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Killer Instinct

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Posted: 23 Aug, 2013 09:05
Last Edit: 24 Jan, 2020 02:02
Official Topic Post for discussion about
Created 23 Aug, 2013 09:05 by

1. Killer Instinct (USA) (Rev 1).sfc
Killer Instinct (U) (V1.1) [!].sfc
killer instinct (usa) (rev 1).sfc
RA Checksum: c9b698cf98f1aede7a87c1e449384632
CRC32 Checksum: 09E9A04E

2. Killer Instinct Arcade OST+All KI Project Patches v2 gizaha [ki].sfc
RA Checksum: 5030f01f9ee63998d75394d85e6e6bf1
CRC32 Checksum: D8B38A01

3. Killer Instinct (USA) (Rev 1).sfc (no-intro with MSU-1 audio and graphics, 2019-12-08 version)
RA Checksum: ca82555080c37d8d59aaf60764606489
CRC32 Checksum: 850FC144

V1.0 Roms Unlinked. Do Not Relink.


Currently 53 achievements worth 400 points.
If there are any bugs, report them in this thread.
Post any achievement suggestions you may have as well.

Note: Don't use version 1.0 of the ROM.

Posted: 23 Aug, 2013 20:41
Sounds awesome Brian! Looking forward to these as well - I should add a 'to-play' list so players don't forget lol - I'll post this on frontpage after this Zelda weekend :D expect it Tuesday!

My cousin will love this one, he's awesome at Killer Instinct :)

Posted: 23 Aug, 2013 22:04
I couldn't get Orchid, Ultra Orchid, or Champion to pop for me on my playthrough.

Posted: 23 Aug, 2013 22:55
That's odd, they popped for me when I was streaming last night.
'Orchid' Requires that you are in 1Player Mode(anti-cheat for 2P mode)
'Ultra Orchid' has some anti-cheat checks but it should be obtainable in any mode(except for Practice, because you can't do an Ultra in Practice)

Are you using a PAL or NTSC ROM?

Posted: 23 Aug, 2013 23:10
I am using NTSC,no cheats, and on default difficulty. I haven't tried with other characters yet.

Posted: 23 Aug, 2013 23:21
I literally just went through with orchid and got 'Orchid' to pop, realized there isn't an ending at all on 2 star so I've gotta put a minimum difficulty on it those cheevs.
My ROM's region is USA/Canada, I'm pretty sure that's NTSC.

Edit: Endings are only seen on 4+ Star difficulty, adding in that requirement now. This shouldn't have affected anyone at all, just let them get the cheevs on 2-3 stars.

Posted: 23 Aug, 2013 23:33
I will give it another shot then. You are allowed to continue, right? Thanks for looking into it.

Posted: 23 Aug, 2013 23:39
The exact requirements:
-1P Mode
-Ending Cinematic Screen showing Orchid's story
-Higher than 3 Difficulty
-Eyedol Beaten

You can continue as much as you want.

You should have been able to get it, maybe you did and it just didn't show up? Maybe you lost connection for the little while you got it?

Edit: He had an old ROM version.

Posted: 28 Jan, 2014 22:53
Fixed "Perfect" achievement for flawless victory.

Posted: 15 Aug, 2015 01:26
Last Edit: 15 Aug, 2015 07:32
Can someone help me? i did the spinal 27 hit combo and the achievement didn't unlock,i tried in arcade and in 2 players (if i said some word wrong,sorry,i have an bad english)

Posted: 15 Aug, 2015 12:47
It's been two years, but I believe it needs to be in 1P against actual AI.

Posted: 28 Jan, 2019 22:32
Last Edit: 31 Jan, 2019 18:10
I'd like to propose some modifications to the combo achievements in light of the developer guidelines as they require either using glitches or a 2-player setup. First some technical explanations. There are two glitches that are often used in this game, the first one I will call the "fake link" glitch which allows the player to drop the combo meter but preserve combo animation in order to lower the opponent's stun meter and allow more hits. This is relatively minor and one could argue that it is part of the game's identity. It's also no more difficult than a regular combo, so no problem here.

The second glitch I will call the "timeout glitch" and it allows the extension of a combo by chaining into ultra combo at a very precise timing when the match timer reaches zero. I'm not too familiar with this one so I can't provide specifics to make it work information can be found online. It's quite difficult to perform and to requires such a convoluted setup and timing that it should not be a necessity for any of the achievements. (Maybe in a bonus set, but even then I believe it's simply too demanding).

Another thing worth mentioning is EX mode. It is achieved by using a combo breaker and allows for special moves that deal more hits than usual (usually projectiles). However, the combos required for the achievements are so technical that they cannot be expected to be done in a match against AI (most of the time a precise placement is required to trigger the full combo, not something too possible with a moving opponent) but entering EX mode in 2-player mode requires a second player to initiate a combo. No achievements should require a second controller/player to be used.

I will detail my thoughts for each character now.

