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Dragon's Curse


Posted: 14 Mar, 2016 13:50
Last Edit: 05 Apr, 2018 12:51
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Created 14 Mar, 2016 13:50 by

1. Dragon's Curse (USA).pce )
RA Checksum: 55153240fe1d0076c4f759b82f2d7e3e
CRC32 Checksum: 7D2C4B09

2. Dragon's Curse (U) [T+Fre99%_Raph99].pce
RA Checksum: 1d7fbd0f8aed6c7fe2cd2e66a17973fc
CRC32 Checksum: C4C24185


Posted: 28 Apr, 2016 18:38
Last Edit: 28 Apr, 2016 19:58
This would be the only way to play "Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap" since RAGens currently doesn't support Sega Master System(and the profile isn't anywhere on the site). Personally I prefer WB3 over Dragon's Curse, but this would be the closest thing to that.

I didn't join the site with an intention of creating achievements, but WB3 is one of my most favorite games ever, and it'd be nice to have at least some version available. I haven't fully checked into what it takes, like if a certain site-rank is required, how to test without giving yourself free-points, what distribution of points to give, etc etc etc. But I'm definitely interested in trying or getting something together to help or whatever.

Posted: 01 May, 2016 12:53
* The Journey Begins: Defeat Mecha Dragon and Complete the Introduction
* Well Oiled Door: Find a Way to get the Door sound to shut off (Requires Password)
* Legendary Warrior: Obtain all the Legendary Equipment (No Password)
* Armory: Obtain all equipment (No Password)
* Warrior: Complete the game from start to finish without using any Magic
* Max Life: Find All the Heart Containers (No Password)
* Persistant: Destroy a Blue Orb
* 5000 Year Old Dragon: Defeat Mummy Dragon
* Undead Dragon: Defeat Zombie Dragon
* Draconic Pirate: Defeat Captain Dragon
* Draconic Samurai: Defeat Daimyo Dragon
* Auto-Life: Find a Way to Auto Revive without an Elixir
* Lifted Curse: Defeat the Final Boss
* All in One Run: Complete the game from start to finish without a Password

Posted: 01 May, 2016 13:46
• some achievements for defeat bosses in perfect
• and for the amount of gold would be nice too;
• there's a collectible gems too;
• legendary armor,weapon and shield;

Posted: 07 May, 2016 21:07
I've been glancing around the RAM, but I'm really not good at this stuff. Combining the room with the boss defeat would be nice to prevent a password from unlocking everything, but I just can't find any of them.

I don't really like the idea of beating the game in one sitting without passwords... it might not be a super-long-game, but it's long enough to take several hours without save states. Also, tricky things like the auto-revive and turning off door sounds is a little too GameFAQqy... you look up how to do it once, you win... don't look it up, and you likely will never figure it out. The solution/password might as well be written into the achievement description by that point.

Posted: 20 Mar, 2017 01:17
Last Edit: 20 Mar, 2017 20:11
Well that was back in May of last year, nearly a year later I'm now able to make achievements myself, and I'm gradually making about 40-ish achievements for this game, although I really would rather have the Sega Master System version ... the text in this version is so awful, but oh well.

There's just some balancing things I want to take care of, but I'm more or less done arranging things, and I have ... prrrretty much every address I need to make every achievement, it'll just mean a bit of testing to make sure they work once they're made and it should be ready.

In terms of RAPCE, here's some tips on how to get a better experience out of it:

• Run games with a command line. Rename your games to something simple and easy to remember, put them in the same directory as the EXE, and run it as "rapce dc.pce" if for instance you renamed Dragon's Curse dc.pce .

