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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story


Posted: 24 May, 2016 20:51
Last Edit: 11 Apr, 2018 02:13
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Created 24 May, 2016 21:51 by

1. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Another Story (J) [T+Eng1.00_BishoujoST].sfc
RA Checksum: 3eb474b56cc51b54c004334655b08b9f
CRC32 Checksum: 31092C4D

2. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Another Story (J) [T+Eng1.00_BishoujoST,RHFix1.0_mteam].sfc
RA Checksum: d485bf5e99a2fa8f6afef8e1049aab26
CRC32 Checksum: 676962E9

3. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Another Story (J) [T+Rus1.5(14.06.2015)_Armeniac+GrekRus].sfc
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Another Story (J) [T+Rus1.5 Armeniac+GrekRus (14.06.2015)].sfc
RA Checksum: 9dfa4403d205d4a1f7f09ff597729d5e
CRC32 Checksum: 33D12A96


Posted: 14 Jul, 2016 16:37
Last Edit: 14 Jul, 2016 16:53
Some quick notes on this game(in case you want to avoid using a FAQ for the majority of the game):

EDIT: Forgot to mention, there are multiple versions of the translation for this game.
The most infamous is the first version, which was made for ZSNES, and causes incomplete and flashing intro-text. There is a patch for this. And one download actually had a prepatched version included. HOWEVER, none of the fixes worked for me. Not only did they continue to flash, but they all came up with bad-headers, one game was completely unlinked to this achievement-set, and some of them had completely erroneous and illegible text. The ONLY problems I saw in the original-version(which has a GOOD header) is the intro text and the menu-text-speed-option text. Literally everything else was fine, so the original ZSNES-style translation patch is still a good option to start with. You'll just miss a part of the intro you'll probably skip.

The starred FAQ on GameFAQs says there are only 6 hidden-puzzle-pieces, but there are actually 8. The missing two pieces are inside a normal house in Canada and in a house in Rias.

There are some missable equipment and "puzzle pieces":
All of Sailor Uranus', Sailor Moon, and Sailor Neptune's ultimate-equipment appear to be missable.
ONE of Sailor Venus' special-equipment appears to be missable.
ONE of Sailor Jupiter's special-equipment is missable. Even in the past, the hitbox for that chest is still there, but it's set to invisible.

Some equipment can be missed and gotten again later, but for the most part, you're better off making sure to never leave the area until you find them. If you don't get them, you'll need to start the game alllll over, or have the second-save be your backup for going back later.

There are level-cheats in the game. For that reason, level-limits have been put in place. For the most part, you likely will never be too over-leveled by accident and miss the achievement. In testing, I could never get the "level 99" cheat to work, but just in case, most late-game achievements are blocked for 90+. For early-game achievements, it is impossible to level-grind the four "inner senshi", so their levels are used as a basis for blocking.

This game is not difficult. There's no reason to use the cheat codes, otherwise you'll just be earning achievements for reading story text. In case you're stuck, here are some tips.

Although I did not decide to force you to be beneath a specific level in order to make it more challenging, the game still SEEMS difficult when you're beneath certain levels. At the same time, you mysteriously game massive stats at certain levels. The worst grind points appear to be getting Mercury to level up for her solo boss battle, getting to the right level in the UFO, and being the right level for the late-game "future" boss gauntlets and last-boss.

Level-grinding is easy once you reach that 'magic level' for that area. You can run with 'B' and DASH with L/R, making random encounters happen faster. Using Techs is painless because your EP is restored after every battle, so multi-targetting techs can destroy groups of enemies once you're leveled up enough. And every time you level up, your HP is restored, so if you DO get hurt, you might not even need to use an Inn. Add in Turbo-Mode, and you can quickly level up to the FAQ recommended levels for the next boss. Personally, since it's an easy game, I'd recommend low-leveling the bosses, but while you shouldn't be in danger of over-leveling, it's still not really a great idea. Once you hit that "magic level", the amount of EXP gained compared to the amount of EXP you need bumps up dramatically, making it very difficult to grind past certain levels.

