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Posted: 26 Apr, 2019 05:42
Revision plan:

It's been suggested that should be demoted as it requires a glitch to do it. I don't know the game well, but it seems to be the case. Should this be demoted as an unwelcome concept "Requires glitches"?

Posted: 26 Apr, 2019 11:04
Last Edit: 26 Apr, 2019 11:05
It's right at the end of the game, there is no real benefit to doing it, and it's hard for most people to pull it off. I vote to axe it.

If the glitch had a tangible benefit, some people dont know about, I would figure it may deserve an chance depending on the situation. (9th Sword orb in Secret of Mana kind of thing.)

Perhaps if someone ever made bonus achievments, it might be alright?

Posted: 26 Apr, 2019 17:01
Last Edit: 26 Apr, 2019 17:01
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Posted: 26 Apr, 2019 17:01
While it's technically a glitch, it's not a gameplay glitch, you don't have to act differently than you would during your playthrough to see it, you just have to avoid a specific enemy then go back to it at the end of the game. No funny trick to do, just avoid it as you would avoid a pokemon trainer on your road in pokemon games for example.

Honestly I don't mind it, it's funny, well known among the earthbound community, and easy to do, unlike the awful , which is a achievement you just can't do without reading a guide, easily missable, and spoiling all new players about key moments of the game. It's just plain not fun and there's no difficulty to do it 'cause you can't do it without guide, you just spoil yourself all the way to the end.

I already mastered the game so I'm not butthurt about any of these achievements but seriously Camera Shy is the kind of thing that looks fun on the paper but really not ingame, especially for a RPG like Earthbound.

Posted: 26 Apr, 2019 19:13
I tried doing the ending glitch one a few times way back when and I could never get it to work. The furthest I got was the game soft locking after losing to the shattered man. Is that supposed to happen?

I waited like a minute and the black screen never went away. Maybe I didn't wait long enough?

Posted: 27 Apr, 2019 00:00
I don't remember the exact condition but you have to walk blindly out of the museum, you're back into the game when the screen turns black, you just can't see it. A bit messy but when you know this its no big problem.

Posted: 06 May, 2019 19:22
Why the hell do people make the 1/128 items cheevos? I understand the Sword of Kings given it is needed for Poo's set and it is worth getting because that is the only weapon he can equip. But items like the Star Pendant and Gutsy Bat are VERY VERY ANNOYING to get, former due to chances being shredded due to MPPs being with other enemies and the latter because the Bionic Kraken is a rare enemy. It is more luck and RNG based and irritates people from completing the set. Even if you SNOT the Bionic Kraken you still have a low chance of even getting it.

Anything RNG based should be in a bonus set instead of the original set.

Posted: 06 May, 2019 20:53
Most RPGs do have achievements for the ultimate equipment. I don't think it would be right to remove the achievements for the ultimate equipment just because they are 1/128.

Though I could also see your point if it applied to the pink tail in Final Fantasy 4. Though I think that is more of a 'joke' item in FF4 and its not intended to be found.

1/128 is really not that bad. Ghost Ribbon is probably the hardest one. I got them all prior to even knowing fast forward was allowed on RA, including the gutsy bat.

For the gutsy bat, if you zone into the last room the correct way you only get 1 crystal enemy which is the kraken. You can knock it out in 2 or so hours without fast forward. I imagine if you use fast forward you can do it in like 15-20 minutes.

Posted: 14 May, 2019 20:25
Last Edit: 15 May, 2019 03:11
Follow up to my previous revision of Earthbound

Based on some suggestions I propose to demote the following:

Reason: This achievement has a lot of complaints It requires skipping specific moments in the game that you have to know are skippable, and not skipping other moments that can only be skipped using glitches.

Reason: Achievement for no meaningful purpose, you get it by choosing a default name.

Merge the three 1/128 chance achievements into one achievement: "Get one of the legendary items"

[s]Reason: Achievement requiring high rng grinding. 1/128th chance from killing a Ghost of Starman.

Reason: Achievement requiring rng grinding. It has a 1/128 chance of being dropped by Major Psychic Psychos.

The Gutsy Bat can only be obtained by being dropped by Bionic Kraken in the Cave of the Past, with a 1/128 chance.

Reason: Achievement requiring excessive grinding. It's possible that some are earning this via achievement bug too, by one report.

Reason: Strong RNG. Not meaningful?

Reason: Requires playing badly.

Reason: Requires playing badly.

Mind you I'm very open to cutting from this list if anyone has strong feelings for why some of these should stay. I'm taking the initiative here to help tidy up the set a bit, but it's not a game I know very well.

Posted: 14 May, 2019 20:59
I think these ones are good:

If I remember correctly if you lose a Flying Men this section is more harder, because they help you fighting agaisn't enemies

I think this one is a funny one 🤷‍♂️

I don't saying don't demote this, but I think a better idea would be to remove only the part about the glitches, so the players don't need to use glitches anymore

Posted: 14 May, 2019 21:02
Ok, I've taken those two off my list. Blaze suggested something similar as well for Camera-shy.

Posted: 15 May, 2019 02:15
I just tend to worry about these kind of things. Particularly because these ultimate items were put into the game and are part of a complete equipment set. Despite how difficult they may be to acquire.

It's an extremely slippery slope, and doing so invites removing other hard to get ultimate items in other games. Next the genji equipment in FF2 NES might be too hard as I notice there has been a gradual lurch toward removing the harder achievements on the site. Maybe a broader discussion about what to do about it is better than a game specific one, but what's the next most unfair rng item after the gutsy bat is removed from the JRPGs on here?

Posted: 15 May, 2019 03:10
Last Edit: 15 May, 2019 03:32
It's good to further the discussion, that's why these comments are here.

I was somewhat hesitant from the get-go for suggesting demoting the ultimate items achievements from this set. This list was suggested to me and I put it into action, but I won't absolve myself, I find this set to be a little over-made; still has too many progress achievements too imo, which I'm not even addressing. Calling these ultimate items achievements "harder" is a misnomer. These are almost entirely luck based and waiting based. Such challenges require an extreme amont of repetitive mindless actions and in general are both unfun and not a display of skill, or ability, you certainly won't come off as a better player because of them.

Although I readily admit there is a completionist satisfaction that comes from getting such items, simply because they exist in game.

I've say to myself often, if when you finish an achievement your sense of relief is much higher than your sense of accomplishment there's a good chance it's a poorly conceived achievement.

Such achievements will certainly be more fitting for bonus sets, especially after we have bonus sets incorporated into core sets (being able to earn both at the same time).

After me saying all this, I'll take them out of the revision plan. I think once bonus sets are better setup we can look at moving them into it. (certainly no eta on such a thing)

Posted: 15 May, 2019 03:24
I had also come to the same conclusion with a bonus set.

To get in front of it, why not just layer an extra 100 or so points in every set above the 400/400 for potential bonus spots? That you don't need to master but controversially difficult or contentious achievements from the main set always have a layer to be moved to when this kind of thing comes up.

I notice the way the current bonus sets go, you need an extra patch and they show up as a new set in the library. I'm not sure how tough it would be, but why not have that layer built in for every game even if there's actually nothing in the set and it's just empty? So that most games would show 400/400 with a 500/400 in bonus but with an empty set so there's no way to get those extra 100. They're just kind of sitting there just in case bonus ones become a more common thing.

Posted: 15 May, 2019 03:26
Imo if theres an actual specific ingame award for doing it it should be a cheeve in core no matter how difficult or grindy. If max level in a jrpg changed stuff aside from just you being stronger, like different npc dialog, id be fine with it. If the ingame developers are willing to acknowledge your accomplishments we should too.
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