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Posted: 18 Nov, 2013 13:56
Last Edit: 28 Dec, 2018 03:00
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Created 18 Nov, 2013 13:56 by

1. 1942 (Japan, USA).nes
1942 (JU) [!].nes
1942 (1985-12-11)(Capcom)(JP-US).nes
V14- RA Checksum: 5e1135b9a0504fd551cb11c36cadcad9
V15+ RA Checksum: 0b66fdf88964235c434daff62837af60
ROM Checksum: 4f90905fd77c1c9456bd5dfe1ceddc34
CRC32 Checksum: E9CF747F

Plus 8 unique ROM Checksum variations with the same V14- RA Checksum (15 total)
1942 (JU) {[o1]-[o4],[b1],[b2]}, (PC10)
1942 (1985-12-11)(Capcom)(JP-US) {[h],[h2], [h Vimm], [h Mindrape & EFX]}[iNES title], {,[b2]}, (1987)(Capcom)(PlayChoice-10)
1942 (JU) [!]

[b]2. 1942 (JU) [T+Spa98%_Emu4ever].nes

1942 (1985-12-11)(Capcom)(JP-US)[tr es Emu4ever][98%].nes
RA Checksum: adb96c73061149e42ea157ade0334da6
ROM Checksum: 21f93d7da78b1567ae931edf1d865387
CRC32 Checksum: 5047B4D2

3. 1942 (JU) [T+Fre1.0_ks151].nes
1942 (1985-12-11)(Capcom)(JP-US)[tr fr Generation IX][v1.00-20040810].nes
RA Checksum: 2512ab3896a5c51eccfcc679fd9b16b8
ROM Checksum: d1dbee883c86a0f312d62aa05f671645
CRC32 Checksum: FDFC90D7

4. 1942 (Japan, USA) [tr Ru pscd v1.1].nes
RA Checksum: 8b9373e039e6ea1fc112828ca640b8a8
ROM Checksum: f8e962c786fb05f7d2c541763f6fce9e
CRC32 Checksum: A73EAECF


Posted: 18 Nov, 2013 13:57
1942 , scrolling shooter. I did these cheevs real quick but they should be solid. The ones that are created currently are the easy ones to make, I am going to go through the game and get the last 100 points put in there as well!

Posted: 18 Nov, 2013 16:28
2 not working at the moment :

Reinforcements : i got about 16 extra lives without getting the chievo.
Lieutenant General : when you get 999999 points after that the counter resets to 0 , so no chievo either.

Posted: 18 Nov, 2013 22:45
Thanks for trying them out Entrax! I thought the score would continue counting but it seems it doesnt soooo I'll just have to redo that one :) also the lives one should be fixed already! :D

Lieutenant General is now 990.000 score instead of 1.000.000

Posted: 19 Nov, 2013 14:03
everythings working fine man ,thx for the chievos nice job

Posted: 15 Mar, 2014 10:44
"Lieutenant General is now 990.000 score instead of 1.000.000"
It doesn't work for me. Got 20k for the Boss Plane having 980k and counting started over from 0, without achievement, but maybe it's in-game counting problem.

There is also hiscore bug. When RANes crushes player gets 25500255 points which is imposible to reach.

Posted: 25 Apr, 2017 17:03
Jaarl, the cheev didn't pop for the 990,000. I passed it be finishing a stage and the score resetting.

Posted: 28 Dec, 2019 17:01
Last Edit: 28 Dec, 2019 19:12
error delete please

Posted: 21 May, 2020 09:59


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