• Rather than a short-cut, use a command box for that command line, keep it running.
• When you're ready to stop playing, save your game/grab-a-password, minimize RAPCE or reposition the Command Box where you can see it(because RAPCE apparently sits on top of everything unless there's a setting for that), and type in "tskill rapce" to kill the process. IF YOU DON'T DO THIS, simply-exiting RAPCE will keep it running in the background even though it seems like the program has been exited. You'll also be shown on the site as still playing Dragon's Curse(or any other RAPCE game). You can also do this by using Ctrl+Shift+ESC(or Ctrl+Alt+DEL if you want to go the long way) to bring up task-manager, find the Process RAPCE.EXE and end it manually that way by right-clicking and using End-Process(or click on it and press Delete followed by SPACE).

If that's a little too difficult, and you have the ability to run the newer versions of RetroArch, maybe use that. I can't run it on my old computer, so I can't check to make sure they link up correctly or not. I had to "fix" my version of Dragon's Curse by way of Ootake/RAPCE's conversion to make it work, so I'm not sure if mine will have the same md5 as yours, but hopefully the correct ones are already linked to the site.

(Tested it on my small android-device, the file I got from one site didn't run at all, but the one I got from the usual worked, and it linked up to here just fine. Not sure how well PCE works on RetroArch/Pie/etc, but it at least recognized it.)

I'm trying to deny use of passwords/save-files to auto-unlock things, we'll see how well it goes. For the things that are done in fixed-rooms that's easy, but for things that could happen in ANY room I have a harder time tying them to something unique, but I think it can be done. Passwords will work to get you TO a point in the game, but it shouldn't auto-unlock anything before that point, hopefully. Thankfully every password/save-file loads you into the same town, so it at least won't be any trouble denying that.

....also about the moving-the-window thing, I guess there was a default "stay on top" option that was easy to disable, so that's helpful.

Posted: 21 Mar, 2017 15:57
Alright, things should be finished.

I'm sorry for using the same icon for every type of gear, but in terms of how the game displays those things, they all have the same icon anyway. I mostly separated them into individual items to help bring down the points for other achievements, but also because some items are legitimately difficult to grind up the money for. And for that reason, I didn't include any get-this-much-money achievements because buying the item for it is the same thing.

Keep in mind that when you get the Guilty-Gear achievement, one of those "sacred gears" is destroyed forever. If you save after that happens, you can't get it back. For that matter, that actually means you have only one chance to BUY that gear because you can't access that area with that form after leaving the area, so you'd better have the money and Charisma-Points on hand to get it then.

"DRAGON DANCE" does not specify an amount because it's a tiny bit random. I can only detect a CHANGE in the amount of money you gain from each coin, so if a few coins in a row give you the same amount, I don't think it'll count. I had set the goal to 20 changes, but that only seemed to work on Mecha Dragon, and I think it's too easy to quickly get back to him, so this achievement only works on any dragon past him but before Vampire Dragon(who does not drop coins when killed because he's the last boss).

Instead of making no-damage-for-every-boss I just went ahead and made it for any dragon after Mecha Dragon. To be fair, as much as every dragon has a very noticeable pattern, I feel like Captain Dragon and Daimyo Dragon have patterns that are a *little* hard to take advantage of, and ESPECIALLY for Daimyo Dragon, the area you fight in to GET to both dragons is very difficult, so I imagine having no-damage-per-boss would be really annoying when it takes about 5 to 15 minutes to get back to that boss to try again if you messed up. I'm sure most people will get this on Mummy Dragon anyway, but the choice is there at least.

Anyway, everything should be working. I'm a little worried about how things work from loading a game out of File Cabinet since my testing was technically done all in one-run, but I'll be playing the game myself soon, so I'll be testing it as well, I just might not be going as quickly as others if people play it.

Also, it looks like duplicate-achievements happen because the uploaded achievement has an ID of "0" when you first switch from Local over to Unofficial. If you reload the game completely, the IDs show up, and as of yet I haven't had a duplicate doing it this way. When I made Angelic Layer a few days ago it had a full gambit of 25-duplicates, and that was because I forgot to reload the game. So as far as I can tell that's a definite workaround for that so far.


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