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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

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Posted: 10 Oct, 2013 00:46
Last Edit: 04 Feb, 2019 11:23
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1. Castlevania - Circle of the Moon (USA).gba
Castlevania - Circle of the Moon (U) [!].gba
castlevania - circle of the moon (usa).bin
RA Checksum: 50a1089600603a94e15ecf287f8d5a1f
CRC32 Checksum: 1CC059A4

2. Castlevania (Europe).gba
Castlevania (E) [!].gba
RA Checksum: b7b0e7a5f8e8bd22ac9f5766d1acef56
CRC32 Checksum: 611535DC

3. Akumajou Dracula - Circle of the Moon (Japan).gba
Akumajou Dracula - Circle of the Moon (J) [!].gba
akumajou dracula - circle of the moon (japan).bin
RA Checksum: 8ddb166cf79606f116f6bdf3e4bdbbe2
CRC32 Checksum: F3E41D73

4. Castlevania - Circle of the Moon (U) [T-BR] [T-Solid_One e Joapeer G-Trans-Center e POBRE] [V-1.0 A-2010].gba
RA Checksum: 00adbd6a694f009b7754376b505fa23e
CRC32 Checksum: 6CB5BC1E


Posted: 10 Oct, 2013 00:56
I'm finished making the achievements. I hope everyone enjoys them. If anyone has trouble unlocking them let me know.

The achievements Vampire Killer, Magician, Fighter, and Thief unlock at their final scene where the castle starts to crumble.

Magician Mode has the cards unlocked at the very beginning of the game, so the card related achievements won't unlock in this mode. It would be too easy.

I would recommend finding a map with 100% completion. Some of the hidden areas are well hidden.

The Map% related achievements were made to unlock on a fresh game. If you start the game from a game save they won't unlock if your map% is a past the requirement. I had to go back and fix those.

I changed the achievements for all hidden areas and save areas to Skeleton Medalist and Dark Armor. The reason I done this was the game would reset the areas that you visited when you closed the emulator down. I thought it would be a tedious task finding all of this in one sitting. When I was testing these achievements locally, I had beat the game in one play through, so I had no idea of the situation. The Map 100% achievement requires you to find all areas anyways. I left the teleport achievement alone, when you have all five teleport locations found, just teleport to each one and the achievement will unlock.

Posted: 10 Oct, 2013 19:55
Do you rock? Yes, yes you do.

Posted: 10 Oct, 2013 23:08
Thanks :)

Posted: 09 Dec, 2013 22:29
some chievos popped at the wrong time...

When i started a second playthrough the "Magician Mode" those 3 chievos popped when the intro started.
Those 3 need a fix...

Black Dog

Posted: 09 Dec, 2013 22:35
Hmm if you play "magician Mode" you got all cards

Posted: 09 Dec, 2013 22:45
yep i received the last 2 that i needed when i started magician.

Posted: 09 Jan, 2014 02:55
Black Dog
Level 50
Shinning Armor

Unlocked in the main menu, before loading the game, when I tried to use the second save slot.

Posted: 05 May, 2014 06:31
Last Edit: 05 May, 2014 15:13
Would be cool if some more Achievements where to be added like "Obtain the Toy Ring" and some others cool dropped items from enemies. Other than that, everything is really awesome, thanks for providing so much fun and replay factor for those already awesome games.

Posted: 05 May, 2014 15:26
Last Edit: 05 May, 2014 16:22
I agree, the values are here, going to add a few

Edit: Added all the rare drops, if I missed one let me know

Posted: 05 May, 2014 22:51
Last Edit: 05 May, 2014 22:57
Thanks! Really awesome that this was done, since some of them are really challenging to obtain, i felt that it would be some nice way to create new Achievements for the game.
Also, the Double-Grips! It is the most strong Acc in the game and obtaining it isnt that hard, though you have to know how to use them. Something like "One more can make the difference!" for a title and the description would be "You've obtained two Double-Grips".

Posted: 05 May, 2014 23:16
Is that an item? Ill look later

Posted: 06 May, 2014 02:34
Yeah the double grips are dropped by the Dark Armor I believe.

Posted: 06 May, 2014 05:07
Last Edit: 06 May, 2014 06:02
PmanningFan1618 is correct, it is dropped by the Dark Armor.
Also, there seems to be a bug with the Bear Ring and Toy Ring achievement. I loaded a save game and dropped they once more (since i thought that the ones that i already had wouldnt count) and when i got both the Achievement didnt appeared and isnt registered in my database.
Does it need to be in a fresh New Game for it to count or am i doing something wrong ? So far the ones for the Sage Robe, Diamond Armor and Strenght Armband activate just fine. I'll check the others one and come with more feed about them.
Edit: Never mind about the Bear Ring achiev, just got it, i thought that like the other ones i just needed to drop it, silly me. Anyway, got another one, the Gambler's Bracelet seems to be fine. I'll check the others later.

Posted: 06 May, 2014 13:17
Last Edit: 06 May, 2014 14:24
Right so its a simple fix but the achievements aren't accounting for the fact you have 1, they unlock at one. I'll switch it to 1 or more and see if that unlocks it for you.


Edit: All fixed I hope.
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