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Translations compatibility


Posted: 01 Mar, 2016 08:47
Last Edit: 01 Mar, 2016 16:59
Any way to add translations compatibility? I am Spanish and use translated roms, as Secret of Mana by Magno, but when I load a translated rom show "this game don't have archievements". I use Recalbox with Snes9x Next.

Posted: 01 Mar, 2016 17:01
Last Edit: 01 Mar, 2016 17:01
It should be fine as it is, I say you encountered the issue that doesn't connect properly on the first rom you use when booting the emulator. You have no history on your page of loading SoM without achievements, which would happen if you loaded a version of a rom in a bad rom pile.

Posted: 01 Mar, 2016 17:57
I have a ROM a the IPS patch. If I rename the IPS patch to "Secret of ManaBAK.ips" the game run in english and active the achievements, but if I rename the patch to "Secret of Mana.ips", the game run in spanish and show error.

I try too apply the patch permanent with snes tools and it show the same error.

Posted: 12 Dec, 2016 15:09
Last Edit: 12 Dec, 2016 15:32
The same happened to me. There is no solution?

Posted: 12 Nov, 2017 19:30
same in chrono trigger for me. never translated japanese games? :/

Posted: 12 Nov, 2017 20:27
Last Edit: 12 Nov, 2017 20:38
, the method of keeping the IPS in the same folder and letting it patch automatically doesn't work. If you could, load the manually patched version of the ROM in RASnes9x, then click RetroAchievements > Calculate ROM Checksum and post what it says.

Also please never say something "gives an error." If you get an error please post what it says as well.

EDIT: I didn't realize this was a bumped topic from over a year ago. Still though, if anyone has trouble with translation patches linking post that info here.

Posted: 27 Nov, 2017 10:40
Last Edit: 27 Nov, 2017 12:09
I recently played Super Mario World and did not win any achievements, would it be because my game is translated to PT-BR?
Does the retroachievements only work in 100% official games?

Posted: 01 Mar, 2018 15:24
Last Edit: 01 Mar, 2018 15:30

You asked for more information a long time ago, here I show it.

This is the cheksum:

Image of Error: [/img]


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