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Destiny of an Emperor

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Posted: 17 Nov, 2015 20:53
Last Edit: 04 Feb, 2019 11:27
Official Topic Post for discussion about


1. Destiny of an Emperor (USA).nes
Destiny of an Emperor (U) [!].nes
Destiny of an Emperor (1990-09)(Capcom)(US).nes
V14-/V15+ RA Checksum: 516136715d9e29e889f3c9d7c7d12a42
ROM Checksum: f2dd8ce3a76aa35832575a08a9ce9cb6
CRC32 Checksum: C0F73D85

Plus 3 unique ROM Checksum variations with the same V14- RA Checksum (6 total)
Destiny of an Emperor (U) {[o1], [o2], [o3]}
Destiny of an Emperor (1990-09)(Capcom)(US){[h Vimm][iNES title], [h2][iNES title], [h][iNES title]}


Posted: 08 Jan, 2017 22:04
Last Edit: 08 Jan, 2017 22:06
This game should definitely have achievements for it. It's even one of emuparadise's top downloads, and I'm pretty sure it was quite popular.

Edited to capitalize the "t", because it was important.

Posted: 08 Jan, 2017 22:36
Yeah, that a really good game. With a community that continue to improve the game.

Posted: 08 Jan, 2017 22:43
I was about to start a new topic for it, but I was smart enough to check for it first.

Posted: 29 Jul, 2017 11:45
This is one of my favorite RPGs from the NES, and one of the best Capcom RPGs ever - anyone planning on doing a set for it??

Posted: 01 Aug, 2017 09:11

Posted: 17 Jul, 2018 00:12
Last Edit: 17 Jul, 2018 04:41

Posted: 19 Oct, 2018 16:58
Last Edit: 26 Nov, 2018 08:46
I have plans for this game, however, this game becomes glitched when the memory is inspected. This proves a gigantic challenge to anyone who wishes to develop this set. It will be a very very slow development. I will do mine best to try to complete the set. If anyone would like to help me, please do. I've added some code notes.

UPDATE: Chapter 1 is in unofficial now. Only one type of code notes needed to finish the set.

Set Plan:
Chapter progression with level limited challenges.
Certain war will need to fight twice in different routes using saved file(s).
Hiring all generals.
Find hidden items.
Random encounter achievements.
Using certain generals achievements.

All in all about 150 achievements.

Posted: 14 Nov, 2018 21:26
Good to see this one finally underway.

Though I swear I left code notes on it at some point. Hmm.

Posted: 14 Nov, 2018 21:38
I'll be testing and letting you know if I find any issues :-D

Posted: 14 Nov, 2018 23:05
It's so nice to see it finally came to life :)

Posted: 16 Nov, 2018 18:35
Last Edit: 16 Nov, 2018 18:56
changed game icons from

to original artwork based on the manga series
(This is arcade version)
to final icon art:

Posted: 16 Nov, 2018 18:51
I love the new icon. The Famicom box art I'm not quite sold on yet though - on the one hand Capcom's translation box art (Mega Man anyone?) has never been great. On the other, it IS the translated version so I feel like having the Famicom cover instead of the NES cover is a bit counterintuitive. Just opinion - your choice. Maybe the Famicom version superimposed over the lower half of the NES version? :-D

Great job, only played a little so far but liked the achievements and everything worked as of yet. Patiently excited for more! :-D

Posted: 16 Nov, 2018 19:02
Last Edit: 16 Nov, 2018 19:07
I was aiming to be coherent with the series since I cannot find destiny of an emperor 2 US boxart--It doesn't exist:

Posted: 16 Nov, 2018 19:09
Last Edit: 30 Nov, 2018 08:47

Using enemy generals is pretty much the essence of the game and I believe most people don't play it this way. Usually people just use the 5 tigers and Zhu Ge Liang and grind which you don't have to if you simply recruit the enemy generals with decent stats and soldiers. Remember this set is not about playing this game the easy way. Please understand that the achievements are created as a challenge for you as a gamer. And I have lower the bar already. I could have made a chapter 3 or below generals vs. chapter 8 generals as the ultimate impossible achievement. If you think you can do it, please do show us how you achieved it as the ultimate DoE gamer (I believe it could be possible using Ce Mian (no tactics) and An Sha (assassination) with high INT and STR officers, Power Pills, Resurrects, Elixirs, 5 legendary weapons and lots of luck but I have not tried it.) This is the ultimate unofficial challenge.

