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Achievement of the Week #76


Posted: 01 Sep, 2015 13:59
Last Edit: 23 Sep, 2015 15:01
For reference last weeks was DuckTales 2 A Trick up my Hat sorry about the topic guys, I let you down!

A new achievement will be chosen each week as "Achievement of the Week."

Some will be set for obscure and underplayed games; while in other weeks, the challenge will be the hardest goal in that game's entire achievement set. If you can get the achievement:
You win 1 point towards the "Just For Fun" leaderboard, 2 points for earning it on hardcore mode!
(Note: You must earn it in the current week to get the point)

Scott: "Can I add - if you already have this achievement and want to enter the competition, please visit your settings page ( and remove the achievement from your account first. You will find the option to remove individual achievements from your account under "reset game progress", first pick the game, then the achievement. This will allow you to re-earn the achievement this week! Good luck all!"

I Can Track Timestamps for When You Earned Things, so I'm not awarding points that were unlocked way before or way after

This Week's Achievement: 101% Bandicoot by Dexterspet

Hero's Bane by SirVG

2015 Leaderboard
The Super 10
1.Zato: 63
2.Beethro: 34
3.msdmario: 22
4.popoki: 22
5.SexyChazz: 16
5.ImpliedKappa: 16
6.Dexterspet: 14
6.SlimKirby: 14
6.Chaykin: 12
10ShadwSonic: 8
10.ClaudeLv250: 6
10.Teriaaaaa: 6
10.haplo: 6
10.ognos: 6
Arv: 6
amine456: 6

SirVG: 5
DarkDash: 5
fsvgm777: 4
Netto: 4
JoeSpar89: 4
coczero: 4
Kutal: 4
p4uloalmeida: 4
Zengis: 4
heebo: 4
icyfeather: 4
mga: 4
enzyme1: 3
gendarmeofficer: 3
AxelNL: 2
JonnyRetro: 2
BMT: 2
KojiroS: 2
tuteur51: 2
HUKU117: 2
SoniChair427: 2
Altomar: 2
Zippeh: 2
Seijin: 2
Sikieiki: 2
Hien: 2
Mijari: 2
WangChungTonight: 2
danmeyer1981: 2
Thundard: 2
Marverick23: 2
BadMrFrostyXXX: 2
BlindedNoMore: 2
valkyrov: 2
Klarth18: 2
mourinhosgum: 2
Skayeslayer: 2
WesdrasLink: 2
MadMixa81 : 2
Syrreal: 2
LoboSB: 2
Masters: 2
Knighty: 2
rage: 2
Counterhit: 2
gcah2006: 2
Clowz: 2
Zephyr: 2
rks: 2
gejehh: 2
powerman7t: 2
gmario37: 2
johny4729: 2
pier1: 2
plantooki: 2
ckei: 2
doncosmo: 2
diamondtrainer: 2
kageyama: 2
moox: 2
gameboytom99: 2
mickyt888: 2
Deliciouscrabmeat: 2
Beararmy: 2
Zaius: 2
Sef: 2
clevertonheusner: 2
Nishi: 2
spekfresser: 2
coldjacket: 2
thelos: 2
chamoutte: 2
pier1: 2
sigil: 2
feifabricio: 2
jandersonjaja: 2
permani: 2
mathhenrique123: 2
nilsyn: 2
danieldx: 2
empty: 2
syrianballas: 2
rks: 2
heebo: 2
ishbale: 2
electrogamers: 2
mjollnir: 2
slime95: 2
tomberry: 2
Diablotouf: 1
Myka: 1
StingX2: 1
jackolantern: 1
Artman: 1
Crazyredreploid: 1
leewor: 1
Tlynn327: 1
cirellio: 1
herorobb: 1
kayhemmaus: 1
sirocco: 1
thracia776: 1

Should be correct if a double is spotted let me know

#78 Firepower 2000: N/A

#77 Alfreds Adventure: SexyChazz, zato, nilsyn, danieldx, empty, amine456, syrianballas, rks, heebo, ishbale, impliedkappa, arv

#76 Crash Bandicoot: Dexter, shadwsonic, electrogamers, impliedkappa, mjollnir, amine456, arv, slimkirby, thracia776 (softcore)

#75 MGS Ghost Babel: Arv

#74 Ducktales 2: Chaykin, popoki, SexyChazz, zato, Haplo, mathhenrique123, ShadwSonic, amine456

#73 Uniracers: slimkirby, zato

#72 Lost Vikings: Haplo, ShadwSonic, Chaykin, SexyChazz, zato, Ognos, permani, Diablotouf (softcore)

#71 DKC2 GBA: Dexterspet, SlimKirby, ShadwSonic

#70 Street Fighter 2: DeliciousCrabmeat, BearArmy, Zaius, Sef, clevertonheusner, zato, slimkirby, sirocco (softcore), Nishi, spekfresser, coldjacket, ognos, thelos, chamoutte, pier1, haplo, sexychazz, sigil, feifabricio, jandersonjaja

