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Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets


Posted: 06 Mar, 2016 01:37
Last Edit: 05 Feb, 2019 03:37
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Yes. * at the end of achievement titles


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Sv,Da).gbc
Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets (UE) (M10) [C][!].gbc
harry potter and the chamber of secrets (usa, europe) (en,fr,de,es,it,nl,pt,sv,da).bin
RA Checksum: bc60280596bce42d050b764b647dc39b
CRC32 Checksum: 136E9D0C


Posted: 15 Oct, 2018 17:19
Last Edit: 28 Nov, 2018 00:41
I intend to try and develop a set for this game; however, I'm new to both developing and computer science as a whole. I expect it will take a great deal of time to get things figured out. Also, I will probably have to play through this entire game numerous times in order to make all of the achievements. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to share. Here is what the set will probably look like (updated on 11/27/18):

01. Helping the Less Fortunate (3): Assist the ghoul that lives in the Weasley's attic.
02. Best Mate (2): Ron Weasley joins the group for the first time in Diagon Alley.
03. The First Obstacle (5): Defeat the Footman blocking your path in the Gringotts Dungeon.
04. Amphibian Wrangler (5): Capture all 5 purple toads without leaving the Magical Menagerie or quitting the game.
05. Damaging School Property (5): Incapacitate the Whomping Willow so you can escape.
06. A Considerate Teammate (5): Return the Magic Storybook to Katie Bell and learn Petrificus Totalus.
07. The Final Exchange (5): Trade Professor Binns for a Dragon Skin Cloak.
08. Herbology 201 (5): Return all three mandrakes to Madame Sprout and learn Incendio.
09. Better Out Than In (5): Help Hagrid to make some treacle fudge in order to ease Ron's suffering.
10. Dueling Champion (20): Defeat the seventh-year student to earn the Dueling Trophy.
11. Enemies of the Heir, Beware (2): Discover that the Chamber of Secrets has been opened.
12. Handling Ghosts (3): Learn about the Skurge spell from a Kwikspell book.
13. Comforting the Dead (3): Cheer Murtle up with a gift and receive another in return.
14. The Price of Victory (5): Win the first Quidditch match of the season despite the rogue bludger.
15. Earning Some Respect (10): Defeat Malfoy at the Dueling Club and receive your reward.
16. The Last Ingredient (5): Defeat Crabbe and Goyle in a duel so you can gather some bits.
17. Follow the Spiders (15): Defeat Aragog inside the Forbidden Forest.
18. Assaulting a Teacher (5): Force Professor Lockhart to help you save Ginny.
19. Serpent Slayer (20): Defeat the monster hidden within the Chamber of Secrets.

- These do not unlock when you open the chests in the Card Collectors' Club. You must learn them the hard way.

20. Vermillious 2.0 (3): Harry/Hermione levels up Vermillious, learning Vermillious Duo.
21. Vermillious Mastery (7): Harry levels up Vermillious again, learning Vermillious Tria.
22. Verdimillious 2.0 (3): Harry/Hermione levels up Verdimillious, learning Verdimillious Duo.
23. Verdimillious Mastery (7): Harry levels up Verdimillious again, learning Verdimillious Tria.
24. Flipendo 2.0 (3): Harry/Ron levels up Flipendo, learning Flipendo Duo.
25. Flipendo Mastery (7): Ron levels up Flipendo again, learning Flipendo Tria.
26. Incendio 2.0 (3): Harry/Ron levels up Incendio, learning Incendio Duo.
27. Incendio Mastery (7): Harry levels up Incendio again, learning Incendio Tria.
28. Mucas Adnauseum 2.0 (3): Harry/Ron levels up Mucas Adnauseum, learning Mucas Adnauseum Duo.
29. Mucas Adnauseum Mastery (7): Harry levels up Mucas Adnauseum again, learning Mucas Adnauseum Tria.
30. Petrificus Totalus 2.0 (3): Hermione/Ron levels up Petrificus Totalus, learning Petrificus Totalus Duo.
31. Petrificus Totalus Mastery (7): Hermione levels up Petrificus Totalus again, learning Petrificus Totalus Tria.
32. Fumos 2.0 (3): Hermione levels up Fumos, learning Fumos Duo.