Supposedly, Link Techs improve through use. Your EP is restored at the end of every battle. Every two-uses, the character who initiated the Link Tech will gain one "Link Attack Point"(even if it's an attack-up or HP-restoring tech) with a max hidden-value of 255. You could easily grind up a Link Attack to pretty high levels even if it's against enemies that give low XP. So between Link-Techs and auto-restored EP, you could easily buff up your attacks without actually leveling up. IF that's true... in my testing, sometimes your Link-Techs did a lot more damage, sometimes they didn't do more than their single-tech equivalents. There is a hidden "elemental" advantage/disadvantage in the game, but it's never truly obvious what elements beat what, or what elements enemies are.

Formation matters. The game seems to default you to the most defensive position at the beginning of the game, and if not changed, also in solo-chapters, causing you to do very little damage. With the right accessories, you should be fine in the front-most position depending on which formation you use. Accessory positions don't matter, so you can have All-Attack or All-Defense, but if you equip an "ultimate accessory" intended for another character, it won't do anything.

Although I included the R.Ribbon as being one of Chibi-Usa's equipment, it doesn't have to go on her. But it's "rainbow" gear, so I made it part of her achievement.

Getting all puzzle pieces gets you some good equipment at the end of the game.
Again, there are EIGHT HIDDEN puzzle pieces....maybe it's possible you only need to get 6 and the rest from boss/random battles, but as far as I know, if you miss the hidden-puzzle pieces, you will never complete the puzzle.

Lastly, a certain character is a boss-destroyer, and not because of damage-output. I only found out about it at the last few bosses. Oddly enough the FAQ only mentioned it lightly, but it seemed like it was something that could be applied to all enemies.

That's all I can think of for now, let me know with PMs if something doesn't work. I can't get the site to alert me if there is a new forum post, so I usually miss them. However, if the achievements don't work and it's because you've used a level-cheat, that's the reason why it doesn't work.

Posted: 22 Jul, 2016 05:55
I can't seem to get this to work. I've downloaded one pre-patched, where the game runs, but it doesn't connect to the game profile here. I grabbed one that wasn't translated, and patched it the one made by FuSoYa. It linked to the game, but it doesn't run. Just a black screen.

Posted: 14 Aug, 2016 05:20
Last Edit: 14 Aug, 2016 05:41
The only ROM I was able to load was from the GoodSNES rom set. The name was Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Another Story (J) [T+Eng1.00_BishoujoST], but for some reason it's linked as J2E. When I patched it myself I got a blackscreen as well.

Tried many combinations but none of them work.

Tried following the instruction here, but that doesn't work either.

The difference is that the rom from the set has a .smc extension, untouched rom had an .sfc extension and didn't have a header, so maybe i'll continue looking later.

Edit: OK, I got a ROM version to work but I used a tool (uCON64) to fix the checksum so the downloadable one isn't linked. The name is Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Another Story (J) [T+Eng1.00_BST][a1] and it has the extension .smc.

Old Checksum (CRC32): 0xa272bd8b, New Checksum (CRC32): 0x7bc78ffb

Posted: 11 Sep, 2016 02:07
Last Edit: 11 Sep, 2016 02:31
The Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Another Story (Japan) and translation patch links to this page if you want to reproduce:

Get a clean ROM, you might need to use something like SNEStuff to add a header, NO-INTRO ROMs usually strip them
Get the translation patch from here

If you use this one, it links to this page

This is the fix that you said didn't work for you, it worked for me. You just have to pay attention to "Patching Information" section for SNES games.

To reproduce:
Have the same ROM as you would from above (J + Translation w/ Header)
Strip the header
Apply the patch

Like this isn't good man (MGNS8M), are you sure you used the combo from the first option to make achievements? I could fix this stuff myself but I need permission. This could lead to a lot of tickets being reported that would otherwise not exist.

