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The Legend of Zelda

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Posted: 03 Dec, 2013 05:05
Last Edit: 05 Feb, 2019 03:57
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Yes. Not identified


1. Legend of Zelda, The (USA).nes
Legend of Zelda, The (U) (PRG0) [!].nes
Legend of Zelda Rev PRG0, The (1987-07)(Nintendo)(US).nes
V14-/V15+ RA Checksum: d9a1631d5c32d35594b9484862a26cba
ROM Checksum: 337bd6f1a1163df31bf2633665589ab0
CRC32 Checksum: D7AE93DF

Plus 6 unique ROM Checksum variations with the same V14- RA Checksum (9 total)
Legend of Zelda, The (U) (PRG0) {[o1]-[o3]}, {Zelda 'Editable' (Hack), [b1], [o1]}
Legend of Zelda Rev PRG0, The (1987-07)(Nintendo)(US){[h Vimm][iNES title], [h2][iNES title], [h][iNES title]}

2. Legend of Zelda, The (USA) (Rev A).nes
Legend of Zelda, The (U) (PRG1) [!].nes
Legend of Zelda Rev PRG1, The (1987-07)(Nintendo)(US).nes
V14-/V15+ RA Checksum: d3f453931146e95b04a31647de80fdab
ROM Checksum: f4095791987351be68674a9355b266bc
CRC32 Checksum: 02BB0C56

3. Legend of Zelda, The (USA) (Rev B) (GameCube Edition).nes
Legend of Zelda, The (GC).nes
Legend of Zelda, The (2002)(Nintendo)[h][ripped from Gamecube].nes
V14-/V15+ RA Checksum: 0b32851acecf93212b198e074c5e59bc
ROM Checksum: da78c49364d9739e406b4aefa46fab03
CRC32 Checksum: DC18E23C

4. Legend of Zelda, The (U) (PRG0) [T+Bra1.0_Hexagon].nes
Legend of Zelda Rev PRG0, The (1987-07)(Nintendo)(US)[tr pt Hexagon][v1.0-2001].nes
V14-/V15+ RA Checksum: fe7c05763a70e4f22965c939d3db73e4
ROM Checksum: 2e5e5e9b1c85e285be3fd1b69bcb0d53
CRC32 Checksum: A4C19846

5. Legend of Zelda, The (U) (PRG0) [T+Fre.95].nes
Legend of Zelda Rev PRG0, The (1987-07)(Nintendo)(US)[tr fr Jarod Canal][v0.95-19980625].nes
V14-/V15+ RA Checksum: 633497a49b262e5e28ae4901f3c9c1d8
ROM Checksum: d9e28a1bccc69b8226489fee45c8196c
CRC32 Checksum: FAABA83C

6. Legend of Zelda, The (U) (PRG0) [T+Pol1.0_Nintendencja].nes
Legend of Zelda Rev PRG0, The (1987-07)(Nintendo)(US)[tr pl Nintendencja][v1.0].nes
V14-/V15+ RA Checksum: a78d58b97eddb7c70647d939e20bef4f
ROM Checksum: b9b76fc0604ae093e6f494e1a2b4b85a
CRC32 Checksum: 9939DE94

7. The Legend of Zelda - Modern Classic Edition.nes
ips Patch + Legend of Zelda, The (U) (PRG0) [!] [D7AE93DF].nes
V14-/V15+ RA Checksum: 00d79f8a51636b8649df5724553666bb
ROM Checksum: 8192be9cbaecf0e73b98fd424e6c9a07
CRC32 Checksum: 0060B135

8. Zelda no Densetsu - The Hyrule Fantasy (Japan).fds
V15+ RA Checksum: 5c0785479d5149f18f77d23ddba1df41
ROM Checksum: a5c5751d5a8d2a5b1d224855dc8df198
CRC32 Checksum: AFBD13C3


Posted: 13 Dec, 2013 21:35

seems i ran into some troubles. 3 chievos pops when the rom loads and i didn't play the game yet i tried with 2 different version of game and happens with the 2. so i think this might need a fix.
i used (usa) and (usa REV A) version.

Rupee hoarder
Rupee Master
Heart Master

Posted: 14 Dec, 2013 00:07
Those three should be good now, they check for whether or not the game mode is in the normal game.

Posted: 14 Dec, 2013 00:10
seems ok now, they didnt pop when i stard the game. nice thx man

Posted: 14 Dec, 2013 16:45
seems i found another bug, i entered the room with Patra and the chievo popped without fighting him.

