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AOTW 2.0 #4


Posted: 01 Dec, 2015 14:52
Last Edit: 11 Jan, 2016 03:54
I'm eliminating the point system in name only and just showcasing who got what this time. The Champ will be whoever does the most in hardcore versus softcore. There will be 3 champs, one for AOTW/Hard Champ/RPG Champ

If you already have this achievement and want to enter the competition, please visit your settings page ( and remove the achievement from your account first. You will find the option to remove individual achievements from your account under "reset game progress", first pick the game, then the achievement. This will allow you to re-earn the achievement this week! Good luck all!

2014 Champ:
2015 Champ:

I Can Track Timestamps for When You Earned Things, so I'm not awarding points that were unlocked way before or way after

Achievement of the Week:

Hard Achievement Challenge (Expires End of December):

RPG Achievement Challenge (Expires End of December):

Have you done the video on a stream or video recently and can prove it? I'll credit you. this is up to my discretion and arguing will just get you removed from the competition.

2015/2016 AOTW Leaderboard
Nilsyn: SMW, Kid Drac, Gimmick, Double Dragon

Mikiruby: SMW, Kid Drac, Gimmick

Thunder: SMW, Kid Drac, Gimmick, Double Dragon

SlimKirby: SMW, Kid Drac, Gimmick, Double Dragon

Zato: Kid Drac, Gimmick

Slime95: Kid Drac, Gimmick

Yakurena: Kid Drac, Gimmick, Double Dragon

AVSB007: Kid Drac, Gimmick, Double Dragon

BIPS: Gimmick, Double Dragon

bpranzetti: SMW

DragonRetro: SMW

ImpliedKappa: SMW

Sef: SMW

zeldamaniak: SMW


magnotj: SMW

SyrianBallas: Kid Drac

Kutal: Kid Drac

Sireture: Gimmick

Skullkid: SMW (softcore)

Ilea: Gimmick (softcore)

clevertonheusner: Double Dragon

gavazza: Double Dragon

Sonicman2005: Double Dragon

BEEFY2015: Double Dragon

SexyChazz: Double Dragon

winkan: Double Dragon

LuizAlexandre29: Double Dragon

Whelkman: Double Dragon

Xan0707: Double Dragon

reaper00702: Double Dragon

2015 Hard Leaderboard
Salsa: Bubble Bobble

Thunder: Bubble Bobble

Lockerdown3: Advance Wars

Zato: Advance Wars

2015 RPG Leaderboard
ImpliedKappa: FF2J, Gaia

Whelkman: FF2J, Gaia

Thunder: FF2J

RodgerMDR: FF2J

Pocrage: Gaia

Zato: Gaia

HippopotamusRex: Gaia

Posted: 01 Dec, 2015 15:37
Expires end of November? Those must be some tough achievements if you need a year :P

Posted: 06 Dec, 2015 10:40
I beat double dragon and rescued Marion!

Posted: 14 Dec, 2015 02:47
That Mickey cheev wasn't that difficult... the Advance Wars one though? No way I'd be able to finish that in time!

Posted: 16 Dec, 2015 18:33
@ShadwSonic The Advance Wars set is pretty broken anyway. I wouldn't even recommend touching that set until it gets rehauled....... Advance Wars 2 on the other least we have a good set for that game now! =P

Posted: 20 Dec, 2015 21:10
Last Edit: 20 Dec, 2015 21:10
I beat Double Dragon and saved Marion. Just barely though the Genesis version of Double Dragon is awful with the controls.

Posted: 21 Dec, 2015 05:04
Unfortunately, the Double Dragon achievement of the week was awhile ago (2 weeks ago), so it won't count for this contest. Sting just hasn't updated/made a new thread yet (although I do think that would be a good idea to do).

Posted: 21 Dec, 2015 23:50
I beat the cheevo on Elf the movie!

Posted: 02 Jan, 2016 18:41
The achievement of the week is the same since more than 2 weeks and Sting didn't connect since nearly one month ... Will the contest continue in 2016 or not ?

Posted: 02 Jan, 2016 19:54
I'm pretty sure it's going to continue. Keep in mind, it is the holiday season and I'm sure Sting has real life commitments as well. Just be a bit patient and I'm sure we will hear back from him.

Posted: 07 Jan, 2016 20:12
Well, I don't if it still counts, but I beat Elf on HxCx :)

Posted: 11 Jan, 2016 03:46
I'm honoring anyone that did any of the three from the week posted to today. I was working almost nonstop in december and barely had time to even stream on twitch.


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