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Mario's Picross 2


Posted: 08 Feb, 2016 21:27
Last Edit: 06 Apr, 2018 22:56
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Created 08 Feb, 2016 21:27 by

1. Picross 2 (Japan) (SGB Enhanced).gb
Mario's Picross 2 (J) [S].gb
picross 2 (japan).bin
RA Checksum: 142d1f9f4b868780824cca20010ad4d8
CRC32 Checksum: F5AA5902

2. Mario's Picross 2 (J) [S][T+EngNC1_Zed].gb
RA Checksum: e8c6250592807a674b4235d06fb05357
CRC32 Checksum: 45ABC6C3

3. Marios Picross 2 [TEng 1.0 Zed].gb
RA Checksum: 34bc051c58166d7bd1fc2540870edfdb
CRC32 Checksum: 8E0BC0FB

4. Mario's Picross 2 (J) [S][b1].gb
RA Checksum: 9f673fce1b3140108d26f3c3464b8bfc
CRC32 Checksum: C4C158BD

5. Mario's Picross 2 (J) [S][b1][T+Eng].gb
RA Checksum: 9cfc6376d04a47c11051411c8519a3bb
CRC32 Checksum: 704D3F06


Posted: 07 Jun, 2016 22:01
Regarding unlocking the 10th puzzles:

I cannot seem to figure out what triggers the mechanism for blocking the 10th puzzle in this game. However, I can confirm the following:

- Using hints of any kind (Mario's Picross) does not seem to block access to the 10th puzzle, as using as many hints as possible without incurring a time over (24 hints total, the free starting hint + 25 minutes worth of hint penalties on each corner) on level 1-9 still allowed the 10th puzzle to open. This needs further testing, however.
- Giving up a puzzle (incurring a game over) WILL lock the 10th puzzle.
- Resetting the game mid-puzzle does not appear to lock the 10th puzzle.
- Turning off the time limit (Wario's Picross) WILL lock the 10th puzzle.

Needs further testing:
- Using hints of any kind on any of the first 8 puzzles in a world.
- Meeting a lock condition on the 10th puzzle itself. (Does it lock the 10th puzzle?)

I bring this up because, despite reservations I might have had, I will be making a 100% achievement for this game. The biggest factor? The giant 60x60 puzzle that denotes the final puzzle of Mario's Picross (Sphinx) and Wario's Picross (Tyrannosaurus Rex) which gives you 30 minutes to solve AN ENTIRE 30X30 SECTION (split into 15x15 sections as normal). The 10th puzzles are in no way required to reach the 60x60 puzzle either, but if you're good enough to solve that behemoth within the tight time constraints, you can get all the 10th puzzles.

The game also has two save files, and the puzzles do not change at all. So if you messed up on file 1, you have another file you can do it on, and you have the solutions on file 1 (or you've taken a screenshot of the solutions, if you're a smart one). Unfortunately, the game lacks a copy feature, but if you have somehow screwed up the achievement on both save files, there IS an erase feature, accessible by holding Select and B, then pressing A on the file you wish to delete.

Lastly, the solutions are all on GameFAQs anyway in glorious PNG and GIF formats. If you're stuck, click me and find the world your puzzle is on in the maps and charts section.

Posted: 07 Jun, 2016 23:46
Last Edit: 07 Jun, 2016 23:47
Even if using hints doesn't lock the 10th puzzle, I still feel it's just way too much of a hassle to play the ENTIRE game up to the point you messed up all over again just for one little puzzle. I would argue it's even more of a chore to just follow the solutions because it's not even thinking, it's entirely busywork. The top reason I didn't want the level 10 puzzles to all have their achievements is because it is definitely definitely going to encourage people to just cheat their way through with the solutions, and it punishes people who just want to play the game normally and still master the game. I don't really have a problem with people cheating, I mean it's their loss and there's no way to really stop them looking at solutions, but when the set justifies the cheating then I feel that it requires revision. The game should just be about relaxing and taking it at your own pace and not having to risk everything every single puzzle, putting the pressure of having to restart the entire game if you mess up.

Also it's kind of a pain to make the achievements activate for both save files since they use different addresses, just a bunch more code and stuff to have to deal with just to try to justify something like that.

