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Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King


Posted: 11 Jul, 2016 00:39
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Posted: 03 May, 2018 14:09
Last Edit: 06 May, 2018 17:34
If someone wants to make a achievement set i have ideas.
-reached level 5 on any character (5)
-reached level 10 on any character (10)
-reached level 20 on any character (20)
-kill 1000 enemies with one character (10)
-kill 2000 enemies with one character (15)
-kill 5000 enemies with one character (30)
-kill Nazgul (10)
-complete game as Aragorn (15)
-complete game as Eowyn (15)
-complete game as Frodo (15)
-complete game as Gandalf (15)
-complete game as Gimli (15)
-complete game as Legolas (15)
-find There and Back Again (10)
-find Galadriel's Lock (10)
-find Saruman's Palantir (10)
-find Feather of Gwaihir (10)
-find Simbelmyne (10)
-find Witch King's Crown (10)
-find Shelob's Stinger (10)
-find Deagol's skull (10)
-collect all artiacts (30)
-buy Used Whetstone (5)
-buy Mithril Whetstone (20)
-buy Ent Water (5)
-carve rune in equipment (5)
-find a unique item (5)
-complete Helms Deep (15)
-complete Moria (15)
-complete Fanghorn (15)
-complete Weathertop (15)

Used Whetstone its a first whetstone u can buy in shop, Mithril Whetstone is the last whetstone. Helms deep(finish the game once), Moria(kill 2000 enemies with one character), Fanghorn(finish the game with all 6 main characters) and Weathertop(collect all artifacts) its a bonus maps. Collection of artifacts is not an easy task, it's very easy to miss them. The game also has two secret characters - Gollum(Finish the game with two characters) and Sam(Sam can only be unlocked by linking with GameCube version of The Return of the King) but they can be used only in multiplayer and for the passage of bonus cards, so you can redo the achievements for the passage of bonus cards. For example instead of "complete Helms Deep (15)" make "complete Helms Deep as Gollum(15)" etc.

Or if you want to make more achievements, you can do it instead of the last four:
-complete Helms Deep (5)
-complete Helms Deep as Gollum (10)
-complete Moria (5)
-complete Moria as Gollum(10)
-complete Fanghorn (5)
-complete Fanghorn as Gollum(10)
-complete Weathertop (5)
-complete Weathertop as Gollum(10)

Posted: 06 May, 2018 16:13
Last Edit: 07 May, 2018 13:33
Slightly changed the list of possible achievements, added points.

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 21:49


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