#69 Mario 3: kayhemmaus (softcore), powerman7t, teriaaaa, slimkirby, gmario37, popoki, johny4729, enzyme1, pier1, plantooki, ckei, doncosmo (softcore), diamondtrainer, chaykin, kageyama, gendarmeofficer (softcore), heebo, zato, moox, impliedkappa, gameboytom99, icyfeather

#68 Metal Slug Advance: Zato, chaykin, rks, popoki, gejehh, mga, heebo

#67 Wai Wai World: Impliedkappa, Zato, herorobb (softcore)

#66 Snoopy: (The End) zato, zephyr, slimkirby, chaykin

#65 Plok: Clowz, dexterspet

#64: Castlevania Bloodlines: Knighty, zato, rage, cirellio (softcore), Dexterspet

#63: Flicky: Chaykin, Tlynn327 (softcore), zato, Dexterspet

#62 Bubble Bobble 2: zato, enzyme1 (softcore), teriaaaaa, claudelvl250, dexterspet, leewor (softcore)

#61 Kirbys Dreamland 2: Dexterspet, Zato, Syrreal, Teriaaaaa, SlimKirby

#60 Quackshot: DarkDash (Softcore), Beethro, Zato, Chaykin, LoboSB

#59 MMPR: Masters, Claudelv250, Zato, Crazyredreploid (softcore), DarkDash (Softcore)

#58 MM Zero: zato, Beethro, WesdrasLink, ImpliedKappa

#57 Mario Advance: Zato

#56 Maximum Carnage: Zato

#55 Micro Machines: zato (softcore), beethro, p4uloalmeida

#54: Demo world: zato, beethro, msdmario

#53: Monster Rancher: Beethro, msdmario, zengis, zato, impliedkappa

#52: Gradius2: beethro, zato, popoki, jacko (softcore)

#51 Kuru: kutal, msdmario, zato, Beethro

#50 Esparks: danmeyer1981, Thundard, Marverick23, BadMrFrostyXXX, Beethro, BlindedNoMore, ClaudeLv250, WangChungTonight, zato, DarkDash (softcore), valkyrov, coczero, Kutal, SexyChazz, Klarth18, JoeSpar89, mourinhosgum, msdmario, popoki, Skayeslayer

#49: CV3: msdmario, popoki, StingX2 (softcore), Beethro, Hien, JoeSpar89, DarkDash (softcore), zato, SirVG

#48:Trojan: Sikieiki, msdmario, popoki, Beethro, zato, SexyChazz

#47 Mega Man IV: popoki, msdmario, DarkDash (softcore), HUKU117, SirVG (softcore), SexyChazz, fsvgm777, Beethro, KojiroS

#46: Super Mario Land 2: SirVG, msdmario, JonnyRetro, Myka (softcore), zengis, popoki, BMT, fsvgm777, SexyChazz, Beethro, coczero, tuteur51

#45: Friday the 13th: Beethro,

#44: Contra III: Beethro, popoki, Netto, AxelNL, p4uloalmeida

#10: Breath of Fire : SoniChair427, Altomar, Beethro, Zippeh, Netto, Popoki, Seijin, msdmario

#11: Lolo: zato, Beethro, msdmario, ImpliedKappa

#12. Harvest Moon: Zato, beethro, msdmario

#13. Mario Tennis: Zato, Artman001 (softcore), WesdrasLink, MadMixa81

#14. Pokemon Pinball: counterhit, gcah2006, zato

#15. FF5: ImpliedKappa

#16: Earthbound: Ognos, mickyt888, Icyfeather, Mijari, GendarmeOfficer, zato

#17: FF4: mga, slime95, tomberry, zato

#18: Extra Mario Bros:

Posted: 01 Sep, 2015 21:35
Hah, I just did this one a week or so prior, and still have my save! All I have to do is undo my achievement, finish the last level again, and bam! Instant AOTW cred!

Posted: 01 Sep, 2015 21:38
Okay, scratch that, I didn't even have to finish the last level again! Just reset the achievement before selecting the save file!

Posted: 06 Sep, 2015 16:55
I earned "101% bandicoot" in hardcore mode

Posted: 09 Sep, 2015 08:06
I think I'll pass on Alfred's Adventure... I have a bit of an aversion when it comes to playing games with incomplete sets, since any added achievements may require doing very difficult things all over again when they come out.

Posted: 09 Sep, 2015 23:22
I wonder what the new Achievement of the Month will be! =3 Maybe I'll actually try for this one. XD

Posted: 10 Sep, 2015 01:10
Achievement of the month will be

Posted: 11 Sep, 2015 18:36
I earned "Beat the game" for "Alfred's chicken in hardcore mode"

Posted: 12 Sep, 2015 05:59
I beat the cheevo of Alfreds adventure at 08 Sep, 2015 15:12. I'ts ok or i must play it again to take the tournament points?


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