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Rudra no Hihou


Posted: 03 Sep, 2015 05:30
Last Edit: 04 Feb, 2019 12:50
Official Topic Post for discussion about


1. Rudra no Hihou (J) [T+Eng2.00_Aeon Genesis].sfc
RA Checksum: d2ee0f07eb882c6a989eef67a4a6f945
CRC32 Checksum: 5B029EDB

2. Rudra no Hihou (Japan).sfc
Rudra no Hihou (J) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: e5ffb8ca8331076037a32db94627518c
CRC32 Checksum: 5D8CB7AC


Posted: 04 Sep, 2015 01:28
Finally, someone made a topic for this game:


* Seven Seals of Rudra: Use a Powerful Mantra (Mantra that generates a unique effect of 7 Symbols)
* Purification through words: Use a Purification Mantra
* Tower of the Valiant: Complete the Tower of the Valiant
* Death Knell: Activate the Clock handed doors
* A Frigid Mace: Attain the Strongest Mace for Ture
* For My Friends: Defeat Surt
* You Were my Hero: Defeat Captain Taurus
* The Sword is Useless: Defeat the Altered Rudra
* We Did It!: Defeat the New Rudra
* The Strongest Knight: Complete Sion's Scenario
* One of the Finest: Have Sork recall a memory
* Where it Rightfully Belongs: Return the Grail to Lord Eremia
* Shards of History: Obtain all 5 Lago Stone Shards
* The Scholar: Complete Surlent's Scenario by taking the Power Shield to the Scenario Boss
* You Learned Nothing: Complete Surlent's Scenario by taking the Apocalypse Blade to the Scenario Boss
* Amidst the Light: Fulfill the first part of the Prophecy
* The Winner?: Witness Riza being called a Champion
* Path of Water: Defeat Soma after Choosing Path of Water
* Path of Earth: Defeat Soma after Choosing Path of Earth
* Zora's Biggest Failure: Defeat Soma
* A Parting Gift: Acquire the Rondine Bow
* In the Deepest Shadow: Fulfill the second part of the Prophecy
* Mechanical Handicap: Defeat Laumen with only 3 party members
* The Blue Life: Fulfill the 3rd part of the Prophecy
* Star Crossed Lovers: Obtain the Romeo Gun and Juliet Foil
* The Prophecy has Changed: Complete Riza's Scenario
* Full Power: Max out the Final Party's MP to 255
* Jadebearers Unite: Complete all 3 Scenarios
* Breaking the Cycle: Complete the Game

Posted: 07 Feb, 2016 18:40
Last Edit: 07 Feb, 2016 18:42
I start working on this one. First thing to do : memory adresses search
i'll use this ROM : Rudra no Hihou (Japan) [En by Aeon Genesis v2.0] (-Treasure of the Rudras)

Posted: 19 Feb, 2016 14:16
Last Edit: 22 Feb, 2016 23:30
WiP :
days 1 to 11 coded on sion scenario
days 1 to 11 coded on surlent scenario
days 1 to 11 coded on riza scenario

72 % done

Posted: 22 Feb, 2016 23:30
WiP update

Posted: 25 Feb, 2016 15:39
80 achieves for 400 point ! Have fun ! remenber to keep save/savestates in case of troubles !

Posted: 23 Apr, 2018 06:18
So I have to raise this topic from the dead. How are you supposed to get the achievements related to the apocalypse blade trades without replaying the whole scenario?

I mean, I understand you could just save, pick one option, and then do the other. But it affects two scenarios. And once you make your choice in one, it locks you out of making the choice in the other, thereby locking you out of an achievement without a replay.

Only thought I have is to play Sions and Surlents scenarios to the same point and try to work it out.

Posted: 08 Apr, 2019 19:54
Last Edit: 08 Apr, 2019 19:59

These need a missable flag. You can do one but not the other unless you reload.

These also should be marked missable. When you do the trade the choice is locked in for both scenarios on the same file. So if you do the trade, reload, and then refuse the trade, then save,.you'll end up refusing the trade automatically in the other scenario. And vice versa. You would need to play to the last day on both scenarios without clearing them and then get these achievements as required

Posted: 22 Nov, 2019 21:36
Last Edit: 13 Dec, 2019 20:28

It is possible to support the latest version?
This is 2.1, the hashes are:
CRC32:	2d7bd150
MD5: ced6962c5ffeef91019a8f121f9b797d
SHA1: 832da86eb4b0cef3a5b6f4497307cf7b7b153a86

Posted: 12 May, 2020 15:50
Last Edit: 13 May, 2020 01:29
EDITED: after several days of being unable to play translated ROMs patched with Lunar IPS and multiple emulators, I found a pre-patched ROM that matched. I support adding the 2.1 patch version!

Posted: 26 May, 2020 22:04
Id like to also support adding the 2.10 patch as well. Or perhaps we need to find a way to secure older patches?

Posted: 27 May, 2020 08:36
Is it possible you could add the latest version, information is in the above posts?


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