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Ecco The Dolphin

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Posted: 28 May, 2017 05:54
Pereira006 Can you correct the cheevo Give Me The Sphere, I beat Asterit more than 5 times and nothing, by the way I get a tip with a person who take this cheevo and I did exactly what he say and nothing.

Posted: 16 Mar, 2018 21:27
Last Edit: 16 Mar, 2018 21:27
Hi everyone,
Here is Sylrifaide's explanation to get the Time machine achievement :

- used password to go to City of Forever.
- there's actually 2 teleport rings!

- take the 1st one you know about, leading you near the end, cause it's the easier way, otherwise you gotta do the annoying jumps.
- you get teleported very close to the ending.
- backtrack to the right as far as you can.

- eventually you'll run into a dead-end, but there's a passage through some walls towards the bottom, there are chains that you need to destroy too to get through (and they do damage on touch). if you're there, you're on the right track.

- keep going down from there, there should be a series of spiked blocks moving left and right, just reach the very bottom and go right, you'll find a glyph. use sonar on it, IIRC it'll say "access granted".

- from there, go all the way to the left, you'll meet a dead end. some part of the wall on the left you can go through, there'll be a teleport ring, different one.

- use it and you should get the achievement!

THANK YOU Sylrifaide ! ;-)

Posted: 17 May, 2018 01:10
Last Edit: 17 May, 2018 01:35
I noticed a few people have managed to acquire the "Give Me The Sphere" achievement, but it just doesn't seem to pop for me. I've tried not messing up the orb color at all during the kill and I've tried using the Japanese version, but it just doesn't unlock. Is there some sort of special requirement that the achievement doesn't mention? Not taking a hit wouldn't be viable since you always seem to take at least one hit the moment you enter the room. I'm out of ideas and this is the last achievement for me, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted: 18 May, 2018 21:43
The "give me the sphere" achievement is broken too. I remember having a hard time unlocking it, trying again and again... Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly what I did when it got triggered.

I think you can get hit during the fight. I tried to beat the asterite aiming only at the orange spheres. If it didn't work out, I tried aiming at the brown spheres. I tried beating the asterite aiming at a different color each time I fought it.
It finally worked. Maybe you have to beat it by aiming at a specific sphere color...

The good point is that this stage is quite short and you can reach the asterite in less than 5', so it's not so annoying to start it over and over again.

Please tell us the way you got this achievement triggered, if you manage to unlock it. It'll help other players. ;-)

Posted: 19 May, 2018 18:48
"Give Me The Sphere" finally popped for me.

I killed the asterite 4 times (excluding my previous attempts), focusing on a different color orb each kill. After each kill I reset the emulator.

My kill order was Brown -> Orange -> Purple -> Tan. Hopefully this is helpful for anyone else stuck on this achievement!
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