Thunder (currently 34+ hits)
Can be achieved regularly.
Input: cF HP, B MP, cF-B MP, LP (buffer cF), B MP, hold LP (buffer cF), B MP (buffer cB), F release LP... juggle QCF LK

Fulgore (currently 31+ hits)
Requires EX mode or timeout glitch. Maximum standard combo is 30 hits and this should be the achievement target. EDIT: Juggle seems impossible outside of EX mode, should lower to 29 hits or more actually.
Input: HK (fake link) HCB HK, cB-F HK, HK, HCB HK, HK, FDDF LP... juggle QCF LP

Cinder (currently 34+ hits)
Can be achieved regularly, but 35 is possible with juggle, should bump this one. EDIT: Juggle seems impossible outside of EX mode, should stick with 34 hits or more.
Input: air FF HP, air B HP (buffer cB), LK, F HP, LK (buffer cB), F HP (buffer cF), LK, LK, B LP (buffer cB), LK, LK, F HP... juggle air FF HP

Riptor (currently 31+ hits)
Can be achieved regularly.
Input: cB-F MK (buffer cF), MP (fake link) B LK (buffer cB), LP, F LK (buffer cF), LP, B LK (buffer cB), LK, F LK... juggle QCB LP

Sabrewulf (currently 32+ hits)
Can be achieved regularly.
Input: jump LP (buffer cF), LK (fake link) B MP, F MP (buffer cF), B MP, F MP (buffer cF), B MP, F LP (buffer cF), B LK... juggle cB-F HK

Spinal (currently 28+ hits)
Can be achieved regularly, although 32 can be achieved without EX mode. Should bump this one.
Input: FF MP (buffer cF), MP (fake link) B MP, HP (buffer cF), B MP, HP (buffer cF), B MP, HP, QCF HP (no juggle possible outside of EX mode)

Combo (currently 37+ hits)
Can be achieved regularly.
Input: (3 seconds charge) cB-F MP (buffer cF), B LP, MK (buffer cF), B LP, MK (buffer cF), B LP (buffer cF and HP), MK, B release HP... juggle cB-F HP

Glacius (currently 30+ hits)
Can be achieved regularly.
Input: jump LP (buffer cDF), cr LK, cr LK, B MP, MP (buffer cDB), cr LK, F HP... juggle QCF HK

Jago (currently 31+ hits)
Requires timeout glitch. I am fairly confident that there are no way to perform a 31 hits combo or more under normal conditions with Jago. In fact, the only reference I can find to such a combo is a dubious youtube video that shows a link between half circle HK and half circle LK that I've not been able to replicate. 30+ hits should be the achievement target.
30 hits input: (start far away) QCF LP, HCB HK, cB-F HK (on previous hit for a 3-hit combo), MK, HCB HP, MK, cr LP, HCB LK (no juggle possible)

Orchid (currently 49+ hits)
Requires timeout glitch. Maximum standard combo is 46 hits. 48 with EX mode. The only reference I've found to a 49+ hits combo are three videos: one uses the timeout glitch to reach 50, one uses an obvious game modification to reach 80 and the last one performs a link that I cannot replicate after a few hours of training. To the best of my knowledge the combo looks like this:

cB-F MP, cr HK. (This starter knocks the opponent down). Follow with cF-B MK (buffered in the cr HK) for the somersault and then LP.

The problem is the necessity to take a single step after the KD to get a pixel closer to the opponent without breaking the combo and actually perform the somersault animation and have it connect. This does not work on all opponents but works versus Jago. However, the following LP will never combo like I've seen in this video. I don't believe it is possible.

46 hits input: cB-F HK (only connect with the last hit), LP (buffer cB), F HK, LP (buffer cB), F HK, LP (buffer cB), F HK, LP (buffer cF), B MK (buffer cB), LP, F MP... juggle QCF LP

Naturally, if anyone can prove for Orchid and Jago that 49 and 31 hits combo are respectively possible without using EX mode or the timeout glitch, then it's fine. But if you believe that it is possible, you should provide the input or better, a video with input display. I understand that some people have been able to unlock both achievements, and I would love to hear from them.

To sum it up, here are the proposed modifications:

Fulgore: 29 hits or more
Spinal: 32 hits or more
Jago: 30 hits or more
Orchid: 46 hits or more

I will make these modifications myself after a while if nobody objects. Thank you for your time.

Posted: 29 Jan, 2019 00:10
I would welcome these changes. I fired up Killer Instinct a while ago thinking I'd hoover up the cheevos on a character by character basis. Of course I started with Jago and quickly became bewildered about how to get that final hit of the combo in... if special glitches need to be used then it makes sense to lower the requirements, barring some KI guru proving these can be done legitimately.

Posted: 31 Jan, 2019 06:01
Last Edit: 31 Jan, 2019 06:02
Seeing that no one out of nearly a thousand people have managed them, I also concur that these achievements need changing to something more realistic.

Posted: 31 Jan, 2019 10:47
i made a argument over why some cheevoz on this set needs to be demoted
i think that at least the combo cheevoz need to go or at least be edited cuz to make the combos the 1p needs to combo break thus requiring 2p and i dont know now but back then the 2p cheevoz rule was a thing (no set should have cheevoz that requires 2 players)

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