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Legend of Zelda, The: Oracle of Seasons

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Posted: 02 Apr, 2018 04:08
I'd like to work on a revision for this game and for to add in achievements for the linked game content, preferably as a ~Bonus~ set to avoid having to play through both games a 2nd time but if a challengeless, glitchless ~Bonus~ set isn't allowed I can reduce the points of most of the achievements to be a little less generous and fit in the new content that way.

Posted: 15 Apr, 2018 06:26
Last Edit: 16 Apr, 2018 23:33
I think it'd be better if you reduced the points of the achievements and keep the new achievements in this set but I have no idea how well that works.

Posted: 16 Apr, 2018 23:31
Hey just curious

Does this achievement only unlock if you have 3 hearts? Or does it still work if you are playin a heros secret game which you start with 4 hearts?

Posted: 17 Apr, 2018 00:11
Last Edit: 17 Apr, 2018 00:13
It has to be 3 hearts, anything more than that (even if you started with 4) will make you ineligible for the achievement. It's the same with Oracle of Ages.

Posted: 17 Apr, 2018 00:37
Hm dang you'll always miss that achievement in one of the games even after beating each twice with the usual play order of

a) Ages (New Game) -> Seasons (Holodrum Secret) -> Seasons (Hero's Secret) -> Ages (Hero's Labrynna Secret)

b) Seasons (New Game) -> Ages (Labrynna Secret) -> Ages (Hero's Secret) -> Seasons (Hero's Holodrum Secret)

Posted: 17 Apr, 2018 00:47
Last Edit: 17 Apr, 2018 00:53
These two games are treated as completely separate and they're meant to be done in a brand new file.

Posted: 17 Apr, 2018 22:59
Ben is correct, you are supposed to do it from the beginning, maybe there will be a linked game set in the future, for specific cheevos only (Password Side Quests/Master Sword/Room of Rites)

Posted: 06 Dec, 2018 11:35
Last Edit: 07 Dec, 2018 01:40
Just beat twice the first boss without getting hit --> No achievement pop.

I'm using the european rom, and I had 0 problem with Ages :(

Posted: 01 Jan, 2019 20:05
Last Edit: 01 Jan, 2019 20:27
Changed the game icons from this game and .

Old vs New:

Edit: changed back until vote

Posted: 01 Jan, 2019 23:06
New ones are great imo, older ones are good but Link is easier to identify with the background matching both games. Good update.

Posted: 01 Jan, 2019 23:57
Last Edit: 01 Jan, 2019 23:59
I agree, the new ones are better. It also fits better with the Linked Set's icon, as that is similarly non-minimalistic.

Posted: 07 Jan, 2019 12:20
Last Edit: 08 Jan, 2019 23:47
New icon vote won 25 to 3. Archive of previous game icon which lost to current via community vote

Posted: 26 Jan, 2019 11:00

Posted: 26 Jan, 2019 16:05
The previous "3 Heart"-achievement only triggered if you defeated the boss with three hearts so it was impossible to get in a linked game (because you start with four hearts). I changed the code so you get the achievement if you beat the game with three hearts without linked games or with four hearts if games are linked.

Posted: 27 Jan, 2019 13:26
Changed the Rich Presence a bit. Now it shows which run you are in and if you beat the game. Also I decreased the text and replaced it with emotes.
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