33. Complimentary Potions (5): Complete your collection of Alchemy cards. Be sure to open the chest in the clubroom.
34. Charming (5): Complete your collection of Charms cards. Be sure to open the chest in the clubroom.
35. Admirer of the Dark Arts (5): Complete your collection of Curses cards. Be sure to open the chest in the clubroom.
36. The Ultimate Defense (5): Complete your collection of Protection cards. Be sure to open the chest in the clubroom.
37. Seasoned Soothsayer (5): Complete your collection of Divination cards. Be sure to open the chest in the clubroom.
38. Collector of the Eclectic (5): Complete your collection of Generalist cards. Be sure to open the chest in the clubroom.
39. Apprentice Healer (5): Complete your collection of Healing cards. Be sure to open the chest in the clubroom.
40. School Spirit (5): Complete your collection of Hogwarts cards. Be sure to open the chest in the clubroom.
41. Music Appreciation (5): Complete your collection of Musician cards. Be sure to open the chest in the clubroom.
42. Quidditch Fan (5): Complete your collection of Quidditch cards. Be sure to open the chest in the clubroom.
43. The Art of Transformation (5): Complete your collection of Transfiguration cards. Be sure to open the chest in the clubroom.
44. Combo Completionist (25): Record all 40 card attack combos in your Folio Triplicus.

- For the time being, I have removed Dark Goblin and Doxy Queen from Horrible Humanoids along with Emerald Firecrab from Raging Reptiles. I cannot seem to find them within the game nor can I find any online resource that lists monster locations for this game. Maybe the creators forgot to add them in like they forgot to put in nearly half of the equipment that was designed. If anyone has found any of these three monsters, please send me a message with their location(s), and I will add them back into the achievements.

45. Common Creatures (9): Use Informous on all 15 non-magical animals (excepting rats and spiders) listed in the Folio Bruti.
- In this category are Bats, Fruit Bats, Mortis Bats, Minor Dragonflies, Imperial Dragonflies, Green Tree Frogs, Bullfrogs, Briar Toads, Snakes, Spitting Snakes, Wasps, Tarantula Hawks, Pheasants, Wild Roosters, and Bunnies.
46. Beasts in Your Backyard (4): Use Informous on all 6 garden-dwelling beasts listed in the Folio Bruti.
- In this category are Flesh Eating Slugs, Flobberworms, Garden Gnomes, Snails (Given the size, I think these might be streelers), Firetrail Snails, and Flailtail Snails.
47. Magical Mechanisms (5): Use Informous on all 8 enchanted muggle artifacts listed in the Folio Bruti.
- In this category are Desk Lamps, Executive Desk Lamps, Spintronix Eggbeaters, Zephyrmasters, Tornados, Splashmaster 2000's, Toasters, and Vacuums.
48. Vexing Vermin (4): Use Informous on all 6 corporeal rats listed in the Folio Bruti.
- In this category are Giant Rats, Giant Albino Rats, Giant Plague Rats, Rats, Plague Rats, and Albino Rats.
49. Horrible Humanoids (5): Use Informous on at least 6 of the 8 violent beasts possessing the human shape listed in the Folio Bruti.
- In this category are Doxy Drones, Doxy Queens, Forest Trolls, Attic Ghouls, Goblins, Dark Goblins, Pixies, and River Trolls.
50. Raging Reptiles (3): Use Informous on at least 4 of the 5 types of firecrabs and salamanders listed in the Folio Bruti.
- In this category are Fire Salamanders, Frost Salamanders, Ruby Firecrabs, Emerald Firecrabs, and Sapphire Firecrabs.
51. Fantastic Flora (4): Use Informous on all 6 plantlike beasts listed in the Folio Bruti.
- In this category are Baby Mandrakes, Bowtruckles, Oaken Bowtruckles, Horklumps, Willow Branches, and Venomous Tentaculas.
52. Possessed Platemail (5): Use Informous on all 8 types of armor listed in the Folio Bruti.
- In this category are Armors, Footmen, Knights, Crusaders, Swordsmen, Squires, Cavaliers, and Paladins.
53. Shocking Spectres (5): Use Informous on all 7 spiritual entities listed in the Folio Bruti.
- In this category are Spectre Bats, Angry Skulls, Cursed Skulls, Giant Phantom Rats, Gytrashes, Loose Hands, and Phantom Rats.
54. Alarming Arachnids (5): Use Informous on all 8 types of spiders listed in the Folio Bruti.
- In this category are Large Spiders, Panic Spiders, Whitetail Spiders, Black Widows, Brown Recluses, Cocoon Spiders, Funnel Web Spiders, and Redback Spiders.

