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Final Fantasy V Advance

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Posted: 12 Aug, 2013 17:59
Last Edit: 04 Feb, 2019 12:03
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1. Final Fantasy V Advance (USA).gba
Final Fantasy V Advance (U) [!].gba
final fantasy v advance (usa).bin
RA Checksum: 9ed82843cc54876362be56faccb15d75
CRC32 Checksum: 7A24AB0C

2. Final Fantasy V Advance (U) [T+Rus_ConsolGames].gba
RA Checksum: e651a4c87410396117f1324b6437702a
CRC32 Checksum: 2F145432


Posted: 12 Aug, 2013 18:00
'Brave Sir Robin' - Max out the power of the Chicken Knife

Posted: 27 Apr, 2015 08:28
I would like to see several achievements for this game if possible before june/july for the upcoming 4 job fiesta.

Posted: 27 Apr, 2015 11:37
I tried doing some achievements for this game some time ago, but I noticed that memory values seemed to shift around. So I'm not sure if it's encryption or what. It may or may not be possible.

Posted: 28 Apr, 2015 03:43
@ that just means the game was coded in object-oriented programming, which is a wall for us right now. 3rd Gen Pokemon does the same thing, and it will be difficult even if we have the correct tools to figure out addresses in an object-oriented environment due to the use of pointers in the code.

Posted: 01 Aug, 2015 05:09
I've been adding a few memory addresses I already had:

It would seem that the address is not quite the same but it does have the same alignment, so after finding one, others seem to fit.

Posted: 01 Aug, 2015 13:13
@ SirVG Some of the games I worked on did the same thing. That's why some of my achievements seem inconsistent or broken. It is possible to stick it out with a lot of alt values, but in the long run it may not be worth it, because you can't really playtest your game, and every time something comes up wrong, it REQUIRES their savestate to fix.

Posted: 23 Sep, 2015 20:46
I've had added a few unofficial achievements, which are just like the SNES version (mastering each job, learning all X type of magic, treasure chests), but I haven't created any for enemies/bosses killed.

I could easily add one for maxing the chicken knife power but not quite for events like getting kicked out of the greenhorn house (beginner's house) or dancing at the Pub, as I don't have that information...

The PC version is coming out tomorrow on steam, if it has different achievements I may be able to add them too (although considering it's the mobile version ported, I think it won't have anything new from that version).

Anything else you would like to see for this version? (I guess beating the Cloister of the Dead is one)

Posted: 24 Sep, 2015 04:47
Last Edit: 24 Sep, 2015 04:52
Outside of Sealed Temple and Cloister of the Dead, there isn't really that much new stuff to add. One that the SNES version didn't have was getting the full ending with your entire party alive, or you could challenge the player to get one of the solo endings by having all but 1 character dead, or maybe even certain combinations.

Maybe even some silliness like finishing the last boss with the Excalipur if possible, which could be done with Antilixir mix on the magic part to reduce it to single digit HP and MP completely ruining its berserk phase as the last part or even just a reduce to low HP attack that may not necessarily reduce MP.

The Mobile version doesn't have anything new when compared to GBA in terms of content. It does have a few bugfixes but also messes up some previously working strats. For one thing, the low level Omega solos are impossible on the Mobile version due to the fact that Search no longer redirects the counterattacks. A few unblockable attacks become blockable with the M. Evade (Breath Wing, lightning, Wave Cannon).

Posted: 12 Dec, 2015 23:48
Ok, I'm back to finish the set for this game. This is what it has been already in unofficial:

(2) Knight Master: Master the "Knight" job with any character
(2) Monk Master: Master the "Monk" job with any character
(2) Thief Master: Master the "Thief" job with any character
(2) Dragoon Master: Master the "Dragoon" job with any character
(2) Ninja Master: Master the "Ninja" job with any character
(2) Samurai Master: Master the "Samurai" job with any character
(2) Berserker Master: Master the "Berserker" job with any character
(2) Ranger Master: Master the "Ranger" job with any character
(2) Mystic Knight Master: Master the "Mystic Knight" job with any character
(2) White Mage Master: Master the "White Mage" job with any character
(2) Black Mage Master: Master the "Black Mage" job with any character
(2) Timer Mage Master: Master the "Time Mage" job with any character
(2) Summoner Master: Master the "Summoner" job with any character
(2) Blue Mage Master: Master the "Blue Mage" job with any character
(2) Red Mage Master: Master the "Red Mage" job with any character
(2) Beastmaster^2 Master the "Beastmaster" job with any character
(2) Chemist Master: Master the "Chemist" job with any character
(2) Geomancer Master: Master the "Geomancer" job with any character
(2) Bard Master: Master the "Bard" job with any character
(2) Dancer Master: Master the "Dancer" job with any character
(2) Necromancer Master: Master the "Necromancer" job with any character
(2) Oracle Master: Master the "Oracle" job with any character
(2) Cannoneer Master: Master the "Cannonner" job with any character
(2) Gladiator Master: Master the "Gladiator" job with any character
(2) Mime Master: Master the "Mime" job with any character
(20) Grandmaster: Master every job and have all 118 abilities with all characters

(5) Holy Avenger: Obtain all white magic spells
(5) Dark Master: Obtain all black magic spells
(5) Doctor Who: Obtain all Time magic spells
(5) Avan De Ziniur III: Obtain all spellblade magic
(5) Extra Sensory Perception: Obtain all espers
(5) Mega Man: Obtain all blue magic spells
(5) Pop Idol: Obtain all song
(5) Darth Vader: Obtain all dark arts spells