Posted: 11 Sep, 2016 03:22
Last Edit: 11 Sep, 2016 03:22
Sorry I didn't respond to the above, but at the time I was relying on the site to tell me when new posts were made, and I had not yet realized that there were new posts here.

There were two entries for this game when I began testing the RAM, and the file I already had, it linked to this entry.

The file I had was the very same one from the time when the patch first came out(or whenever I first found it). It linked to this one. When I got a fresh (J) file and applied the first patch anew, it still linked to here, so I used it. I'm not really sure why there is a difference, other than where we downloaded them from.

I don't have anything to strip the header myself, so I only bothered with what I had and what I applied, and when I did those things it always linked to here. When it did link to the J2E version, it was messed up for me(because again I was not told about needing to strip the header first, or how to do that).

From what I've been told, translation patches don't change addresses, so most achievements should work for both versions(including the original Japanese version, which ALSO links here). From what I know, the J2E version could be unlinked and then relinked here if there's no major difference between the two. Otherwise, if it's not unlinked and relinked here, if there IS a problem, it will possibly just mean less people play it.

But to me, the way I got it to load was ... simple. All I did was get a newly-downloaded (J), apply the patch from as it is now, and it worked for me the same as it did like 10 or 13 years ago. Sure, the intro text flickers, but that is literally it. Not sure why it didn't work for others, unless they just really want that intro text.

Posted: 11 Sep, 2016 04:13
Last Edit: 11 Sep, 2016 04:41
Don't worry about it man, I was relying on this site to have a password recovery but it doesn't.

I got my rom from planetemu, they all have no headers granted they come from the NO-INTRO set. If you aren't sure use this; The 2 byte header is universal and isn't part of the actual hardware, it was used when snes emulation was new but some people still use it. It's really simple to use since it's a GUI. The add/remove header is one button in the "expanding stuff" section.

If it says a header has been added, then it didn't have one. When I patched it unheadered I got a black screen.

I can almost guarantee where ever you download it won't come with one so you can use that if the patch instructions says it needs one.

I'm just trying to prevent in-game bugs and have some consistency. The header doesn't change a thing achievement wise, because it's appended, doesn't overwrite anything.

The header thing is usually important for Snes games but not really for others. There's usually a patching information section for snes games.

Posted: 12 Sep, 2016 02:21
I actually remembered later that I was the one who linked the original Japanese version to this set, actually...but again, at the time it was the one that worked for me on every attempt, and it worked for others too.

Personally, I think I might have to test some things with the Japanese version... I suppose there's a possibility that the two achievements I found by dialog might be different in the original Japanese version, but I dunno. That'll be for another day, but hopefully the text for both translation-patches work the same and link up correctly.

Well, let me get some info together, and I'll see if it's possible to relink.

I'm having trouble fully understanding what you're saying, but if I understand it correctly:

Currently, the prepatched versions(which don't work?) refer to the J2E entry.

The working intro-fix(which I just got with your help doing the SnesStuff thing), actually links to the SNES Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon side-scrolling fighter game.

Okay, I asked in chat, and they should be linked, HOPEFULLY there are no errors between versions as far as the set goes.

As of now, both the working(but flickering) J2E and header-stripped-header-fix-patch-applied versions link up to here. Thanks again for the help, I just hope it works correctly.

Posted: 06 Oct, 2016 02:24
Last Edit: 07 Oct, 2016 20:06
If you guys are wondering here's the names of roms according to goodtools (no intro doesn't do hacks & translations). You're not very likely to see the second and third ones prepatched.

W/o Intro Fix: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Another Story (J) [T+Eng1.00_BishoujoST]
W/ Intro Fix: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Another Story (J) [T+Eng1.00_FuSoYa,Mziab]
W/ Intro Fix and Enemy renamed:
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Another Story (J) [T+Eng1.00_BishoujoST,RHFix1.0_mteam]

I usually only hard patch if I need to more than one, soft-patching usually causes less problems.

