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Speed Emulator keys - and +


Posted: 02 Jun, 2016 01:34
Last Edit: 02 Jun, 2016 03:51
Hello I would like to inform that the emulation speed, specifically snes, can facilitate the game. I found this error in playing HARD CORE mode, it might be disabled in the "speed" buttons on hardcore mode.

Posted: 02 Jun, 2016 10:39
Last Edit: 02 Jun, 2016 10:39
Not an error. This has already been discusses and rediscussed. Turbo mode or playing a game faster isn't something that gives anyone a advantage. + and - are not speed controls, unless something changed, but rather relate to frameskip settings, effectively the same thing.

Posted: 02 Jun, 2016 10:54
leave the game slower facilitates the games. with the key - you can dodge bullets and blows for example.

Posted: 02 Jun, 2016 16:31
I rarely slow the game down but I do find sometimes they can make boss fights easier such as in Mega Man games since you react faster mentally.

Posted: 02 Jun, 2016 16:38
Its super obvious that slowdown makes a game easier. Reflexes is a big part on any videogame and games/sports in general.

Posted: 03 Jun, 2016 02:06
Yeah that's true. I mainly use it sometimes for the no hit boss achievements. Those drive me crazy.


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