
Last Edit: 27 Feb, 2017 22:28
Leaderboards are up, have manual submission. There is one score based leaderboard for each game mode.

Score submission is also manual only, press "A+X+L+select" at any time, including at game over, game victory or any other time before you go to the title screen to submit your score to the leaderboard.

This allows the player to decide if they want to submit their score or not, and also allows for there to be a unified leaderboard, where if it were automatic the game addresses would require there to be a Game Over and a separate Game Victory leaderboard.


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