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Legend of Zelda, The: Oracle of Ages

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Posted: 03 Apr, 2018 00:46
I can see the logic behind your line of thinking but this is a Nintendo game and Nintendo is not above making you buy extra things outside the main game to get the full experience (from amiibos, the GBA -> GC link cable, the transfer pack for Pokemon Stadium, etc) and I believe that sets should (if at all possible) be made to showcase every aspect of a game.

Posted: 03 Apr, 2018 00:57
Honestly i wouldn't mind having all of this in main set since they're major parts of the game and can be done on a single gameboy due to using a password system instead of link cables (no need for seperate emus/RArch), but i will say that a ~New Game+~ or ~Bonus~ set would piss less people off. ....If the memory matches up between the games maybe in a ~New Game+~ set you can do alts for the cheevos that are version exclusive ....

Posted: 03 Apr, 2018 01:14
The memory is slightly different between games but I already have a solution to that. In the header at 0x000134 IIRC It contains a codename for the game, "ZELDA DIN" for Oracle of Seasons and "ZELDA NAYRU" for Oracle of Ages. If the 1 set for both games got approved I was planning on having the ZELDA portion being in core and the make alts contain the DIN and NAYRU portions and putting the respective memory addresses in that game's alt.....I don't see this being much of a problem seeing as there are only a couple achievements that even use alts in either set and they're all bested achievements (Possibly bosses that spawn smaller enemies, maybe Dude can shed some light on this).

Posted: 03 Apr, 2018 15:03
Last Edit: 03 Apr, 2018 15:04
This would be one of the few times I would be fine with the idea of a Bonus Set. The extra content given by the Linked Game should be enough for a full set.

I don't remember if anything other than the Bested cheevos use Alts, maybe the ring cheevos. Been about 5 years since I made these lists.

Also, Amiibos are a modern addition to gaming. The GBA Link Cable was mainly used for multiplayer centered games (Zelda Four Swords and Final Fantasy CC). The console Pokemon games used the extra hardware for trading and using the portable game's caught Pokemon in the Cups and Events, but could be fully playable without the extra hardware (Stadium 1 & 2 with rentals and the Colloseums with the Story's Pokemon). E-reader actually unlocks content, but there are hacks that remove those requirements.

Posted: 03 Apr, 2018 21:00
Might be little difficult to justify this being a ~Bonus~ set without there being a challenge run aspect to it or some interesting glitches but I suppose there's one person who makes the final decision on that subject.

, do you think a linked game would be a unique enough justification for a ~Bonus~ set or stick to a revision to the main set?

Posted: 04 Apr, 2018 03:00
Make it a ~Multi~ set :kappaz:

Posted: 04 Apr, 2018 04:44
:deng: That's a brilliant suggestion.

Posted: 16 Apr, 2018 23:29

Can you get this achievement with the hero's secret so with 4 hearts? Or do you need to have 3 hearts?

Posted: 02 May, 2018 00:34
Based on the coding for the achievement, it's 3 hearts.

Posted: 01 Jan, 2019 20:04
Last Edit: 01 Jan, 2019 20:26
Changed the game icons from this game and .

Old vs New:

Edit: changed back until vote

Posted: 07 Jan, 2019 12:22
Last Edit: 08 Jan, 2019 23:48
New icon vote won 25 to 3. Archive of previous game icon which lost to current via community vote

Posted: 26 Jan, 2019 09:30
why is this a 504 Point Set?

Posted: 26 Jan, 2019 09:39
At the moment there is a revision. But it'll be changed back to 400 after it's done.

Posted: 26 Jan, 2019 09:54
Last Edit: 26 Jan, 2019 09:57

I backed it up on The Wayback Machine


Wayback Machine

Posted: 26 Jan, 2019 11:00
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