Posted: 25 Oct, 2016 12:55
Last Edit: 25 Oct, 2016 15:49
I never finished this game. Basically I grinded a bunch and every random mob in the future wiped me out so i gave up.

Posted: 25 Oct, 2016 16:33
Last Edit: 25 Oct, 2016 16:34
The game does start out with an almost forced feeling of "this game is so easy I can just mash A to win", but once you get up to the last areas of the Silver Millennium and into the future, the difficulty starts to ramp up.

There are different Link-Attacks that can really help with some stuff though, which adds a tiny bit of strategy to it. It also helps that you (I think) auto-heal when you level-up, your EP is restored after every battle so you could fight easier enemies and heal mid-battle if you don't want to burn items, and in that first Dark-Castle area of the future, some enemies drop the ALL-ATTACK-UP items that make the last battles immensely easier.

But yeah, if you made it past those random-enemies, the gauntlet battles with no room to heal in between after that would slaughter you. Thankfully the second-round of gauntlet battles are *much* easier since you can heal AND save between them, but they're still pretty tough. But that first one is a massive wall of face murder. I only made it through at a lower level because one of the senshi is secretly a boss-destroyer and neutralizes them as long as she lives through the first one or two rounds.

As far as grinding goes, if you play this set, I do have some anti-cheat methods in place to stop the Level-16 cheat and the supposed Level-99 cheat(which I couldn't get to work). But I later found out my methods weren't exactly the greatest(this being my first set that I made), and there's a possibility that over-grinding can cause problems. Mostly during the solo-mission-chapters, but possibly during the rescue of Pluto and maybe the UFO. I set the limit on Pluto because she begins the game Level-16 no matter what, but later I realized their position outside of battle is swapped with one of your current-party-members IN battle, so while their level would never change unless you used a cheat code, if your party-member is over-leveled and in that specific slot, any boss-related achievements won't work(because I was counting on that being Pluto's slot, but it changes in-battle to your last-in-line party-member).

I'm considering just removing the Level-16-cheat restrictions and leaving it to Level-99, but I'm not sure. On the one hand, Level-16 isn't too big of a the time Chapter 2's solo-missions are over, about 50% of your party is Level-16 already, and the game kinda pushes you into an area of easy high-experience enemies right after that to get the others caught up.

On the other hand, without restrictions, the game either becomes a complete level-grind(which I feel it mostly doesn't need any grinding if you use Link Attacks efficiently), or it just becomes a press-A-to-continue-the-story game that you get an easy 400 points for cruising through.

At the very least, I was able to beat the game with an average-level of 46, so low-leveling the game is possible. The only problem with setting specific restrictions on boss-fights is that you can't "un-level" if you get to the boss with too much experience, so you'd need to start the whole game over. And there's also the possibility that specific level-restriction will just mean item-spam(although I did abuse healing items and EP-restoring items on the last boss myself).

Anyway, it being my first and least-popular set, would be nice to get more testing and probable-fixing done on it. Hopefully it'll go well if you decide to play. Otherwise, I'll ...try to fix what I can if it doesn't.. >_>

Posted: 24 Feb, 2018 17:49
Is there an actual list of where the hidden puzzle pieces are at? I checked online, but the only sites I've found that shows locations list 6 of them (with the 2 you say that aren't listed in the FAQ being listed as part of the 6), not 8 (which you've said there's 8 hidden).

Also, does the FAQ cover the locations of the gear? You mentioned that some of them are missable, but don't mention if the FAQ covers them.

Posted: 17 May, 2018 18:16
@GalaxyRed: use the "FAQ/Walkthrough by Wesley J" on GameFaqs (it's the second star guide) - all 8 secret puzzle pieces and accessories are listed correctly. ;-)


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