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Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island

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Posted: 27 Jun, 2016 20:53
Last Edit: 09 Apr, 2018 08:41
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Created 27 Jun, 2016 21:53 by

1. Super Mario Advance 3 - Yoshi's Island (USA).gba
Super Mario Advance 3 - Yoshi's Island (U) [!].gba
super mario advance 3 - yoshi's island (usa).bin
RA Checksum: bb09508c782f37934c9519c5f8a7350c
CRC32 Checksum: 40A48276

2. Super Mario Advance 3 - Yoshi's Island (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).gba
Super Mario Advance 3 - Yoshi's Island (E) (M5) [!].gba
RA Checksum: 5a0bd0ec784823f2c45fdaa5dd914bea
CRC32 Checksum: 639E9D3B

3. Super Mario Advance 3 - Yoshi's Island (J) [f_5].gba
RA Checksum: 2291473ecb6e3406ba888b853c631390
CRC32 Checksum: 83CD6C49


I'm not about to make the list of this game, it's just a suggestion to other developers.

Posted: 19 Jul, 2016 23:55
Currently working on a set. Obviously there will be achievements for 100% all levels. Not quite sure what else to do thats different from the SNES set. Any ideas (that I can implement, anyway) would be greatly appreciated.

Posted: 19 Jul, 2016 23:59
In addition to the Extra Levels, SMA3 has Secret Levels, which will unlock after you beat the game, so those levels will obviously be different content from the SNES set. I can't think of anything else that would be different. I'll try to come up with something else....

Posted: 20 Jul, 2016 00:02
Right, that's the biggest reason why I wanted to do this set. (Although that IS good to know, thank you!)

I just would like to come up with a few achievements that would set this one apart from the SNES version. I do have most of the set in mind, though, so theres that.

Posted: 20 Jul, 2016 14:25
I thought of some ideas.

- Getting a score of "0" or "1" in a level. This is unique because you have to make it so you not only not collect anything, but also lose Baby Mario at the end of the level, let the counter count down to 0 or 1, retrieve him back and finish the level really quickly so the counter doesn't count back up. There are some levels where you can't do this, but I think for most of them it's possible.

And some other things that I remember that weren't represented in the original set are the bonus games, whether they be the mid-level bonus games or the Bonus Challenge minigames at the end of the levels.While I'm not suggesting just "beating" each game, maybe there could be ones like, "Flip over all the cards except Kamek" in Flip Cards or "Make Every Match" in Match Cards or "Bet the Max Number of Lives Possible (99) and win" in Roulette. (All 3 of those are Bonus Challenge Minigames)

Just throwing some ideas out there.

Posted: 20 Jul, 2016 17:45
Last Edit: 20 Jul, 2016 18:19
Actually, while talking with friends, we had discussed a low score achievement. Coding it is going to be a bit weird, but I can definitely make it work. As for other achievements, I wanted to make some for turning into each of the various yoshi vehicles, but I'm not sure how I can make that work. I also have no idea where the minigame stuff is, so that would be pretty hard to do too. I'd love to do it, though. Maybe if I search hard enough I can find what I'm looking for.

EDIT: Found level ID, which, with that, I should be able to rig an achievement for each of the various bonus minigames. Not sure if the ones gotten at the end of a level match up with the overworld bonus games, but we'll see.

Posted: 24 Jul, 2016 17:24
Alright, set is up. I couldn't really do anything with bonus games, as I couldn't find if you were in one that wasn't from the map. Oh well, this should be good enough. As always, please let me know if anything is wrong, and I'll fix it. I used the (U) Rom, I don't know if any other version would work.

Posted: 03 Jul, 2017 09:43
One of the description requires updating. There are two achievements with the description of 'Obtain 100 Percent Completion in 4-2' :)

Posted: 03 Jul, 2017 12:57
Thanks, description is now "Obtain 100 Percent Completion in 4-1"

Posted: 24 Oct, 2018 02:39
Added rich presence.

Level names wont be proper (copied from SNES) but I'll have it finished very soon. Thanks

Posted: 24 Dec, 2018 02:35
A rich presence bug: when lives more than 256 it shows incorrect amount of lives - for example - shows 55 lives when you have 311 lives.

Posted: 24 Dec, 2018 09:32
Thanks for the info, it's been fixed.

Posted: 25 Nov, 2019 02:37
The old icon was outvoted and replaced, here's a backup of it:

Posted: 08 Feb, 2020 14:45

Posted: 18 May, 2020 20:53
Last Edit: 19 May, 2020 02:36
Could it be possible to link this rom too?

Super Mario Advance 3 - Yoshi's Island (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).gba
CRC32: D641A9F9

It has this two patches:

-Yoshi's Island (SMA 3) Colour Restoration (
-Yoshi's Island Voice Removal (

So, this game will be more like its SNES predecessor.
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