All the special recruit challenges require the following steps:

1. It is encouraged to recruit all the officers/generals from random encounters before you move on to the next battle field or the next chapter depending on the achievements that's coming up. I set the level limits a little higher but technically it is possible to beat any of them at much lower levels. So you don't need to grind. You can just run away from random encounter for the most part. And you CAN use gullwing later and fight the random encounter field troops.

However, If you want to have perfect TP that matches the MTP (The TP is also given randomly at certain level up but usually you will get -1 TP of MTP)and better tactics later, you have to have strategist with really high INT. So for chapter 1, you have to reach level 12 with Liu Bei as strategist at every level up before he leaves and also you need to have Li Ru as your strategist in your party in chapter 2 before you reach level 13 and have him at every level up and you don't even need to change Li Ru ever until you get Zhou Yu in chapter 7. You will need a second or third save file to achieve this and breeze thru chapter 2 with your super grinded team.

2. You must go to the Military Reserves and choose Del Mem and clear all the current generals even the ones you will be using in the next battle to ensure the orders are accurately registered. The ones you can't put into the reserves: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Guan Xing, Zhang Fei, Zhang Bao, Lu Bu, Xu Zhe and Zhu Ge Liang. Don't recruit Guan Xing and Zhang Bao right away because they can't be put into the reserves in chapter 7. (This does not matter if you have a strategist UNLESS it's specified. You can have the strategist anywhere in the party, he will send to the last spot during battle mode. As long as you add the members in the exact order I mentioned, you should trigger the cheevo. Please get the LEARN TO PREPARE FOR THE CHALLENGES cheevo before any attempt to get all the rest of the challenges that requires you to use the enemy generals you recruited during random encounter.)

3. After you Delete Members, you must Add Mem in the exact order from the achievement you are about to do. Simply Press ESC to look at the achievement or use your broswer to read the achievement description for instructions. Simply skip the generals that cannot be deleted and continue to add the members following the instruction.

4. After you Add the members, you have to choose the ORDER option from your option menu and form the party in the exact order as the achievements described.

5. I have created "Learn to Prepare for the Challenges" achievement, if you can trigger this achievement, you have succeeded. You can go on and try the challenge and earn the Emperor's challenge 1. Do this method for every challenge hereafter. If you have any questions, please PM me first. All the achievements have been thoroughly tested and will trigger if you do the above steps correctly. I would suggest you to save before every fight. A couple of achievements requires a second copy of the save file because you have to fight the same people multiple times using different team or different method, simply copy your current state and continue.

6 It is crucial to check the items to change them with your desired setting. If you fire a member and change the order of your party after, you will possibly lose all the items that's on the member before adding a member to replace his spot. So please be careful with firing anyone. you don't need to fire anyone until you get Ma Chao and Ma Dai in chapter 6. If you wish to get a general you fired, simply go to the chapter where the general you fired exist and hire him in random encounter with money or horse.

P.S. There is a glitch in the game which you won't acquire Pang De until chapter 8. So he's quite useless even though he has very high stat. What a shame as he is one of the real strong late-game general. You cannot acquire all the Lords and the following generals, Dong Min son of Dong Zhuo, any of the Yuan family members, Zhang He, the 3 Lords of Jing Zhou, Xi Dao Rong, Liu Zheng, Sun Family and the generals of the last castle.

P.P.S. I will update the achievement for the original Japanese version at a later date once the set is finished for the English version because the recruitment achievements are currently incompatible. If you wish the play the Japanese version instead, you will have to wait a little bit.

Thank you and have fun. :)
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