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Donkey Kong

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Posted: 24 Oct, 2013 19:28
I should have roughly a dozen achievements up for Donkey Kong fairly soon. If I can find a couple more addresses I will have more than that.

Posted: 17 Nov, 2013 18:15
I attempted to make Speed Run achievements for DK based on the bonus score counter, but I could not figure out how to set the rule properly. If anyone wants to create speed run achievements and adjust other scores to equal 400, be my guest.

Posted: 17 Nov, 2013 22:43
I added some :) I borrowed some 15 total points from some of the others to squeeze these in. You've done a phenominal job here, these are fantastic achievements, I personally enjoyed playing through and earning some of these, especially the 'Pauline' ones ('Fashonista' made me smile :) ) nice work Crabby!! :D

Posted: 17 Nov, 2013 23:37
Awesome! Thank you so much, Scott! I had a lot of fun putting those together.

Posted: 22 Nov, 2013 23:56
I'm not sure that & are working correctly as I haven't got through a set of stages without dying (I'm no where near that good) and activated at the game over screen on Level 3 - stage 3.

Posted: 23 Nov, 2013 00:03
Also seems to have activated when I wasn't playing the game. (I was typing the post above)

Posted: 24 Dec, 2013 21:00
found a few bugs when playing in HARDCORE mode.

- Personal Shopper : i didnt took the 2 items on screen 2, but i took the 3 on screen 3, as soon as i took 2 of them it popped.

- Unstoppable : It popped when i started the 3th playthrough but i lost a life in the last level of 2nd playthrough and i did receive the chievo.

Posted: 09 Jan, 2014 03:02

I died in my first playthrough, but got the achievements.

Posted: 06 Mar, 2014 01:28
I too received the Iron Man achievement even though I died

Posted: 09 Jun, 2014 18:32
I've completed Donkey Kong (100%). Some have 200% > how does that work ? How can I continue to play Donkey Kong and earn an additional 100% ?

Thanks !

Posted: 09 Jun, 2014 19:13
Hi GimmeClassics, 100% if you finish the game on normal mode.
To get 200 % enable 'Hardcore Mode' in your emulator. It's under RetroAchievements -> Hardcore mode. In Hardcore mode you cant use savestates. But you actually have to earn all the achievements again on hardcore. So it's better to just have it always activated.

Posted: 10 Jun, 2014 17:15
Thank you Coczero ! One question though > If I would start a game I've never played with "Hardcore Mode" enabled I'd still have to earn all the achievements twice to get 200% ?

Posted: 10 Jun, 2014 17:16
No, if you earn a achievement while having hardcore mode activated, youll earn the normal achievemnt too. So no need to earn them twice! :)

Posted: 10 Jun, 2014 17:36
Last Edit: 10 Jun, 2014 17:36
Thanks again :)

Another question > When I go to Donkey Kong the following is mentioned:

GimmeClassics has won 25 achievements, worth 400 points.
GimmeClassics has won 5 HARDCORE achievements, worth a further 30 points.

When I go to my profile I only got 375 points ? How does that work ?

Posted: 10 Jun, 2014 17:40
Hey GimmeClassics! That's very odd... Have a look in your settings page on the site, there's a section that will recalculate your point total for you - it sounds like you should have at least 430?
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