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F-Zero: GP Legend


Posted: 13 Dec, 2015 10:12
Last Edit: 08 Apr, 2018 20:23
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Created 13 Dec, 2015 10:12 by

1. F-Zero - GP Legend (USA).gba
F-Zero GP Legend (U).gba
f-zero - gp legend (usa).bin
RA Checksum: b6984ca369145367ab79eb33f2f3480e
CRC32 Checksum: 781AAB58

2. F-Zero - GP Legend (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).gba
F-Zero GP Legend (E) (M5).gba
f-zero - gp legend (europe) (en,fr,de,es,it).bin
RA Checksum: 66900cc9e3051638d89b364150b31acd
CRC32 Checksum: F1D5601B


Posted: 13 Dec, 2015 10:14
Last Edit: 13 Dec, 2015 10:46
Right, since you said you wanted this, here's as far as I got with ideas before you said something.

Zero Test First tier, cleared
Zero Test second tier, cleared
" third tier
" fourth tier

All silver (by tier?)
All gold (by tier?)

Grand prix, clear Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum cups
" standard
" expert
" master

Story mode - Clear X character
" each other character.
(potential alternate endings?)

Unlock all vehicles

Potentially, I'd like to see a GP win with each character, though definitely not every cup/difficulty combo for each.

Win a race/cup without boost.
Retro style - Win a race with 1 boost per lap.
Hit count incrementing on each boost, reset if equal to current lap.
You'll need to exclude the 'boost start' for a well timed start, just don't start tracking until the race has been gong for X frames, however many it takes. (can be a ton, since you can't boost legit in the first lap anyway.)

Flawless race (Flawless cup?)
Win without taking damage. (probably excludes boost as well)

Wipe out X other racers in a single race. (in a single cup?)
Should be significant, but not crazy. 10 in a race? 30 in a cup? (6 each race)

Edit: More oddball ideas.

Boost more then X times in a single race, and win. (Or spend X time boosting)
Boosts eat health, would need to carefully balance this to be a challenge, but doable. And not a cakewalk on some tracks with extra recharge zones.

Win a cup with first place, without placing first in ANY individual race. Doable, but requires some AI cooperation and/or judicial knockouts of other drivers. Definitely an interesting challenge.

Just Like The Old Days - Last cup and difficulty combo is a 1 life run through a bunch of classic snes courses. It's by far the hardest to win, but for style points, an achievement for winning as one of the original 4 racers from said SNES game. (Blue falcon, Wild Goose, Fire Stingray, Golden Fox.)

Posted: 13 Dec, 2015 22:41
This is a game I played when it came and only then, so I don't remember much about specifics... Anyway, I can see 4 groups of sets: Story Mode, Grand Prix, Zero Test, Misc.

- Fully completing each Story Mode (x8)
- Beating each of Grand Prix modes (3 classes x 4 cups - Novice, Standard, Expert; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum -) in first place
- Clear each Zero Test class (4 classes)
- Getting Golds on all 12 tests per class (this might be the hardest thing on all game TBH)
- Set X time in Championship (Mute City), probably sub 2"00 (as to get 1st place) is ok. This mode is the least played AFAIK so even that can be a challenge...
- Unlocking all 34 cars
- Kill X cars in a track (can't remember how easy/hard it is, but 5 should be doable)
- Beat a track with no HP loss sounds good (which means boosting is forbidden)
- Maybe beat X cup without losing any life
- Maybe beating a cup with 500 points (all 1st places)

And here are some notes above some of the ideas mentioned above:

I find as a bad choice to go for "Use your turbo X amount of times". That is one of the grinding stuff that doesn't go with the game.

Winning first but never getting 1st place sounds silly. I much prefer to have an achievement for beating the cup with just 1st places (because that's a challenge) & getting 500 points than not being first place, because that's just how you'll likely go the first time you play this game.

Posted: 13 Dec, 2015 23:25
I don't mena 'X times' as in some progression thing. The goal was to set an arbitrarily high number in one race, so that you'd have to ride the ragged edge of destruction constantly because you've used up so much juice on turbo, forcing extremely high speed, challenging play. And possibly have to take slower paths to make sure you get SOME energy back, to pour into MORE boosts, just to hit the count. I thought that made for an interesting challenge in a single race.

Posted: 16 Jan, 2016 17:36
So I had to do a quick play to remember the tracks.

Out of all the possible jumps and shortcuts, I believe the ones that must have an achievement are the following 3:
Lightning - Volute (Map)
Silence - Honeycomb Rink I (Map)
Illusion - Abyss Drop II (Map)

Then there are some nice shortcuts, that could be added if possible, if not then is fine:
Sand Ocean - Caterpillar I (Map)
Sand Ocean - Caterpillar II (Map)
Big Blue - Slip Highway I (Map)
Big Blue - Slip Highway II (Map)
Red Canyon - Peak Jump II (Map)
Port Town - Port Town II (Map)

And there are a few others where you can make small jumps to cut some terrain, but not worth mentioning...

This following page contains links to runs of all tracks, just for reference.

Posted: 16 Jan, 2016 18:07
I would think Sand Ocean would be difficult to make shortcut achievements for unless you're just checking if the machine jumps, goes off-course for a bit, then lands on another part of the track. Zero Test would attest to how many jumps you have to make to finish that course quickly. The rest of the courses sound pretty good.

Posted: 16 Jan, 2016 18:20
I already have a method that should allow me to do any shortcut that involves jumping, though I must say I don't really see the shortcut in Abyss Drop II from the video in that thread. Sand Ocean has a ton of jumps and I don't know how to even word that achievement description to make it clear what the player has to do, unless I include only the first jump (from the lap start) that skips half the course.

Other than that, all of those seem perfectly doable.

Posted: 16 Jan, 2016 18:48
In Abyss Drop II, I'm referring to the narrow path you can take. Because is a track with no walls, it makes it somewhat hard to go through & more considering there's a zip booster in there. He does go through in the
' )" onmouseout='UnTip()' href='https://

I think there was a small jumper in one of the Illusion tracks, but probably that was in Climax and not here...

If you think is too obvious and doesn't require any skill, then don't add it. But if you want to make it a bit challenging, you may add a minimum speed to cross it...

Posted: 18 Jan, 2016 12:32
The set, she is complete.

Posted: 18 Nov, 2017 10:18
Demoted all the character-specific achievements and redistributed points.

Posted: 12 Jul, 2019 20:51
With the set cap gone, each set will be re-scored, proportionally to other sets using the new scoring system.

If you've played or mastered the F-Zero - GP Legend, or have a strong sense of it, you can help by entering how you feel the set should be scored. How you score it, along with other users, for this and a number of other important sets will have a big impact on how all sets are scored in the future.

Here's a link to the scoring sheet:
- - Requested by

Visit this thread for details on how you re-score a set easily and effectively.


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