(10) Treasure Hunter I: Obtain every treasure from the 1st world
(10) Treasure Hunter II: Obtain every treasure from the 2nd world
(10) Treasure Hunter III: Obtain every treasure from the merged world
(10) Treasure Hunter IV: Obtain every treasure from the bonus dungeon
(10) Treasure Master: Obtain every treasure from the game

(2) The Chosen Warriors: Obtain the crystals from wind temple

Posted: 12 Dec, 2015 23:48
Last Edit: 12 Dec, 2015 23:49
Now onto what I would likely add:

- Complete the last achievement by having one for each of the 4 elemental crystals.
- Have achievements for Stealing each of Gilgamesh's Gengi equipment.
- Beat the game
- Beat Omega, Shin Ryuu, Omega Mk 2 & Neo Shin Ryuu (4 optional super bosses)
- Have an achievement for beating the Cloister of the Dead & maybe the Seal Temple Bosses (since is optional and extra content)
- A Low Level Game challenge. Probably would go with a cap of level 7 or 9 (still 1-digit at most) to make it easier for people (Lowest is either 2/2/2/3 or 2/1/1/4)
- Obtaining the 12 legendary weapons. Yes they are weapons, they are legendary, there are even twelve of them!
- Getting the Magic Lamp
- Using the Magic Lamp too many times (Egg Chop)
- Getting the Mirage Vest from going around the world
- Visiting Mr. Cleo

What I may or may not add (is up in the air):

- Maybe I'll change the mastering of a job from single person to all team & have it match the mobile & steam versions. (The SNES version had single person hence why I originally made it that way).
- Events like the ones covered in the SNES version (e.g. visiting the beginner's house, Aegis/Flame shield in Mua, etc).
- Boss fights in general
- Winning boss battles in a special way (making Azulmagia learn exploder and die by using it, etc)
- Complete the bestiary, +300 entries is a lot of coding. Maybe separating them by world be reasonable for both players and coder (me), so I'll consider it.
- Finding the Moai Head (before it falls from the Sealed Temple)
- Fully powered Chicken Knife or Brave Blade

What I won't add:

- Those super enemies "challenges". I see it more of a bother to know there was a challenge that I can no longer do because I decided to get some farm. I had to replay the game just for one achievement I couldn't fulfill thanks to 1 of my characters just above the limit...
- Level-related achievements; didn't liked to level for no reason to lv 50 & heck the mobile even wants you to level up all the way to lv 99, that is just a no-no for me.
- Having X amount of gold. The SNES version didn't had it & and I see no reason for the one to do.

Posted: 13 Dec, 2015 00:21
Last Edit: 13 Dec, 2015 00:22
Just a heads up, code has character/condition limitations and 300 conditions would definitely break that. Seperating the bestiary would probably be the only way, as I had done for Dawn of Souls. 100 conditions is probably pushing it, if that doesn't already break it. Hopefully this saves some frustration for you later down the line.

Posted: 13 Dec, 2015 00:47
Last Edit: 13 Dec, 2015 00:49
Would it even be possible to fill up the bestiary and still end up low enough in level to get a low level achievement? That could potentially force 2 or more runs.

I think you still get credit for killing something then running from a fight, but those inescapable battles would be an issue for keeping the experience low, not to mention trying to kill some of the encounters without experience.

You wouldn't be able to get low level and all chests in the same run anyway(I think, and definitely not if you need bestiary as well), so I guess it'd be 2 runs regardless if you had one for low levels.

Posted: 13 Dec, 2015 00:59
Mmm, I don't remember if you have to finish a fight to have enemies registered on the bestiary or not, but there are several enemies early on that you'll normally miss in a LLG that by itself would require its own run. Not sure how much space you could have but considering also the M-i-a-B in Karnak is likely that even level 9 won't be enough or too troublesome to handle even with knowledge of the game. Maybe I could scratch the idea of a LLG, but I really want that kind of challenge for the game.

Posted: 23 Dec, 2015 01:59
Almost finish with the set, only missing all the achievements related to the extra dungeon. I guess I should be done by tomorrow...

In the meanwhile, I would like to mention that I separated the Bestiary by worlds, so there will be 4 achievements (3 worlds + New Dungeon).

The way I had to come with is to watch their stats. This is because of the way the bestiary is programmed, there's a list with 512 entries and only 323 monsters will appear on it. There are several of them that share status, so it would be a mess to include all the alts.

Because the MSB (Most Significant Bit) is used as a flag to detect if you have read the enemy's stats, I used that and avoided all the alts. Hence why the achievement will only pop up until you check their stats and not the moment you kill the last enemy.

You must kill all the monsters that can appear on a world, but that doesn't mean that if you miss one and kill it in another world it won't trigger the achievement. For example, you skipped the bats at the start, you can still get the achievement when you come back into the merged world because that monster can still appear and you can still get that entry.

Anyway, here's a list of the Bestiary entries that correspond to each world:

- World 1: 1 to 69, 191 to 195, 243 to 265.
- World 2: 70 to 86, 88 to 134, 176, 177, 266 to 285.
- World 3: 87, 135 to 175, 178 to 190, 196 to 228, 286 to 314
- Bonus Dungeon: 229 to 242, 315 to 323
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