55. 150 Points! (3): Capture the Snitch before the opposing seeker in Quidditch on Difficult.
56. Professional Seeker (7): Capture the Snitch in less than 6 seconds in Quidditch on any difficulty.
57. Coin Collector (3): Collect at least 28 coins in The Flying Anglia on Easy.
58. Licensed Motorist (7): Score at least 4200 in The Flying Anglia on any difficulty.
59. Accomplished Gardener (3): Clear out at least 15 gnomes in De-Gnome The Garden on any difficulty.
60. Contender (7): Clear out at least as many gnomes as Ron in De-Gnome The Garden on Difficult.
61. Beware Falling Objects (3): Score at least 9000 points in Transfiguration Challenge on Difficult.
62. Avifors Mastery (7): Transfigure 100 items into birds in Transfiguration Challenge on Medium.
63. Clearing the Fence (3): Toss a gnome past the garden fence in Gnome Throwing on Difficult.
64. Inhuman Strength (7): Get a distance greater than 1600 in Gnome Throwing on any difficulty.
65. The Swish and Flick (3): Get a score of at least 1100 in Flitwick Says 2-Flitwick Boogaloo on Difficult.
66. Wingardium Leviosa Mastery (7): Get a perfect score of 850 in Flitwick Says 2-Flitwick Boogaloo on Medium.
67. Peskipiksi Pesternomi (3): Score at least 2400 points in Pixies on any difficulty.
68. Devilish Tricky Little Blighters (7): Capture at least 21 pixies individually in Pixies on Difficult.
69. Respectable Bowler (3): Score at least 150 in Ghost Head Bowling on Difficult.
70. Turkey (7): Get three strikes in a row in Ghost Head Bowling on any difficulty.

Posted: 17 Nov, 2018 14:17
Last Edit: 24 Nov, 2018 12:58
Below is what I plan to use as this game's rich presence. I thought it fitting to display a complete sentence that conveys as much information as possible rather than a collection of figures since this game is based off a well-written novel known for its description. This will have to be revised if it turns out that "&" doesn't actually stop further text from being displayed since it wasn't working when I manually edited the rich.txt. Other than that, I am quite satisfied.

0x0000=Harry is
0x0001=Harry and Ron are
0x0100=Harry and Hermione are
0x0101=Harry, Ron, and Hermione are

0x1c= about to resume his adventures.&
0x45= taking a break.&
0x4a= about to play a game.&

