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Posted: 23 Oct, 2017 21:10
I tried all the options that came to mind. None of them works. What should I do to get an achievement?

Posted: 23 Oct, 2017 21:40
Need CRC information about your ROM, without it I can't do nothing.
Don't expect achievements to work on every version. Also the achievement could not work if there is 0 triggers, here you have 63 of them (means 63 players unlocked this achievement). In this case you can only say "this achievement don't work for me", that's a huge difference.

Posted: 31 Oct, 2017 09:10
I have the same problem with "Fold the Door" my CRC-32 is c50a8304 and CRC-16 is 8f37 my rom is "Contra (U) [!].nes"

Posted: 01 Nov, 2017 16:49
Because this achievement was overall problematic, I've decided to redesign it into something completely different. Hope it won't make any more problems from now.

Posted: 14 Nov, 2017 20:42
Last Edit: 14 Nov, 2017 20:57
Minor Rich Presence Update:



Changes: Moved [Game Over] and changed lives, continues, and loop into symbols. Same for the Bonus set.

💞=continue, 🔫=gun, 🚶=lives, 🔁=loop

Posted: 28 Jan, 2018 22:46
Last Edit: 28 Jan, 2018 23:44
I think I found the issue when testing with RANES, my hypothesis is that if one picks up both the Laser (L) and then the Rapid (R) either on purpose of by accident it doesn't properly understand that you have the laser. Maybe this could be fixed to check for a Las the weapon with or without the R.

Confirmed, and now I understand the command by Galadhil on the achievement.

Fold the door was not working for me.

EDITTED, Removed video and question as I have resolved the issue.

[INFO] [CHEEVOS]: testing NES (discards VROM). [INFO] [CHEEVOS]: getting game id for hash 5a5c2f4f1cafb1f55a8dc0d5ad4550e5 RetroArch 1.7.0 FC0EUmm (SVN) 221c1fa

Posted: 28 Jan, 2018 23:46
Changed the code to allow rapid fire.

Posted: 06 Feb, 2018 23:51
Last Edit: 07 Feb, 2018 10:57
Sorry if this is a silly question, but how do you do stage 2 and 4 for the Walking Tall (no crouch) achievement? Some of the sensors are on ground level and I can't crouch to get them. I thought maybe spread but it didn't seem to work.

Posted: 07 Feb, 2018 18:31
If you jump you can take shots at the ground cannons and seals on the way up and on the way down.

Posted: 07 Feb, 2018 18:43
Thanks . I'll try that.
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