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Super Chase HQ


Posted: 09 Jan, 2016 19:06
Last Edit: 11 Apr, 2018 06:40
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Created 09 Jan, 2016 19:06 by

1. Super Chase H.Q. (USA).sfc
Super Chase H.Q. (U) [!].sfc
super chase h.q. (usa).sfc
RA Checksum: 8596f1bdbabf96aa39fd29b24917b916
CRC32 Checksum: 6EF3B9C7


Posted: 20 Jan, 2017 23:35
Last Edit: 07 Jan, 2018 16:07
Super Chase H.Q. (USA)

Current ROM MD5: a360432317569290308ec6ddbb54aa88

___/ Trivia \_______________________________________________________

Chase HQ is a series of racing style arcade games developed by Taito. It is sometimes seen as a spiritual successor to Taito's earlier Full Throttle also known as Top Speed.

In 1993, Taito released Super Chase H.Q. (known in Japan as Super H.Q. Criminal Chaser) for the Super NES. Unlike other home versions, it is played in first person perspective and is based upon Super Chase: Criminal Termination rather than the original Chase H.Q.

The trick to beat the helicopter is avoid any civilians vehicles and pressing x button when it will approach to you too closer.


Posted: 19 Nov, 2017 03:48
Last Edit: 17 Dec, 2017 13:55

- Created (2) player score points leaderboard.

- Added Rich Presence.

β–Œβ–ŒπŸš¨Chasing a suspect on saturday (Round 5) | πŸ’₯:2 πŸš—:2 πŸ’―:00000

Map symbols: β–Œβ–Œ=Paused, πŸ’₯=Nitro, πŸš—=Continues, πŸ’―=Score

@ on Nov 20, 2017 Added the achievement


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