0x28= fighting against all manner of beast

0x00= trapped inside his bedroom at the Dursley's
0x01= playing Quidditch
0x02= at the Burrow
0x03= in the Weasley's kitchen
0x04= in the Weasley's living room
0x05= on the 2nd floor of the Burrow
0x06= in Percy's bedroom
0x07= on the 3rd floor of the Burrow
0x08= in Ginny's bedroom
0x09= in Mr. and Mrs. Weasley's bedroom
0x0A= on the 4th floor of the Burrow
0x0B= in Fred and George's bedroom
0x0C= in the Burrow's attic
0x0D= in Ron's bedroom
0x0E= in the Weasleys' garden
0x10= trying to leave Borgin and Burkes
0x11= in Diagon Alley
0x12= buying their second year books at Flourish and Blotts
0x13= visiting a healer in Diagon Alley
0x14= in Knockturn Alley
0x15= inside the Magical Menagerie
0x16= inside a shop in Knockturn Alley
0x17= inside a shop in Knockturn Alley
0x18= inside Diagon Alley's Wizard Card Shop
0x19= stocking up on potions at Mullpepper's Apothecary
0x1A= checking out all the amazing merchandise in Quality Quidditch Supplies
0x1B= buying fireworks at Gambol and Japes
0x1C= inside Gringotts Wizarding Bank
0x1D= underneath Gringotts
0x1E= admiring his inheritance inside vault 687
0x1F= witnessing the depths of the Weasleys' poverty
0x20= inside Eeylops Owl Emporium
0x21= stuck outside the barrier to platform 9 and 3/4 at King's Cross Station
0x22= on the Whomping Willow
0x23= on the castle grounds
0x24= on the castle grounds
0x25= on the castle grounds
0x26= on the castle grounds
0x27= on the castle grounds
0x28= in the Hogwarts Entrance Hall
0x29= in the Hogwarts Dungeons
0x2A= on Hogwarts's 1st floor
0x2B= on Hogwarts's 2nd floor
0x2C= on Hogwarts's 3rd floor
0x2D= on Hogwarts's 4th floor
0x2E= on Hogwarts's 5th floor
0x2F= on Hogwarts's 6th floor
0x30= on Hogwarts's 7th floor
0x31= in the sixth-floor corridor
0x32= in Filch's office
0x33= outside Hagrid's hut
0x34= in the Hogwarts staffroom
0x35= in a broom closet
0x36= behind Greenhouse Two
0x37= in Madame Sprout's office
0x38= visiting Hagrid
0x39= inside Hagrid's garden
0x3A= on the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch
0x3B= inside Greenhouse Two
0x3C= in the Gryffindor Boys' Dormitory
0x3D= descending the Dungeons staircase
0x3E= in Professor Lockhart's office
0x3F= in Defense Against the Dark Arts
0x40= at Sir Nicolas's 500th deathday party
0x41= in the Gryffindor Common Room
0x42= in Professor Snape's storeroom
0x43= in the Potions classroom
0x44= impersonating Crabbe and Goyle in the Slytherin Common Room
0x45= in Professor Snape's office
0x46= in the Hospital Wing's bedpan room
0x47= in Professor Binns's office
0x48= at the Dueling Club
0x49= in the Great Hall
0x4A= at Lockhart's Valentine's Day celebration
0x4B= in a girls' restroom
0x4C= in the History of Magic classroom
0x4D= in the Hospital Wing
0x4E= in Professor McGonagall's office
0x4F= in Madame Pomfrey's office
0x50= shopping at Weasley Emporium
0x51= in the Transfiguration classroom
0x52= in the Charms classroom
0x53= in Professor Flitwick's office
0x54= in the Hogwarts library
0x55= in the Hogwarts library
0x56= visiting Moaning Murtle
0x57= making his way to Dumbledore's office
0x58= in Dumbledore's office
0x59= in the Hogwarts Trophy Room
0x5A= in the Hogwarts Armory
0x5B= in a boys' restroom
0x5C= in the Muggle Studies classroom
0x5D= in the Card Collectors' Clubroom
0x5E= in the Arithmancy classroom
0x5F= in the Astronomy corridor
0x60= shopping at Weasley Twins Bargains
0x61= in a Hogwarts storeroom
0x62= in a Hogwarts storeroom
0x63= in the Ancient Studies classroom
0x64= in the Art classroom
0x65= at the top of the Astronomy Tower
0x66= in an empty classroom
0x67= in an empty classroom
0x68= in an empty classroom
0x69= in the Music classroom
0x6A= in the Divination Tower
0x6B= inside the Forbidden Forest
0x6C= inside the Forbidden Forest
0x6D= in Aragog's lair
0x6E= in the Gryffindor Common Room
0x6F= in the Gryffindor Boys' Dormitory
0x70= somewhere underneath Hogwarts
0x71= approaching the Chamber of Secrets
0x72= inside the Chamber of Secrets
0x73= watching a fifty-year-old memory
0x74= being rescued from giant spiders by Mr. Weasley's Anglia
0x76= in the Hogwarts Portrait Room
0x77= destroying Tom Riddle's diary

0x01= flying to Hogwarts in Mr. Weasley's Ford Anglia.&
0x02= extracting gnomes from their holes in the Weasley's garden.&
0x03= honing his transfiguration skills.&
0x04= tossing gnomes over the Weasley's garden fence.&
0x05= practicing the Levitation Charm with Professor Flitwick.&
0x06= rounding up Cornish pixies in Defense Against the Dark Arts class.&
0x07= bowling with ghosts in the Dungeons.&

?0xh00cebf=1?Harry, Ron, and Lockhart are@Combat(0xhc013)@Location(0xhcd32).