Bested Patra

Posted: 18 Dec, 2013 00:39
Hey entrax, I tried it out again with your savestate, but it didn't pop up early like you said. I think the problem is with the ROM version you used. I believe mine is 1.0.

Posted: 18 Dec, 2013 14:13
ha ok, so i think it would be wise if smebody is making some chievos for games it would be best to add what version of the game is used. because i see there are a lot of problems with the different versions of the games, anyways thx for looking for it.

Posted: 18 Dec, 2013 22:29
An ideal solution would involve a 'master' of the particular game (usually the person who's made the bulk of the achievements) who would go through all versions of the ROM that they can find, making sure that it would work identically on each. If there are any ROMs where the achievements won't work, they can unlink all references to the title using the 'Unlink' option on the game page (developers only!), then only link back the correct ROMs to the title. Following this, they could then load the ROMs that are 'bad', and link them to the title "DO NOT USE". It's not a perfect solution (it's fairly long-winded, I'd like to integrate this sort of thing with the emulator itself). It might suit for the time being.

Posted: 21 Jul, 2014 16:43
Last Edit: 21 Jul, 2014 17:07
Swordless: Entered Ganon's room with no sword.
Key Master: Beat the game with 10 or more keys, no skeleton key, and without ever purchasing a key.
Not Easy Being Green: Beat the game without obtaining a ring.
Wrecking Ball: Destroyed every bomb-able dungeon wall in the game.
Exterminator: Destroyed all monsters on every screen in the Overworld.
Explorer: Uncovered every secret overworld cave or staircase.
Dark Link: Beat Level 4, 5, 7, or 9 without ever lighting a dark room.
I'll Grab My Stuff: Obtained the Arrows, Candle, Meat, Blue Ring, Shield, Bombs, 3 heart containers, and the White Sword before ever entering a dungeon.
Tough Luck: Lost over 800 rupees in the Money Making Game.
Vegas Superstar: Won over 500 rupees in the Money Making Game.
Broken Door Fallacy: Paid every man for the door repair charge.
Superior Swordsman: Cleared a room of at least 6 blue Iron Knuckles in less than 60 seconds.
Chakram Adept: Killed 7 or more Keese with a single throw of the boomerang.

Posted: 03 Jul, 2015 03:34
Hi everyone!
First, thank you for the achievements.
However, I'm experiencing some problems with the achievements:
-Dragon Novice: It did not trigger after completing the dungeon.
-Bested Patra: I defeated every single Patra without being harmed but the achievement did not trigger.
Good luck!

Posted: 15 Jul, 2015 11:44
The 2nd Quest names need new icons and need to be corrected.

1. "E" Expert: Defeated the "E" level in the 2nd Quest.
2. "A" Expert: Defeated the "A" level in the 2nd Quest
3. "L" Expert: Defeated the "L" level in the 2nd Quest
4. "D" Expert: Defeated the "D" level in the 2nd Quest
5. "Z" Expert: Defeated the "Z" level in the 2nd Quest
6. Jar Expert: Defeated the Jar level in the 2nd Quest
7. Spiral Expert: Defeated the Spiral level in the 2nd Quest
8. Reverse Spiral Expert: Defeated the Reverse Spiral level in the 2nd Quest

Level 9's name is fine.



Posted: 31 Jul, 2015 03:09
There was an error in submission for Lion Novice, Bested Digdogger, and Bested Dodongo.

Posted: 10 Nov, 2015 14:11
There definitely needs to be swordless achievements for the 1st & 2nd quests.

Posted: 14 Nov, 2015 21:08
Last Edit: 15 Nov, 2015 02:47
Does anyone even read the users' proposals ?
Some of them are good, and this game's achievements are disappointing...

There should be achievements for unnecessary stuff like rings, wand, bracelet, magical key, magical boomerang, red candle, letter, bomb upgrades, discovering warps, in both 1st and 2nd quests.

Posted: 29 Feb, 2016 15:01
Last Edit: 29 Feb, 2016 17:22
Hello everyone !

When I did the achievements for this game, I was quite frustrated, because I thought there were very few of them, a lot of them were missing.

I've been working a lot this week and made a few.

I'm submitting my creations to you today, and I hope you'll be ok to officialize most of them. The names can be improved and the points have to be defined (I chose them randomly).

I think the item achievements are necessary because :
- I'd like for the players to grab also unnecessary items
- concerning the unavoidable items, making achievements for them prevent the players from using save states to get them and still get the hardcore achievements. Also, I've seen players do the beginning of the game and be disappointed with not getting reward as they got the dungeon items...

Here's what I have to offer :

1) item achievements :
either quest :

1st quest :

2nd quest :

2) others :

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