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Super Mario Bros


Posted: 27 Oct, 2013 22:14
Penniless Plumber (40)
Complete the Game without any Coins or Power-ups!

I obtained this achievement without meeting the requirements for it. It was on my second completion of the game (after selecting a world), but I had 28 or so coins, and I got a fire flower during world 8-3, although I was back to small when I defeated Bowser.

Additionally, there's an issue with time attack leaderboards. When completing world 1-2 using a pipe, it does not stop the speed run for world 1-2. So when I completed world 4-1, it counted as world 1-2's speed run time.

Edit : I also obtained the "Poor Plumber" achievement after level 1-3, instead of after level 1-4.

Poor Plumber (20)
Complete World 1 without collecting any coins

Note : This was on Super Mario Bros. (JU). Perhaps it's related to the rom version.

Posted: 28 Oct, 2013 01:28
Hey Seijin, I've had a look at the leaderboard implementation, and I need a little more time with it to support multiple cancel conditions, I thought it was already implemented properly but they are combinatorial rather than independent conditions, which may require a little more time to look at. As for the Poor Plumber achievement, this confuses me as well, I can't quite work this one out and need a little more time. If anyone else has chance in the meantime, please feel free, otherwise I'll probably get back to this in a few days. Sorry :(

Posted: 30 Oct, 2013 19:33
That explains why I've had a bit of trouble getting the Street Fighter 2 Turbo leaderboard to work properly.

Posted: 18 Dec, 2013 05:07
Once again, I obtained these where I shouldn't have.

Plumbing Legend (40)
Complete the Game without dying!

Penniless Plumber (40)
Complete the Game without any Coins or Power-ups!

Welcome To Warp Zone! (10)
Discover a Secret on World 1-2

I obtained the first two as I completed the game, but I definitely obtained lots of coins and mushrooms and stuff. And I died... like, twice or so. For the last one, I obtained it while going through the NORMAL pipe that leads to the world 1-2 flag.

Posted: 18 Dec, 2013 06:31
Plumbing Legend - Had no check for the first stage of the game, the only requirement was the very end. Should be fixed(not tested), but continuing from the middle of 1-1 is allowed because there's no real way we could check that without it also being hit in every other stage. It's not a big deal. If they can make it through everything else without dying, it's okay to die on the easiest stage of the game.

Welcome To Warp Zone - The warp zone was sharing a screen offset with the end of the tunnel. I added a Y coordinate requirement for being on top of the level as well as in the proper screen offset. Also added support for small Mario's Y coordinate as well as big Mario. >=8, <=14 (Tunnels, etc. = 0)

What Are You Doing Up There? - Added support for small Mario's Y coordinate as well as big Mario. >=8, <=14 (Tunnels, etc. = 0)

Penniless Plumber - Also no check for the first stage, used the same fix as Plumbing Legend. Since powerups aren't allowed in this achievement, I also added a reset condition if you use an invincibility star.

Poor Plumber - There was no check for the first stage, only required the 4th on the first world. Shouldn't hurt to add it, so I did.
Edit: This unlocked at the start of 1-4. I removed the screen offset requirement and added a world transition requirement. (0x770=2)

Posted: 14 Feb, 2014 14:43
Just completed 'World 6-4 Speedrun' in 22 seconds, but the achievement didn't pop. Anyone else having trouble with that one?

EDIT: Never mind, tried it a couple more times and it popped.

Posted: 19 Mar, 2014 21:24
Damn, I got the same problem as . I made it twice on hardcore and none was counted...
Time remaining, 100s [=2]
Time remaining, 10s [>=5]
So it has to be >=250 Mario Time Units. 300 - 250 = 50
it is 50 MTU, not the real time.

Playing NTSC 1 Mario-Taime-Unit = 0,4s
So 50 MTU = 20s (not 50)
And our 50s=125 MTU
--- edit ---
I achieved 7-2 speedrun top place, because I began this lvl from the middle (after dying) and don't think that should count ;)

Posted: 22 Apr, 2014 14:03
Yeah I'm not getting 6-4 Speedrun either. Maybe it only counts if you don't die on the stage too?

Posted: 22 Apr, 2014 14:29
Last Edit: 22 Apr, 2014 14:31
I got the speedrun cheev without a problem, and I got it on my first try, if that helps

I can't get Combo Master or Penniless Plumber to pop, but I may be doing something wrong. I can't currently do PP on Hardcore since it's so tough, so I've been savestating for practice. Not sure if you're allowed to start at 8-1 after beating the game once, or if you have to start at 1-1 and not use any warps.

Posted: 05 Oct, 2017 22:52
Last Edit: 05 Oct, 2017 22:55
I had "She's in another what?" unlock at the start of 1-4 instead of at the end, using FCEUMM in RetroArch.

I also had "Pacifist I" unlock after dying at the start of level 1-4 and then finishing it, despite not having followed the requirements in 1-1 to 1-3.


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