Posted: 19 Nov, 2018 19:42
Last Edit: 25 Dec, 2018 18:47
I'm planning on adding leaderboards for each of the minigames on the highest difficulty. If anyone is interested in trying them but does not wish to play through the full game, here is a save file with all the minigames unlocked. Just select Minigames from the Title Screen.
All Mini-games Save

Posted: 30 Nov, 2018 02:22
Last Edit: 09 Apr, 2019 08:10
Here is all of the relevant information about both the achievement set and the game itself that I can think to provide. Most of this is also posted on the game's page.

About the specifics of the set itself, I used Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Sv,Da) to make all of the achievements. I'm honestly not sure if any other versions exist or if they might work. You do not unlock any of the spell leveling achievements by opening the various chests within the Card Collector's Club. They must be earned in battle, so if you care to get the achievements for Harry learning Vermillious Tria, Verdimillious Tria, Incendio Tria, and Mucas Adnauseum Tria, wait to open the Transfiguration, Music, Hogwarts, or Curses chests. Emerald Firecrab, Dark Goblin, and Doxie Queen have been removed from their respective Folio Bruti achievements because I was unable to locate them. If anyone manages to encounter any of these, please contact me. It is worth noting that all minigames played within the story (not chosen by clicking Mini-Games on the Title Screen) are on Easy difficulty; therefore, you cannot unlock achievements for playing minigames on other difficulties within the story. The missable achievements are "Helping the Less Fortunate" (before leaving the Burrow), "Amphibian Wrangler" (before leaving Diagon Alley), "Dueling Champion" (before dueling Draco), "The Price of Victory" (You have to win), "Earning Some Respect" (You have to win), "The Last Ingredient" (You have to win), "Petrificus Totalus Tria", and "Fumos Duo" (Hermione goes in and out of the party).

4/9/2019 Update: Combo Completionist should now work within RetroArch

Now for those new to this game, the ordering for the first 19 story-related achievements is not absolute. The side quests (mainly A Considerate Teammate, The Final Exchange, Dueling Champion, and Handling Ghosts) can be completed at any time after they first become available, but you should complete "Dueling Champion" before your duel with Draco. There are numerous items hidden throughout the game, so search things like bookcases and desks. Also, there's a new game+ in which you keep your level and the contents of your Folio Magi, Folio Triplicus, and Folio Bruti. Don't fret if you think you missed something. You will most likely have to play through the game twice, once with the Merlin deck and once with the Morgan le Fay deck, in order to obtain all of the cards and combos anyway. Below is a quick list of places in and around Hogwarts for those unfamiliar with the game. If you are ever unsure of your current location, press the select button to find out where you are.

Hagrid's Hut: southwest of the castle entrance
Herbology: in Greenhouse 2, west of the castle entrance
Quidditch Pitch: southeast of the castle entrance
The Dungeons: through the door the left of the staircase in the Entrance Hall
Potions: in the Dungeons, to the left
Dueling Club: to the right of the staircase in the Entrance Hall
Weasley Emporium: to the right of the staircase in the Entrance Hall
Moaning Murtle's bathroom: on the second floor, to the left
The Library: on the second and third floors, to the right
Defense Against the Dark Arts: on the third floor, to the left
History of Magic: on the fourth floor, to the left
The Hospital Wing: on the fourth floor, at the top
Card Collector's Club: on the fifth floor, to the left
Gryffindor Common Room: on the seventh floor, to the left
Weasley Twins Bargains: on the seventh floor, to the right

Posted: 26 Mar, 2019 20:13
Last Edit: 26 Mar, 2019 20:13
Here are the locations for Card 069 Queen Maeve and Card 076 Musidora Barkwith. In both of these locations, if you chose the Merlin deck, you'll find Card 076, and if you chose the Morgan Le Fay deck, you'll find Card 069.


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