Posted: 09 Jun, 2016 03:28
Last Edit: 09 Jun, 2016 10:31
Honestly, I had intended to have achievements activate for both save files regardless, just so people can be rebels and not be forced to use save file 1. More work, yes, but it's something I wanted to do anyway because I personally didn't like that I couldn't use save file 2 in Mario no Super Picross.

I think maybe you are right in that all of them wouldn't be good achievements if it encourages cheating. But maybe unlocking one of them on each half of the game (one for Mario's, one for Wario's) might be a better achievement; more checks, sure, but 10 chances to unlock the achievement as opposed to having to be flawless for the entire game, and the puzzles for the first couple worlds are simple enough to do.

Posted: 15 Jun, 2016 13:46
Copy paste from the wall of the game :

Thanks for the set, but 13 achievements popped up as soon as i launched the game. "Double the Size, Double the Fun", "Hidden Mysteries", "Hidden Rewards", "Of Myths and legends", "Macross", Prehistoria", "Wacross", "Quick Picross vol. 1", "Quick Picross vol. 2", "Quick Picross vol. 3", "Quick Picross vol. 4", "Quick Picross vol. 5", "Quick Picross vol. 6". I'm deleting them now. Please fix this...

I'm very grateful to you that you want to create a set for this game, i've been waiting for it since i join the site. Please test them, so we all can enjoy your work... :/

Posted: 15 Jun, 2016 16:13
I'm also waiting for this. Right now I am playing the first one.

My opinion is it ok use save file 2, I think is important to diferenciate the "cheating", if the game provides a metlhod its ok to me, it just a 'trick' not cheating. After all, what could be more cheating than look the final drawn? =/

Posted: 29 Oct, 2019 22:40
I was recently reminded that, as a developer, I have the ability to rescore any set using the tier structure. Here was the plan I devised during the rescore event. If no one objects within 24 hours, then I will commit the changes. My revised scores are on the left. The new total will be 670 points, which is actually a little light given how much larger this game is when compared to every other picross game on RA.

10 - Familiar Terrirtory (5): Solved all of the Easy Picross puzzles.
5 - Double the Size, Double the Fun (5): Solved your first 30x30 puzzle.
10 - Hidden Rewards (20): Unlock any world's 10th puzzle and complete it. (Mario)
10 - Hidden Mysteries (20): Unlock and clear any world's 10th puzzle. (Wario) (Keep time limit ON.)
25 - Forest of Illusion (10): Completed world 1 (Mario).
25 - Daily Activities (10): Completed world 2 (Mario).
25 - The Land of Make-Believe (10): Completed world 3 (Mario).
25 - Sports Before E-Sports (10): Completed world 4 (Mario).
25 - Elementary Learning (10): Completed world 5 (Mario).
25 - Self Amusement (10): Completed world 6 (Mario).
25 - Familial Ties (10): Completed world 7 (Mario).
25 - Life's Opportunities (10): Completed world 8 (Mario).
25 - Male-Dominated Careers (10): Completed world 9 (Mario).
25 - Of Myths and Legends (10): Completed world 10 (Mario).
25 - Macross (20): Completed the final puzzle of Mario's Picross
25 - Around the City (10): Completed world 1 (Wario).
25 - At your Local Shopping Mall (10): Completed world 2 (Wario).
25 - Love Stinks (10): Completed world 3 (Wario).
25 - Gallery of Tourism (10): Completed world 4 (Wario).
25 - Moon Runes (10): Completed world 5 (Wario).
25 - Picross Manga (10): Completed world 6 (Wario).
25 - Zoology (10): Completed world 7 (Wario).
25 - Day at the Beach (10): Completed world 8 (Wario).
25 - Welcome to Canada (10): Completed world 9 (Wario).
25 - Prehistoria (10): Completed world 10 (Wario).
25 - Wacross (20): Complete the final puzzle of Wario's Picross
25 - Picross Master (50): All sections of Wario's final puzzle completed in under 30 minutes each.
10 - Quick Picross vol. 1 (10): Complete the first Quick Picross section (Mario)
10 - Quick Picross vol. 2 (10): Complete the second Quick Picross section (Mario)
10 - Quick Picross vol. 3 (10): Complete the third Quick Picross section (Mario)
10 - Quick Picross vol. 4 (10): Complete the first Quick Picross section (Wario)
10 - Quick Picross vol. 5 (10): Complete the second Quick Picross section (Wario)
10 - Quick Picross vol. 6 (10): Complete the third Quick Picross section (Wario)


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