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Phantasy Star II

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Posted: 24 May, 2019 16:18
Last Edit: 24 May, 2019 16:20
No. If it were just graphics or retranslation, then maybe. But the game changes the physics of how the game is played. Unless a set is made for a specific hack, and the game is sufficiently different from the original to be a different game, many hacks that are categorized as "improvements" are not allowed. Games that have GP in the Mods field are not viable for an existing set.

Please read the rules on hacks.

In this case the game doesn't change anything from the original (storyline, level design, etc) sufficient to have its own set.

It also changes many things to make the game much easier, less grindy and having better equipment etc.

So it doesn't meet the requirements to be considered a viable option for either this set or a new one.

Posted: 12 Aug, 2019 12:02
Last Edit: 12 Aug, 2019 14:27
Is it possible to add the Steam version to the database? MD5 28e1ef5faa5968449b57d1bea39ea153.

Posted: 13 Aug, 2019 06:43
Yes, after running some tests. Thanks ! I was hoping it could solve the sound issues, but I guess that's asking for too much. It's safe enough to link to the set due to the ram being identical to my notes.

Posted: 24 Aug, 2019 16:07
Please add a Russified patch -

Posted: 24 Aug, 2019 21:15
Last Edit: 24 Aug, 2019 22:40
This patch was recently added, patch it to the USA/EUR, [!] or (REV A). The game page comments has been updated with this info.

Posted: 24 Aug, 2019 22:20
Last Edit: 24 Aug, 2019 22:20
ENZYME1 Thank you so much!

Posted: 08 Nov, 2019 14:24
Regarding the Nei Gear achivements: Can you explore the dungeons as usual, get everything (Except the gear) teleport out and heal up, save in a town etc. And then go back just for the gear as a single mission so to speak?

Posted: 09 Nov, 2019 17:40
Nei Gear achievements becomes "missables" when you pick up at least one of each from every tower. If you escape without picking up the second gear, then you can't get the achievement from that tower, so yes, it is possible as a single mission.

Posted: 04 Feb, 2020 17:05
Last Edit: 04 Feb, 2020 17:10
Hi Enzyme, just wondering if there was a reason there is not an achievement for Nei to defeat Neifirst solo?

edit: ooops nvm i see there were some issues with it from an old message.

Posted: 04 Feb, 2020 19:20
Yeah thanks for asking TomuCat, it was planned and created but demoted from the original set because there were problems with it.

Now that point caps have been dropped and the dev tools have been updated, I will probably take another look and see if it can be improved to work this time.

Posted: 04 Feb, 2020 22:30
Im not gonna lie id love to beat her solo again. I did it once on my xbox 360 copy. Shame it doesnt change u know what ;) haha
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