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Pokemon Ash Gray

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Posted: 19 Aug, 2015 17:30
Last Edit: 09 Apr, 2018 09:27
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Created 19 Aug, 2015 18:30 by

1. Pokemon - FireRed Version (USA).gba + Patch
Pokemon - AshGray (beta 4.5.3).gba
RA Checksum: 92262059190c05a5615be6b98612fb14
CRC32 Checksum: 10EF71A7


Posted: 19 Aug, 2015 17:31
WTF? I can't even find values for items...... literally does not record anything :( guess Light Platinum was just special.

Posted: 20 Aug, 2015 08:44
Probably is encrypted like the normal versions.
If you want to make any achievements for this game you can see how Brian handled the Pokemon Emerald achievements.

Posted: 20 Aug, 2015 10:34
Yeah it is basically Fire Red.

Yeah but even Ruby has item values and amount along with you're money values. Ash gray has none at all. It is possible but will leave it for someone else if anyone wants to try it for now.

Posted: 17 Aug, 2016 17:54
Currently working on this set :) thanks to using the music id, it is now possible :P

Posted: 30 Aug, 2016 07:41
Game is so massive. Working on the orange island at the moment. Don't know how long it is but that is all that remains.

Posted: 02 Sep, 2016 06:58
The full game gonna be 400 points or more ?

Posted: 03 Sep, 2016 15:12
Last Edit: 03 Sep, 2016 16:28
Never mind it is fine:P Set now complete

Posted: 11 Jan, 2017 19:52
So do you have to play a game and capture the data as you play? For instance if you want an achievement for beating the 3rd gym boss, you play, play, play, until you beat the boss then pop over to the data capture and look for the raw data that was produced when you did beat the boss and flag that with an achievement?

Posted: 10 Aug, 2017 20:51
Looking at starting this game and wondering if any of these achievements are missable? there is so many it hard to keep track lol. I dont want to have to play this massive game twice. lol

Posted: 11 Aug, 2017 04:29
Some of the capture ones are missable. Pokemon Wiz kid is also missable. Then at pokemon league some of them require you to follow the anime. Such as winning with certain pokemon.

Posted: 11 Aug, 2017 06:03
Ok thanks, I will try and keep my eye on the achievement list When I start playing

Posted: 11 Aug, 2017 07:28
Enjoy :) It was probably my favorite set I ever made.

Posted: 11 Aug, 2017 22:03
I only watched some of the tv series when i was younger, might have to put it on in the background while playing this lol. how many season of the tv show happen in this game?

Posted: 24 Nov, 2017 14:54
Last Edit: 24 Nov, 2017 22:36
Where can i download this game
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